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HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter -- July 2011

HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter
July 2011 -- The Best Graduation Ever!

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Dear Friends,

July is a wonderful time to take a break from writing about practical
help for teaching teens. Instead let us fill your sails with
inspirational breezes from Elizabeth Smith! Whether your teen's high
school graduation is years away or right around the corner, enjoy
Elizabeth's recollections of a recent homeschool graduation ceremony
which will strengthen the fainthearted and spur all of you on as you
teach your teens.


"Twelve graduates and about 200 family and friends filled the church
auditorium. The parents had worked on this ceremony for many months
and the excitement level was high. Colorful helium balloons with
encouraging phrases were spaced across the stage. On cue, a CD of
"Pomp and Circumstance" began to play and each graduate walked down
the aisle to take his or her place on the front row. So far it was
much like any other graduation.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, introductions, and speeches, each
parent accompanied his or her student to the microphone and honored
him or her with brief remarks. Each family had exactly five minutes.
What happened next is what made this graduation so special.

The first parents explained that they had two graduates; one was born
with a brain tumor, had suffered with cancer, had a kidney transplant,
and was deaf (at least in infancy). There she stood, this lovely girl
with long blond hair, standing tall, listening to her Dad tell her
story. Somewhere along the way, they explained that she was now able
to hear 'well enough.' Her sister was also graduating, though with
fewer struggles.

The next set of parents explained that the mom had been barren. Then a
daughter arrived, a miracle of answered prayer. The parents decided to
homeschool because they just couldn't turn over this precious gift and
responsibility to someone else.

Graduate No. 3 had academic 'challenges' early in life and his parents
decided he needed the extra help that homeschooling offered. Through
many struggles, his winsome personality emerged and he became a
'capable' student. More recently, he took on several ministry
opportunities and starred in a major theatrical production in their
city. In short, this struggling learner thrived and excelled as a

The ceremony continued as each family told its story. One mom said
simply, 'I homeschooled because I wanted to be close to my children.'
At least two graduates were from broken families. With odds against
them, they emerged as strong, dedicated Christian young adults with
focused goals for the future. You got the impression that their moms
could manage General Motors with little difficulty. Such was their
dedication and determination. Another Dad told of the financial
struggles they experienced as a single income family making it almost
impossible to continue.

These families gave example after example of overcoming seemingly
insurmountable obstacles to homeschooling. The families didn't plan
for this to be their graduation theme. It just happened. Without
realizing it, each family shared its own miracle. With humble,
straightforward speech these parents made God's faithfulness the real
story of the day.

This was the best graduation ever because, with ease and simplicity,
these families shared their love for the Lord and their children by
telling their homeschool stories."


Know that in the months and years ahead, the Lord will be your Helper
as He writes the unique story of your homeschool. Whatever
circumstances you see as obstacles, the Lord will use as broad avenues
to show His care and faithfulness.

Join as next month as we take a look at teaching U.S. government and
civics to your teens. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Grateful for you,
Becky Cooke and Diane Kummer
HSLDA High School Consultants


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