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9/1/2011 9:56:17 AM
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High School--Homeschooling on the Freeway of Life

HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter
September 2011--Homeschooling on the Freeway of Life

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Dear Friends,

September can be a time to turn over a new leaf. For some, the biggest
challenge of homeschooling is the academics, but for many it's the
dynamics. You may be hoping and praying that you and your students
will relate well to one another during this school year. Good idea!
Here are some practical suggestions to get your homeschool off to a
good start.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

We encourage you to begin the new school year by being a bit crazy!
Fill your home with laughter, joy, and thankfulness. Buy a joke book
to share with your teens, read funny quotes together, or keep a folder
of trivia. If your high school at home is becoming too serious,
lighten up! Hide your teen's favorite candy bar in his history book or
give him an occasional day off school for a sun day. Why not? Public
schools have snow days. Treat your teen to an ice cream cone for an
especially fruitful day of school or tape a note to his calculator
that simply says "I'm crazy about you!" and watch him smile. Take time
to carefully nurture your children. Seasons of a Mother's Heart by
Sally Clarkson encourages you to tenderly care for your teen's heart
in the midst of all the academics.

Great Expectations

We don't homeschool in a vacuum - we homeschool in the midst of life.
Lofty ideals of the number of courses your teens can manage or the
projects that you'll oversee need to be balanced out with the babies
who need attention, the sickness that may invade your home, and the
move that means not only a relocation but also lost school time. These
interruptions to school are not exceptions to the norm - they are the

Take time to ask others for counsel and seek out help in this
particular season. It could be that a tutor for your teen's math
course will free you up to spend more time teaching the little one to
read. Or, you could barter with several other moms and offer to teach
your teen and several of his friends a composition course, while the
other moms choose a course they would like to teach. This arrangement
will free you of time teaching one of the courses. Your son or
daughter also benefits by having students with whom to brainstorm,
practice in editing the writing of others, and a ready made audience
for presenting speeches. In addition, time for socializing after class
will help to recharge your teen.

Cheaper by the Dozen

For those of you teaching many children and a wide range of ages,
remember that even though your time is divided, your children are
still benefitting more from your instruction than if they were in a
class of 25-plus children. Your home provides them with a stable and
safe environment where their best interests are taken into
consideration. Younger children hear your conversations with your
teens which lays the foundation for their future learning. To make the
most of your time and efforts, combine as many grade levels and
courses as you are able and make use of an occasional online course
for your teen.

Teaching your children can swallow up time for other home
responsibilities. If getting supper on the table is difficult, Vicki
Bentley's tips may be helpful.

Paradise Lost

The squeal from the next room reminds you that the tight quarters of
homeschooling make for some raucous times. Imagined expectations soon
collide with realities. There will be times when your temper rises,
your teens' motivation wanes, and your patience with hearing excuses
for late assignments dries up. What will you do? High school at home
requires clear minds, fresh energy, and even-keeled emotions.
Impossible? Getting a good night of sleep is one of the best places to
begin, especially for moms. A bleary-eyed mom does not see clearly and
most likely will not respond gracefully. Also, a sleep-deprived teen
won't have the sharpness to grasp the lessons of the day. Sleep
rejuvenates the body.

Moms, the chore you feel you must do today may best be left until
tomorrow when you have more vigor. Also, pay attention to your
family's schedule and limit your teen's activities to just a few.
Driving around endlessly saps vitality and has the tendency to turn
moms into cranky creatures. ?

Call of the Wild

Ever notice how everyone's hormones don't rise and fall in harmony?
(Note: this can be a plus! ?) These circumstances can make for some
rather dissonant discourses. Throw in a little sibling rivalry to the
mix, and the potential for eruptions increases exponentially.
Resolving conflict in a constructive biblical way will reduce stress
and will keep minor scuffles from becoming major battles.

We suggest several resources to keep the hounds at bay. First,
parenting teens is hard work, so you may want to check out Paul David
Tripp's Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens with
Study Guide.

Peacemaking for Families: A Biblical Guide to Managing Conflict in
Your Home by Ken Sande can
make a great study for family devotions.

Sarah, Stephen, Grace and Harold Mally co-author Making Brothers and
Sisters Best Friends and share practical helps for creating peace in
the home. The Mally siblings
taped an e-vent in which they discussed overcoming irritation and
anger, applying humility and mercy, working through pride and
offenses, and maintaining a peaceful home.

Pride and Prejudice

We tend to see very big specks in other people's eyes but ignore the
logs in our own. It's especially true when we are so adept at seeing
our teen's lack of character and maturity. Be on guard to this and
never correct your teen out of a sense of superiority. Rather, try to
remember back to when you were his or her age - it brings perspective
to the equation. Ask the Lord to shine His light into your heart and
fill it with kindness and compassion. Your teens need your help to see
their shortcomings, but they also need to know your unconditional love
and your unshakeable hope in them through the Lord's grace. Galatians
6:1 says: "Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you
who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch
yourselves, or you also may be tempted."

For a wonderful new look at an old parable, read Tim Keller's The
Prodigal God. We tend to
focus on the prodigal son's extravagant, wasteful living, but Keller
reminds us of the Lord's extravagant, everlasting love for prodigals.
You'll look at your teen (and others) in a new way!

Happy New School Year!

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With smiles and light hearts,
Becky Cooke and Diane Kummer
HSLDA High School Consultants

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