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2/11/2011 12:06:06 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
URGENT ACTION Needed to Protect Your Family and Advance Freedom

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

URGENT ACTION Needed to Protect Your Family and Advance Freedom

Dear HSLDA Members and friends,

During two hours of hearing time this week dedicated to HB 301, there
were many who spoke in favor of reducing regulations on homeschoolers
and in favor of the bill. However, the debate over which approach to
use in reforming the law has been confused with erroneous and
misleading information. Some have even suggested that HB 301 would
increase state control over parents who homeschool - a statement that
is simply untrue. Misinformation like this jeopardizes the creation
of a homeschool law that will be sustainable and effectively protect
parents from state intrusions.

Representative Laura Jones, the prime sponsor of HB 595, has been
appointed to serve as the chair of a reviewing subcommittee. The
subcommittee has been given two weeks to develop a bill that the
Education Committee can pass to the floor of the House with a
recommendation of "ought to pass" ("OTP"). While the appointment of
Jones appears to pose a conflict of interest, creating the
subcommittee is good news for homeschoolers. This shows that the
legislature is serious about improving the homeschool law. The stakes
are high, however, as a poorly written law based on HB 595 will leave
the door open for the Department of Education to write rules and for
social workers, truancy officers and the DCYF to intrude in your life
more easily.

Although both bills recognize the fundamental right of parents to
direct the education of their children, and both remove the existing
burdens on homeschoolers, important distinctions became clearer during
this week's hearing.

> HB 301 removes regulatory authority from the Department of
Education. HB 595 retains that regulatory authority.

> HB 301 provides the clearest and strongest due process protections
for parents if they are ever challenged with violating the law. HB 595
creates a new untested procedure for a new "civil violation" while
allowing the state authority to terminate a homeschooling program.

> HB 301 leaves the compulsory attendance law alone, creating a simple
one-time notice provision with no assessments, due process and privacy
protections. HB 595 gets rid of the entire "home education" statute,
193-A, introducing new concepts like "parent-directed instruction"
and rewrites the compulsory attendance law, 193-1, which affects all
New Hampshire students.

We are presented with a clear question: which approach will the
committee adopt to move forward. Based on our experience in court
cases and legislative battles, we are asking you to tell the
subcommittee and others that HB 301 is the better approach.

If you wish to learn more about the bills visit In the meantime it is
essential that you take action to communicate with this sub-committee.
They need to hear from you.


Please contact the members of this subcommittee as well as Education
Committee Chair, Vice Chair and Clerk. Consider making the following
points in a message in your own words.

"I prefer HB 301 as the approach to reform the homeschool law RSA

> HB 301 gives me more freedom from unnecessary paperwork and
bureaucracy while protecting my family from truancy officers and
social workers.

> I do not consider notification as seeking approval, and I do not
object to a one-time notice to a participating agency. I think this
might help avoid unnecessary contact with the state.

> I do not trust the DOE to make rules for homeschoolers. HB 301
eliminates DOE's rulemaking authority but HB 595 allows them to make

> I'm concerned that HB 595 is confusing and does not clearly protect
my family from truancy officers, social workers or family court. HB
301, on the other hand, provides clear protections and reasonable

> I think HB 301 is a more reasoned approach that has a better chance
of passing the whole legislature and being signed by the Governor into

Representative Michael Balboni - Chair
Phone: (603)598-3851

Representative Ralph Boehm - Vice Chair
Phone: (603)860-6309

Representative Rick Ladd - Clerk
Phone: (603)989-3268

Subcommittee Members:

Representative Laura Jones
Phone: (603)948-2264

Representative Joseph Fleck
Phone: (603)522-6741

Representative Barbara Shaw
Phone: (603)626-4681

Representative Joseph Pitre
Phone: (603)755-2447

Please take a moment right now to call or email these representatives.
Time is of the essence so please act now. You are also welcome to
send us any responses to

Thank you for your support and for taking action!

Very Truly Yours,

Michael Donnelly
HSLDA Staff Attorney

-> Will your children's inheritance retain its value?

If you pass on a legacy of freedom, your children and their
children's children will thank you. But freedom is never secure;
it must always be guarded. Membership with HSLDA is an investment
in the future that can be passed on to future generations of
families wanting to teach their children at home.

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