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11/17/2011 10:37:41 AM
Home School Legal Defense Association
California: CHEA Labors on Your Behalf

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

California: CHEA Labors on Your Behalf

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Since I started representing homeschool families in 1982, I have
worked with Christian Home Educators Association of California to
advance and protect the freedom to homeschool in California.
Obviously, CHEA does a lot more. They put on one of the finest
conferences for homeschool families. CHEA's committed to help support,
equip, promote and protect private Christian homeschooling in
California, and they have done a tremendous job of doing all of that.

In the area of equipping, CHEA is the preeminent organization in the
country, helping families year-round get started homeschooling as well
as successfully complete the journey. They provide teaching aids and
curriculum guides for pre-school, elementary, high school and more.
CHEA's "Introduction to Home Education" manual is essential for every
homeschool family getting started and at the other end of the
spectrum, the "High School Handbook" is absolutely essential for those
contemplating or teaching a high school student. These are just two of
over 130 resources that you will find in the CHEA store. Chances are,
in the CHEA store there is an answer to every question you have
regarding homeschooling your child.

In addition to its annual conventions, CHEA has begun to partner with
other organizations to sponsor helpful and encouraging events
year-round. In February CHEA
will be co-hosting The Learning Parent's Take Back the Land
Conference with Rick Boyer. These are only two of the many planned
future events.

CHEA, like many ministries today, is feeling the effects of the
recession. I recognize that many dads are out of work and many have
had to take a pay cut just to stay employed. Businesses are seeing
less revenue. This truly is a difficult time for many of us. However,
the demand for CHEA's services continues to grow. It is absolutely
critical in California that we all support CHEA. The equipping and
vision for continuing to protect and expand the freedom to homeschool
in California must go forward.

CHEA is a non-profit organization, having provided its valuable
service to California homeschoolers for nearly 30 years. Membership,
donations, convention registrations, the online bookstore, and the
purchase of MP3 files online are the primary ways CHEA is supported.
My goal is that every HSLDA member would also be a CHEA member. There
are various levels of membership which you can check out on their
website at . The basic
membership is $40 per year per family. For that you will receive the

> A one-year subscription to the California Parent Home Educator
magazine (published quarterly);
> Save $20 on membership with HSLDA;
> Save 10% on all CHEA materials; and
> A 30% discount on the CHEA convention registration fees.

I'm asking each one of you to go to the CHEA website and join now.
Additionally, I'm asking you to make a donation in excess of the $40
membership fee. Many of you may only be able to afford an additional
donation of $60. However, there are some of you that can write a check
for a thousand dollars or more to ensure that CHEA can continue to
provide the resources so vital to the success of the homeschool
movement in California. I'd also like to encourage you to support CHEA
by planning to attend one of their conventions. You can find detailed
information on their website regarding the Bay Area Convention (April
20-21, 2012) and their annual convention July 12- 14, 2012 in

I have been a personal friend of Susan Beatty, co-founder of CHEA, for
29 years. I know all the board members personally, and I can vouch for
their integrity. All being homeschoolers themselves, their mission of
protecting the God-given right of parents to direct the education and
training of their children to the glory of God, is personal. Please
support CHEA to ensure that homeschooling families of California
receive the year-round support in the future that we all have
benefitted from in the past.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. May God bless you,
as we all know it is more blessed to give than to receive.


J. Michael Smith, Esq.
President, HSLDA

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