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3/30/2011 3:37:12 PM
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  • Legal Status of Homeschooling: Legal
  • Compulsory attendance: 7-16
  • Population: 5,255,068 (July 2010 est.)
  • Number of homeschoolers: Approx. 250 families
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Featured Article


Mexico is at War

"The environment within the city limits [of Ciudad Mier] was the most somber setting that I have ever seen. Heavily armed military made up about 20% of the current population."

Longtime missionary to Mexico and HSLDA contact Mike Richardson shares his recent experiences in the midst of the country's upheaval. Richardson is founder of El Hogar Educador, an organization that ministers to the booming homeschool population in Mexico. Read the rest of Mike's update here.


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  Director's Corner  
Mike Donnelly

HSLDA is committed to fighting for all parents who seek to be free to home educate their children.

Our over 150,000 member parents agree that it is important to defend the freedom of parents aboard. Tyranny over educational freedom can not be tolerated and must be fought wherever it rears its head.

Whether in Germany, Sweden, Brazil or Botswana, American homeschoolers know that we live in a world where ideas travel with the speed of light. And we are genuinely concerned about the plight of those who live in countries where the number of homeschoolers are few, but the power of the state to persecute and oppress them is virtually limitless.

By fighting for homeschooling freedom in Europe or Africa or South America we are fighting for freedom everywhere!

This quarterly e-newsletter will help connect you to a growing global homeschooling movement. Together we are stronger. By being informed about events internationally you will be better equipped to fight for freedom in your own country. You will also be equipped to support your brother and sisters all over the world who have been called to exercise their natural, fundamental, and God-given right to direct the education of their children.

We want this e-newsletter to build a connection between you and homeschoolers around the world. We hope to raise awareness about critical situations overseas—where homeschoolers are in trouble and to bring resources to bear. Finally, we hope to encourage you with the uplifting stories and experiences of your fellow homeschoolers.

HSLDA’s mission is to advance home education. All of our attorneys at HSLDA are either homeschooling parents or graduates (some are both). We are passionate about this cause and we want help wherever and whenever homeschooling is threatened. By working to support beleaguered homeschoolers abroad we are assisting those in need and providing resources to homeschool organizations in countries that are struggling to establish and advance the same homeschooling freedoms that we cherish.

As you read about the lives, difficulties, and achievements of homeschoolers overseas, please consider standing with us for freedom and taking action where requested. In this issue, our “Action Update” focuses on the continued plight of the Johansson family in Sweden. Our “In the News” section features news from nearly every continent, including a Featured Article on Mexico and a Country Spotlight on Finland. Watch for the next international newsletter to release in the summer of 2011.

My former boss, the late and great Christopher J. Klicka, had a tremendous passion for freedom and for international homeschooling. He served at HSLDA for over 25 years. He travelled to many countries to encourage homeschoolers. It is a tremendous privilege for me to succeed him as HSLDA’s Director for International Relations. I know that he would be greatly pleased at the launch of this newsletter and I want to dedicate our inaugural volume to his memory. To learn more about Chris and to be inspired by his example please visit his memorial page.

It is our hope here at HSLDA that this newsletter will be a blessing to you. Thank you for all you do in the struggle for homeschooling freedom! Please let us know what you think about the international newsletter! We welcome your comments, feedback, and article submissions.

Mike Donnelly, Director of International Affairs

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