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8/3/2011 4:58:00 PM
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Home School Foundation Report July/August 2011

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Home School Foundation Report July/August 2011

Dear Friends of the Home School Foundation,

Every day we are blessed to be able to reach more homeschool families
and bring encouragement and support to their journey. Thank you for
your prayers and support for us in this mission--it makes all the
difference in these precious families' lives.

In this Foundation Report, two funds are scheduled for open
enrollments, Combined Federal Campaigns are kicking off, and we tell a
story about HSF sending help to Hungary!

Because You Helped

We are blessed to serve some amazing families at HSF. For everyone who
has prayed or given to support our mission, the thank-you's we receive
are for you, too!

"It is so encouraging to know there is help out there for special
needs children in the way of education, and a Christian education at
that! Thank you Jesus! We are so grateful that HSF is doing something
and we want to extend a huge thank-you for what you are doing for our
family!" --Dawn E., Special Needs Children's Fund

Testing in Hungary

The Foundation helped fund a trip to provide testing and support to
several homeschooling families in Hungary. The sessions brought
together nine children for three mornings of standardized testing,
which is required annually for many international homeschoolers.

Read the full story:


Widows Fund Open Enrollment

Do you know a widow who is struggling to make ends meet while
homeschooling? If so, please invite her to contact the Foundation. We
want to help. Direct her to our website or have her contact us online or by phone at 540-338-8688.
We yearly help hundreds of homeschooling widows and are always trying
to reach more with support and encouragement so they can continue
their conviction to homeschool. The fall enrollment period runs from
August 1 to October 1.

Apply to the Widow's Fund:

Give to the Widow's Fund:
Special Needs Children's Fund Open Enrollment

The Special Needs Children's Fund offers assistance to HSLDA member
families (who have been a member for at least six months) who are
struggling with the financial burden of meeting their child's special
learning needs. This fund helps with special therapies, equipment,
testing and specialized materials. The fund is open for applications
for the month of August. Please contact us to see if you are eligible
for this fund.

Apply to the Special Needs Children's Fund:
Give to the Special Needs Children's Fund:
HSF Ambassador Program Matching Funds

The HSF Ambassador Program is a volunteer network that is expanding
across the country. To encourage local fundraising, HSF is matching
the first $2,000 contributed into each state's Ambassador Fund for the
first 10 states that reach this goal. These monies will be earmarked
for use in the respective state and may be designated to help specific
needy families now or in the future. Contact us for more details.

See Where Ambassadors Are Volunteering:
Learn More about the Ambassador Program:

Combined Federal Campaign Donations

HSF is a qualified charity for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC No.
10535). If you are, or know, a federal government employee looking for
a charity to support, please consider the Home School Foundation for
this year's campaign and pass the word along to others. It is only
through donations from compassionate individuals and families that we
are able to assist those who come to us for help.

Thank you for considering the Home School Foundation for your
designated CFC giving (CFC No. 10535)

Give While You Shop for Curriculum

Here's a great way to help homeschoolers any time you shop online:
purchase materials online from a company that gives to the Home School
Foundation. All you have to do is go to Clicks for Homeschooling and
click on the link to the store of your choice. Then you shop just like
normal, and the store will track that you came from the HSLDA site and
give a percentage of what you spend to the Foundation.

Learn More:
HSF Prayer Needs

Please keep the Foundation and those we help in your prayers. We
cannot function without God's help and guidance, and the people we
help need His grace and comfort far beyond what we can give.

A few ways you can be purposeful about prayer for HSF:

> We post a Prayer Family of the Week on our Facebook page . Please check regularly to
"meet" the family and pray for them throughout the week.

> Make HSF's website your homepage so that every time you get online
you are reminded of your fellow homeschoolers in need and to pray for

> Look for prayer needs listed in this bi-monthly Foundation Report

A few specific prayer needs for the Foundation:

> Widows: Please pray for our Widows Fund enrollment period, from
August 1 to October 1. We want to reach more homeschooling widows this
fall than ever before!

> Special Needs Children: Please pray for the families contacting us
with Special Needs Children during August--that we would be able to
discern the needs and help encourage and bolster these families as
they take care of their children.

> Ambassador Program: Please be in prayer for the growth of the
Ambassador Program. More volunteers are signing up, but we need
leaders who will spearhead projects and fundraisers.

Give in Honor or Memory of a Loved One

The Foundation welcomes love gifts given in honor or memory of an
individual. The following gifts have recently been given:

June P. Lunceford in memory of
Rose Pollard

In honor of
Kathleen W. Carper's decades of service to homeschoolers in SC

Carolyn Cunningham in honor of
John G. Cunningham's birthday

John and Carolyn Cunningham in honor of
Joanna Toso's high school graduation

Marry Norris in honor of
Ashley and Alyssa Carr's graduations

In honor of
Molly Nystrom

To give in honor or memory of an individual, please go here click the "donate in
memory/honor of an individual" dropdown.

Stay Updated: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Join the growing number of supporters of HSF on Facebook & Twitter to stay in touch with what HSF
is doing and ways you can be involved. Invite your friends so they too
can learn about the Foundation's work. Also check out our videos on
YouTube and follow our channel
to stay updated when new videos are posted.

If you are interested in giving to help support the Home School
Foundation's mission, please do so here .

-> For as little as 33 cents a day...

There's not much you can get for 33 cents a day. Why not put your
money toward peace of mind for yourself, your family, and their

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