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3/18/2011 2:48:20 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report March/April 2011

Home School Foundation Report

Dear Friends of the Home School Foundation,

We are excited about the new growth of spring. This spring has brought
some staff transitions as Tracy Klicka joins our team, as well as
opportunities for new growth in our widows scholarships and Ambassador

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. Even in this time of
economic hardship, God is blessing the Foundation and using us to
bless families all over the world.

Because You Helped: Thank You from 2010

We help some of the most amazing families at HSF. For everyone who has
prayed or given to help support our mission, here are thank-yous from
some of the families you have reached:

"I was completely overwhelmed with the generosity of the scholarship
that was granted to my two special sons. I have wanted to get the
diagnostic testing done for a very long time, but it was never in the
budget. We contacted the facility and they took another $500 off the
fees so that we could get all the evaluations available! I am looking
forward to the next few weeks in which they will get all the testing
and evaluations done and I get the results. It will be a welcomed gift
to know where they are in cognitive development, attention, memory and
comprehension. I will finally be able to tailor their studies to
truly accommodate each of their abilities. Thank you really just
doesn't seem enough." --Renee H., Special Needs Children Fund

"For many years, I thought I was the only one! It's been a tough and
lonely road. Since being single, I haven't really 'fit' in anywhere.
It most Christian churches, even in small groups, I've found single
mothers are treated quite 'differently.' Families tend to fellowship
with other 'normal families' that include both a husband and a wife. I
do not 'fit' in 'normal homeschool groups,' again primarily made of
Christian families. And I definitely do NOT 'fit' with secular single
mothers. So, for the most part, it's been God, myself and my children.
Yet God has been faithful. I'm now a recent grandmother to my first
beautiful grandson whose parents (my eldest son) plan to continue this
homeschooling trend through the next generation! ALL praise and glory
goes to GOD for making this possible! God bless your marvelous work!
What a godsend this gift is to single mothers!" --Claudia S.,
Children of Single Parents Fund

News: Tracy Klicka New Director of Development

Elizabeth Smith, our director of development, has felt led to focus
her gifts and talents in other worthy ventures, and Tracy Klicka will
be taking her place at the Foundation. Elizabeth has been with us for
over six years--sharing her grace, love, and expertise with our
donors, friends, and staff. We are sorry to see her leave, but excited
about the new adventures God is calling her to and the new ideas and
talents that Tracy is bringing to our organization.

News: Widows Fund Enrollment Open

Do you know a widow who is struggling to afford homeschooling? If so,
please invite her to contact the Foundation. We want to help. Direct
her to our website or have her
contact us online or by phone
at 540-338-8688. We yearly help hundreds of homeschooling widows and
are always trying to reach more with support and encouragement so they
can continue their conviction to homeschool. The deadline for the
spring enrollment period is May 1.

News: Patrick Henry College Scholarship Enrollment Open

HSF's Patrick Henry College Scholarship for HSLDA Members rewards
academic excellence and exemplary leadership through tuition
scholarships to Patrick Henry College , a Christian liberal arts
school in Purcellville, Virginia.

Applications must be postmarked on or before May 1 for the 2011-2012
school year. Eligible students must be full-time freshmen at PHC who
are part of an HSLDA member family (members for at least 4 years),
have a high school record of outstanding academic achievement and
community service, and need financial assistance.

Apply for a PHC Scholarship:

Donate to the PHC Scholarship Fund:

News: HSF Ambassador Program Growing

The HSF Ambassador Program is continuing to expand across the country
with new ambassadors in California, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania, and
we are so excited and grateful. New applications come in almost every
day, but there are many more openings.

We especially need community ambassadors in homeschool neighborhoods
who will be the eyes and ears of HSF, attentive to those in need and
looking for those who would like to join in meeting the needs of
struggling homeschool families by rallying the resources of the
benevolent homeschool community and by conducting HSF-approved

Look for an announcement coming soon of a new way you may donate funds
so that they will be used to benefit homeschoolers in your state
through the HSF Ambassador Program. Visit the HSF Ambassador Program
Facebook page for weekly progress updates.

See Where Ambassadors Are Volunteering:

Learn More about the Ambassador Program:

News: Homeschool Contests Help Special Needs Children

HSLDA sponsors contests for homeschool kids all year round: essay,
art, photo, video, poetry, etc. And the profits from these contests go
to help the Home School Foundation's Special Needs Fund.
Consequently, we want to promote these opportunities for homeschool
students to develop their skills and abilities and give to needy
homeschoolers at the same time. You can help us by encouraging your
family and friends to participate and get the word out about upcoming

Find out what contest is coming next:

HSF Prayer Needs

Please keep the Foundation and those we help in your prayers. We
cannot function without God's help and guidance, and the people we
help need His grace and comfort far beyond what we can give.

A few ways you can be purposeful about prayer for HSF:

> We post a Prayer Family of the Week on our Facebook page at . Please check regularly to
"meet" the family and pray for them throughout the week.

> Make HSF's website your homepage so that every time you get online
you are reminded of your fellow homeschoolers in need and to pray for

> Look for prayer needs listed in this bi-monthly Foundation Report

A few specific prayer needs for the Foundation:

> Widows: Please pray for our Widows Fund enrollment period, from now
until May 1. We want to reach more homeschooling widows this spring
than ever before!

> Curriculum Relief: We are still low in funds for our Curriculum
Relief and want to be able to process the applications we already have
in the office for this program. Please pray that we will be able to
meet the needs of these families who have come to us for help.

> Staff Transitions: Please be in prayer for Tracy Klicka taking over
the development duties of Elizabeth Smith. Also be in prayer for
Elizabeth as she moves on to where the Lord leads her next.

Give in Honor or Memory of a Loved One
The Foundation welcomes love gifts given in honor or memory of an
individual. The following gifts have recently been given:
Mrs. Rachel Sheffield in memory of
Mrs. Ernestine Nichols

To give in honor or memory of an individual, please visit our donation
page and click the "donate in
memory/honor of an individual" dropdown.

Featured Fund: Special Needs

The Special Needs Children's Fund enables financially struggling
homeschooling families to provide a quality education for their
children with special learning needs. It provides assistance to HSLDA
member families to help with special therapies, equipment, testing,
and specialized materials.

Here is a letter we received from a family we helped recently with
their special needs child:

"My family is very pleased to have received an HSF scholarship. My
husband is in full-time ministry and we have not been able to seek the
program plans for our son David (8-year-old Down syndrome) as we have
in the past.

"I was so energized and excited after visiting with the oral motor
therapist. She gave me the specifics I need to make the progress we
need to achieve our goal of clear speech for David. This was truly
what I needed, as I have been feeling burned out by the repetition of
this program and my perceived lack of progress. I now have hope.

"We have been using a neurodevelopmental program for David for a
couple of years. We have seen some great progress in all areas. This
therapist is in Georgia and is typically a two-day trip for our
family. Now she comes to our state at a satellite site and we will be
able to get what we need in a half-day.

"I thank the Home School Foundation for the opportunity to continue
working with our son on the things we feel are going to help him be
all he can be. Sincerely, Marilyn W."

Learn more about the Special Needs Children's Fund:

Donate to the Special Needs Children's Fund:

Stay Updated: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Join the growing number of supporters of HSF on Facebook & Twitter to stay in touch with what HSF
is doing and ways you can be involved. Invite your friends so they too
can learn about the Foundation's work. Also check out our videos on
YouTube and follow our channel
to stay updated when new videos are posted.

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