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HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter -- May 2011

HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter
May 2011 -- Part-Time Employment in High School

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Part-Time Employment in High School

Dear Friends,

The school year is winding down and summer is fast approaching. It's
not too early to consider what you and your teens will be doing to
occupy your time after the school books are tucked away. If you feel
in need of a refresher course before the next school year begins, why
not plan to join us for one or both of the HSLDA High School Teacher
Training sessions in June and July. You can register for these dates
on our website,

Your teens, on the other hand, may be planning to earn some income
through summer jobs. Since jobs may not be abundant this year, it's
important to begin the search now.

In preparation for job interviews, your teen should work on updating
his resume and gathering some references to include on it. Be sure
your teen knows that it's important to receive permission from his
references before listing their names on his resume. On the HSLDA high
school website,, you can find resources to
help create a current resume format.

"But wait!" you're saying. "Why should my teen work this summer when
there are so many other enrichment opportunities knocking at the
door?" We're certainly not advocating that every teen should work this
summer; however, we wish to submit to you some of the benefits of
holding a job during high school.

Financial Benefits

Earning money is an obvious benefit for the teen to work. The
satisfaction of receiving a paycheck is an opportunity for parents to
discuss with the teen the wise use of his or her earnings. If you are
a plan-ahead parent and your teen is not old enough to hold a job yet,
then a financial management course could be a good elective in
preparation for holding a job.

In either case, consider assisting your teen in setting up a budget
for the monies he earns. (Free budget worksheets can be found on the
internet, It won't take long for them
to realize that a fixed amount of money sets limits on spending
habits. The importance of living within their means is of great
importance to learn and practice during high school.

Will your teens be required to save a portion of their earnings?
Prudence, thrift and self-control are some benefits of saving for the
long term. There is truth in the idea that delayed gratification
brings greater enjoyment and appreciation of the treasure sought.
Assure your teens that paying as they go will give them much more
flexibility when looking at job offers in the future than if they are
encumbered with debt.

The Bible teaches that blessings come when we return a portion of what
we earn to the Lord. Tithing habits formed when young often continue
into adulthood. In addition, giving to others often creates generous
and cheerful hearts.

Post High School Benefits

Gainful employment during high school will show initiative on the part
of the teen when she is submitting applications to post high school
institutions or to employers. Creating a resume, knocking on doors,
and interviewing for jobs is hard work that can be discouraging. To
continue in the face of adversity and then landing that job takes
persistence, a quality that is admired.

Some jobs may provide an opportunity for your teen to take on
leadership either in managing a small shop when the owner is away or
overseeing other employees. If you have an entrepreneur, such
initiative will also require leadership qualities to succeed.

Regardless of the position held, there are side benefits to working.
Your teen will need to learn and practice time management skills as
she juggles her school assignments, home responsibilities, church and
social activities alongside of the hours she works. She will be very
thankful to have honed such skills for whatever path she travels after
high school.

Employment may also provide a source for letters of recommendation. If
your teen is college bound, most colleges will request these letters
attesting to your teen's character qualities. Other post high school
positions and training will also require recommendations from people
who know your child well or who have worked with them. If it is
appropriate, have your teen ask his employer for such a letter to keep
for future use.

Long Term Benefits

Aside from earning money and teaching skills, working part time during
high school will foster a work ethic in your child. Work is a gift
from the Lord; He instituted it when He created the world. Work is a
means the Lord gives us to provide for our needs and enhance our
character. Children can be taught to enjoy the labor of their hands
receiving satisfaction after a day of toil.

While working at part-time jobs, your teens will have many
opportunities to interact with the employer and fellow employees.
There will likely be times when friction arises and your teen will
need to work out differences of opinion with others. Don't intervene
to "fix" the problem for your teen, but see it as a teachable moment
for helping your teen to understand all sides of the issue and to be
able to suggest a plausible solution to bring about reconciliation.
These situations will also teach your teen how to respect authority,
make an appeal, and decide when to take an issue to her boss--all part
of the maturing process.

Jobs are also a way to try out a possible career and observe the
day-to-day operations of a company. If your teen decides this is a
direction worth considering, then experience in the field will be
helpful when shopping for full-time employment. It will also give the
teen the opportunity to begin forming a network of contacts for the

Some Cautions

As you have read, part-time employment has many benefits; however, it
is of utmost importance not to allow the job to take precedence over
the academics, family, and church involvement. A job does not excite
an admission counselor as much as good grades nor should it take the
place of spending time together as a family or worshipping and
fellowshipping with other believers in church. Help your teens to set
appropriate boundaries for their time.

Some work environments are just not worth the benefits of the job. If
it is a situation where you are concerned with the reputation of the
employer, take time to check out the allegations. Or if the hours
required fall too late into the evening for your daughter to be out,
encourage her to look for a different job. Use wisdom and discernment
when giving permission for your teens' job choices.

High school jobs often require work permits by the employer . If you are member of HSLDA
and have questions about the information found at the previous link,
please do not hesitate to call our legal department for advice. Our
attorneys will be happy to walk you through the process.

Join us next month as we take a close look at the subject of math
during the high school years.

Getting back to jobs we love,
Becky Cooke and Diane Kummer
HSLDA High School Consultants

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