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2/2/2012 11:21:14 AM
Home School Legal Defense Association
Success in 2011!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Success in 2011!

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

For close to 30 years HSLDA has advocated for the right of parents to
homeschool their children across the nation and internationally. Even
though Texas has one of the best homeschool laws in the country, HSLDA
has been busy defending Texas homeschoolers against truancy cases, CPS
investigations, and school district issues this past year.

Here are just a few of the Texas situations we've helped out with
during 2011:

> HSLDA successfully fought a truancy case filed by an Austin School

> When Child Protective Services in Magnolia, Texas, demanded to
interview six homeschooled children privately, we got the CPS
investigation dismissed without the children having to be

> An Alice, Texas, school district refused to let a high school
student withdraw to homeschool, and her mother was summoned to court.
Our local counsel, Tom Sanders, is actively working on her behalf, and
we expect the charges to be dismissed next week.

> A homeschooling family in Devine, Texas, faced a CPS investigation
based on a slanderous anonymous tip. HSLDA was able to get the family
exonerated and the allegation was found to be false.

> HSLDA contacted the Texas attorney general on behalf of a mother who
was receiving child support payments for her homeschooled son. We
emphasized that as a homeschooled student, he qualified for child
support payments. HSLDA has defended numerous homeschooled students
against discrimination and helped them to retain their child support
finances, Social Security benefits, and veteran's benefits until their
graduation from high school.

Our work in Texas is vital to our mission--the freedom of
homeschooling everywhere.

We greatly value you and your support--it is a privilege to serve you!
If you or someone you know is not a member of HSLDA, will you consider
taking a moment today to join or recommend us and support our work
defending individual families threatened by government officials and
protecting homeschooling freedom for all?

Join now:

Standing with you for freedom,

James R. Mason
HSLDA Litigation Attorney

-> Is customer service an art or a science?

For us, good customer service is both an art and a science
-it should appeal to our members and be effective. Consider what
our members say about us:

The freedom HSLDA allows me to have as I homeschool is wonderful!
They handle the law and I get to dedicate the time to my daughter.
- National City, CA

HSLDA members since 1993, our membership is just as important to
us as our children's curriculum. Thank you HSLDA for all you do on
our behalf! - West Valley, NY

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