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6/3/2011 2:57:35 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
I'm embarrassed to admit this...

Hello, Everyone--

You can probably relate with this...

It's one of the busiest times of the entire
year, right? And because it's so busy, I'm
embarrassed to admit that I miss some
important things--both for me and for
my kids.

If you've ever had that too-busy feeling, then
I thought you'd enjoy the free download,
"One Simple Trick to 'Stretch Time'--And
Make the Relationship with Your Teen Strong."

Even though I've been using this "secret
weapon" with my teens for a lot of years,
I finally decided to write it down for you
all. (And it's not just for the summer; it
works wonders during the school year, too.)

Go ahead and get it at this page...

The concepts here literally changed
my perspective on smart managing, to get
a closer relationship with my kids...forever.

Access it right here...

And because the summer goes by so fast,
this is a great thing to get now, to read
over the next days...

Go here and download it now...


Many, many blessings,

Erin Brown Conroy, MA
Community Liaison,
Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy

P.S. I'm chuckling to myself, because
I think that if I didn't practice what's in this
download, my teens would cry, "mutiny!"...

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