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2/2/2012 4:06:45 PM
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Oklahoma: Pre-Register for Capitol Day and Come Oppose Bad Bills!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Oklahoma: Pre-Register for Capitol Day and Come Oppose Bad Bills!

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

As many of you already know, two very bad bills have been filed in the
Oklahoma legislature this year. If you haven't already committed to
come to the Oklahoma Home Education Day at the Capitol on February 7,
please register now at: !

As in past years, Senator Jim Wilson has introduced legislation to
regulate homeschool families. This year his bill, Senate Bill 1528,
would create a voluntary homeschool regulation program.

Under the bill, any parents who request the oversight of their
homeschool program by the school district would have to demonstrate
that their child is receiving adequate educational instruction. SB
1528 would require the parents to follow the same or "comparable"
curricular standards as in the public school and the same
instructional hours/school year as the public schools.

If SB 1528 was passed, the Oklahoma State Board of Education would
enact rules to regulate the oversight of these homeschool programs.
Additionally, SB 1528 requires each school district to assign an
"education oversight coordinator" to work with homeschool parents to
"ensure that the child is receiving an education equivalent to that
provided to students in public school."

In the House, Representative Jadine Nollan has filed House Bill 2543.
This bill would
require all homeschool families to file an annual affidavit to the
Oklahoma State Board of Education. Anyone who wanted to homeschool his
or her child between the ages of 6 and 18 would have to file a sworn
statement each year no later than September 10.

HSLDA has learned through OCHEC that Rep. Nollan is going to request
that her bill be tabled and not heard by the House. Rep. Nollan's
consitutuents should still ask for confirmation that the bill will not
be heard. Please thank her office when you are able to confirm this.
This bill will be discussed in the town hall meetings on Capitol Day
and all should be familar with the talking points on our website.
OCHEC and HSLDA will also be following up with Rep. Nollan.


We need you and your family at the Day at the Capitol to help ensure
the continued freedom of home education in Oklahoma for your children
and for future generations. While the Day at the Capitol event is
scheduled to be full of fun activities for the whole family, we would
also like you to schedule a meeting with your legislators and share
with them why both of these bills are bad for the freedom of Oklahoma
parents to provide "other means of education" to their children. We
have published talking points against both bills at: .

You can register online through February 5 . While you and your family
can come if you haven't pre-registered, early registration is strongly
encouraged. Registration allows you to get a name tag for the event,
provides an accurate count of those attending, and lets you purchase a
boxed lunch (if desired). Visit to
register now.


1) Come to Oklahoma City on February 7, 2012, to participate in Home
Education Day at the Capitol. Schedule a meeting with your legislator
or buy them a boxed lunch. Check out the talking points against HB
2543 and SB 1528 on our bill pages at: . If you, or an
older child, would like to be a volunteer please contact for more information.

2) If you can't make it to the Home Education Day at the Capitol,
please pray for the event and see if your family could bake cookies to
be given out to legislators. Each year legislators love getting
homemade cookies from homeschoolers. To participate in the cookie drop
go to: .

3) Finally, please consider making a donation to help defray the costs
associated with the Home Education Day at the Capitol. It typically
costs around $3,000 to put on the event and any donation would help.
Please donate at: .

If you are not yet a member of HSLDA and would like to help us fight
for greater parental rights and homeschool freedom in Oklahoma please
visit .

If you would like to be put on our email list to receive vital e-lerts
you may sign up at

Thank you for your part in fighting for freedom in Oklahoma! Feel free
to forward this to your friends who are homeschooling but may not be
part of HSLDA, OCHEC, or CHEF of OK.


Thomas J (Tj) Schmidt
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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