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5/20/2011 1:42:39 PM
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New York--We Need You at the 27th Annual Upstate LEAH Conference!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

New York--We Need You at the 27th Annual Upstate LEAH Conference!

Dear Members and Friends;

The 27th Annual Upstate New York Loving Education at Home (LEAH)
Christian Parenting and Home Education Conference is only two weeks
away, and we hope you plan to attend! Not only will this conference be
filled with exciting programs and speakers for the whole family, your
attendance could help protect homeschool freedom in Rochester and
across the state.


For the past two years, the Rochester City School District has hassled
families who desire to administer a standardized test or the
alternative written narrative evaluation to their own children for the
end-of-the-year assessments. While New York regulations would allow
parents to administer the year-end assessments to their children, it
must be with the consent of the local superintendent.

It is HSLDA's opinion that any parent who is in compliance with the
regulations should be eligible to administer the annual assessment to
their child unless the school district has specific evidence that a
particular parent is not qualified to do so. Along with the
coordinated action of several local support group leaders and LEAH
regional representatives, HSLDA has meet with Rochester school
officials and written several letters over the past two years to allow
parents to administer the annual assessments to their children.

While action was required again this year to continue to protect the
rights of parents on this issue, we believe a strong presence at the
convention could help convince city officials to put additional
pressure on school district officials in the future. Having thousands
of homeschoolers show up at the annual convention can also send a
message to state officials that homeschooling is vibrant and growing!
We hope to see you and your family in Rochester in two weeks!


If you have never been to the LEAH conference, you don't want to miss
out on your opportunity to spend a great weekend focused on your
family and home education program. This two-and-a-half-day conference
will encourage you, challenge you, and provide hours of shopping with
over 80 venders for your homeschool curriculum needs.

Keynote speakers this year include Gregg Harris (Raising Kids to Do
Hard Things), Dr. Henry Morris III (Institute for Creation Research),
Tracy Klicka (widow of Chris Klicka, who was HSLDA's senior counsel
for many years), and Kathy Kuhl (Homeschooling Your Struggling

This year's Teen Track will be led by Generation Joshua and will focus
on a mock presidential campaign. Your young people will be able to
participate in caucus work, a primary race, voter registration
(parents at convention), fundraising, commercials, campaigning, and
actual voting. These students will have an exciting weekend of
learning how a real election works while actually participating in the
mock presidential race!

We believe it is vitally important that the homeschool community in
New York remain strong and vibrant to ensure that homeschool freedoms
are protected and enlarged. Without the leadership and support of a
statewide homeschool support network like LEAH, the fight for
homeschool freedom in New York could become stagnant or even see a
full-scale attack on our right to teach our children at home.

Your attendance at the 27th Annual LEAH Christian Parenting and Home
Education Conference will refresh you and your family in your
homeschooling endeavors while also supporting LEAH in their service to
the homeschool community. Please plan now to attend the Rochester
Riverside Convention Center June 2-4 for this exciting homeschool

To find more information the 27th Annual LEAH conference go to: .

A full schedule of events can be found here: .

For a list of all of the exhibitors who will be at the conference go
to: .


When you come to the LEAH conference be sure and stop by the Home
School Legal Defense Association table at booths 510-512 and say "Hi."
As a special bonus at the LEAH conference, we have two special offers
for members:

> If you join or renew your membership at the conference for one year,
you'll receive $10 off your membership (at the conference only).

> If you join or renew at the conference for two years, you can choose
between either $25 off your membership (at the conference only) or
receive one of our new Drive Thru History DVDs (Columbus and the
Pilgrims to the Freedom Trail or Cities, Soldiers, and Battlegrounds
of the Revolutionary America) for free.

Additionally, if you bring someone to our table who joins at the
conference, we'll give you another $10 coupon for your
recommendation--which you can apply toward membership (at the
conference only) or HSLDA products.
Please note that these offers are only valid at the conference.

If you are not yet an HSLDA member or know someone else who might be
interested in joining, these same offers are available for families
who join at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you at the 27th Annual LEAH Conference June


Thomas J. (Tj) Schmidt
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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We live in a world where concise information presented at the
right time can make a big difference in the outcome of important
legislative efforts. Yet it's tough to keep up with all the
issues that affect you. HSLDA does this for you in the areas that
affect your homeschool. Our emails and website enable you to
take quick, decisive action. Please consider becoming a part of
this team.

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