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HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru the Early Years Newsletter

HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru the Early Years Newsletter
June 2011 -- How Did You Do This Year?

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How Did You Do This Year?

Dear Friend,
As this year draws to a close, I thought you might appreciate this
self-survey from a few summers ago. Just as you might refer back to
the map on a long journey to evaluate your progress, check your
timing, hunt for rest stops, determine if you need help with
directions, and so on, you'll want to pause to evaluate your family's
progress in this home education "journey."

Consider from where you started--how far have you come? Are you still
traveling in the direction you intended? Is this where you expected to
be? If not, was this a deliberate shift or a missed turn? Are you
happy with where you find yourself today?

As you make choices for the coming year, you might consider what
worked well for you--and what you will definitely change! Here are
some questions you may want to ask yourself as you evaluate your
family's journey this year:

* Am I satisfied with how our year progressed? Why or why not?

* Is my spouse satisfied with how our year progressed? Why or why

* What improvement would I like to see for next year?

* Did we set goals for our family this past year?

* Did we meet our goals (intellectual, physical, spiritual,
social) this year?

* Were our goals realistic and achievable?

* Thoughts about our goals:

* Was our home/space adequately organized?

* Suggestions:
o I need a notebook/planner/calendar to keep our schedule.

o I need to define/refine our routine.

o The children need more supervision in accomplishing tasks.

o I need to de-clutter our space.

o I need some additional organizing tools.

o I need to have more realistic expectations of our

o I need to set up learning or working centers for various
activities in our home.

o Other

* Thoughts about home organization:

* Have I spent time learning what is important to my child?

* Have we enjoyed being a family? Why or why not?

* Have we spent time learning more about God and His plans for us
as a family and as individuals?

* Have I spent time quietly with the Lord to refresh my spirit?

* Do my children see my joy in this home discipleship/education

* How have I motivated my children to learn this year?

* Have I been consistent in establishing clear standards of
behavior and following up with appropriate consequences for

* Have my children mastered the foundational skills they need at
this level to progress further? Thoughts on this:

* Do I understand my children's strengths and needs?

* Do I understand their learning styles and my teaching style?

* What life skills have our children learned this year? What are
they ready to learn next?

* Have we grown in character?

* Were our materials consistent with our worldview?

* Were our materials consistent with our goals?

* Were our materials consistent with our children's learning
styles and ability levels

* What do my children enjoy in their "spare" time and how can I
utilize this, if appropriate, to help them learn? If not appropriate,
how can we work on that?

* Of the educational materials, resources, games, reference
resources, etc. we have provided this year, which have we actually
used? What should we obtain or use more? What worked and what did not?

* General Thoughts:
What I Will Do Again Next Year
What I Will Definitely Change!
Our Family: Before and After

Heading into the home stretch
Maybe you haven't quite crossed the final hurdle of the year yet. The
Teaching Home offers suggestions for a strong finish in their latest
e-newsletter, aptly entitled The Last Lap:

Get the records in order
While the children's work from the year is fairly fresh in your
mind--before you kick into high gear for next year--take some time to
sort through the mountain of paperwork that has accumulated (where
does it all come from?!) and get your recordkeeping in order.

Enjoy summer's teachable moments
Many families use the summer to get a head start for fall with some
relaxed studies or exploration of new interests. After all, in a
lifestyle of learning, every day has teachable moments! For ideas on
how to make the most of those moments, check out Cindy Short's and Sue
Welch's suggestions for summer activities:

And whether you are looking forward to relaxing at the beach with the
sound of the surf in the background, or listening to the tree frogs
chirp in time to the porch swing's creaking, here are some ideas for
making the most of read-aloud time with the whole family:

Staying home this summer? Pull out the games and have some fun while
challenging your young thinkers:

Wishing you a relaxing summer,
Vicki Bentley
HSLDA Early Years consultant
The family evaluation is adapted from the "Lessons Learned" chapter of
Home Education 101. Used with permission.
"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if
we do not grow weary." Galatians 6:9 NASB

"Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans shall be established."
Proverbs 16:3 NASB
-> Will your children's inheritance retain its value?

If you pass on a legacy of freedom, your children and their
children's children will thank you. But freedom is never secure;
it must always be guarded. Membership with HSLDA is an investment
in the future that can be passed on to future generations of
families wanting to teach their children at home.

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