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5/3/2011 5:29:13 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
Were you able to see it?...

Hi there--

I hope your day's going well. And I was
simply wondering...

Did you get a chance to watch the video that
was sent to you at the end of last week?

Here's the one I'm talking about...

When you watch this video, you see how
you can get AP courses for your school
(in a done-for-you package)...and exactly
how you can make it work.

See what I'm referring to right here...

But here's the important thing:

The special (that rock-bottom deal) that
you'll hear about on the video is only
guaranteed for you up to June 1st. You can
absolutely get on board and take advantage
of this all the way up to August of this year,
for the fall. But once June 1st is here, that
once-a-year, super-best-price discount is
gone. (I don't want you to miss anything, so
that's why it's good to take a moment to
watch the video now.)

And I have to tell you--

PHC Prep didn't set out to create such a
great offer and "set-up" for schools like
yours. But now that it's here, others are
turning to PHC Prep, to be able to give
their families more. And I want to make
sure that you get a chance to give your
families more, too.

Again, thanks for watching:

Talk soon,

Erin Brown Conroy, MA
Community Liaison,
Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy

PS. You and I understand the value of
AP courses--how they give your
students "the edge." Others may
not. But right now, there are close to
600 administrators just like you who
are reading this email. I hope you're
able to move, like them, on this chance
and watch this video right now...

PPS. It is true. We can make AP courses
happen fast.

Here's the special video again:

PPPS. One last thing: If you already
watched the video, it's no problem if you
watch it again, to get a stronger, clearer
understanding of how it works for you
and your school--
PHC Prep P.O. 1149 Purcellville, Virginia 20134-1149
Phone: (540) 338-8290
Fax: (540) 338-2733

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