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8/15/2011 5:33:57 PM
PHC Prep Academy
Only 12 days left...

Hi there,

You're getting this email because you have
a private school with students who need AP
courses--and there is a way here that you
can easily make those courses happen.

But time is running out. There are only 12
days left to partner with PHC Prep Academy
online. And with one phone call, we can
make it happen fast.

Have you been to the web site? If not, go there
now and look at how easy it is to give your
students these courses.

Or, if you want to hear it straight from me,
click here to watch a 2-minute video where I
show you how simple it is to make it happen

Remember: With these courses...
* You get all that you need by way of
free info for your parents (on how it works)...
* Our staff helps you with every step of the
way, making the sign up process easy...
* And once the school year is started, we
do all the work for you...and you get the
ability to say that you offer Advanced
Placement courses.

Best of all, every single course is taught
with a strong Christian worldview integrated
throughout, by both a Master Teacher who is
a college professor and/or seasoned professional
in their field--and a second qualified/degreed
instructor who gives weekly interaction and
direct feedback, so that your student succeeds.

Check out the video now by clicking here, and
I'll see you on the other side.

Many, many blessings,

Erin Brown Conroy, MA
Community Liaison,
Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy

P.S. I've said it before--this is your super-easy,
fast way to get AP courses for your students--and
we do almost all of the work for you, to make it
happen! So go to this page now and see for
yourself what kind of passion and quality is here
for you and your students...
PHC Prep | P.O. 1149 | Purcellville, Virginia 20134-1149
Phone: (540) 338-8290 | Fax: (540) 338-2733 | Email:

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