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2/3/2011 5:31:04 PM
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New Hampshire--Action Needed to Advance Homeschooling Freedom

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

New Hampshire--Action Needed to Advance Homeschooling Freedom

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

Homeschoolers in New Hampshire have an opportunity to greatly enhance
their freedom by supporting HB 301 which will have a public hearing in
Representative's Hall at the State Capitol in Concord next Tuesday,
February 8, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. HSLDA is supporting HB 301, sponsored
by Representative Jim Parison, a homeschooling father of six and
longtime New Hampshire homeschooler. The bill creates a simple and
effective law providing for one-time notice, no assessments, no
Department of Education involvement and a careful framework to protect
your family from unwarranted state intrusion.

Please contact members of the Education Committee to express your
support for this legislation and the amendment that Representative
Parison will be offering, and come to Concord next Tuesday starting at
1:00 p.m. at the Capitol in Representative's Hall.


1. Please bring your family to Concord to support HB 301. The bill
will be heard in Representative's Hall in the Capitol Building on
Tuesday, February 8 at 1:00 p.m. Bring testimony to explain why you
support the law and how reducing bureaucracy would enhance your
homeschooling freedom and recognize your inherent parental rights and
duties. Be sure to sign the sheets as you enter to show your support
for HB 301 and for fewer restrictions on homeschoolers in New
Hampshire. Visit our New Hampshire webpage and click on HB 301 to
find a memo that will provide areas on which you can testify. For
more information on this bill go to . For tips on
testifying before the New Hampshire Legislature we recommend you visit
this link courtesy of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance -

2. If you are unable to come to Concord next Tuesday, please contact
members of the Education Committee and ask them to support HB 301 with
Representative Parison's amendments.

You may give them a message like this in your own words.

"Please support HB 301, the homeschool freedom act sponsored by
Representative Jim Parison. I am supporting HB 301 because it will
improve the homeschooling climate in New Hampshire by eliminating
unnecessary bureaucracy. HB 301 creates a careful legislative
framework to insure that children receive an education, protects
homeschoolers privacy and prevent unreasonable intrusions into the
family by state officials. Please accept Representative Parison's
sponsor's amendment which will make important enhancements to the
bill. New Hampshire homeschoolers have been singled out over the
last four years for mistreatment, and I appreciate this attempt to
improve freedom and recognize burdensome regulations are not required
to ensure that children are educated. This bill properly recognizes
that parents are responsible for their children's education. By
passing HB 301, New Hampshire would join the ranks of 24 other states
whose laws are similar in requiring at most only simple notification
for homeschooling parents. Please support passage of HB 301.

Please call your own representative, if listed, and for families whose
last name begins with A-L, call representatives 1-9. Families whose
last name begins with M-Z call representatives 10-17. Members of the
Education Committee can be contacted at:

1. Representative Michael Balboni - Chair
Phone: (603)598-3851

2. Representative Ralph Boehm - Vice Chair
Phone: (603)860-6309

3. Representative Rick Ladd - Clerk
Phone: (603)989-3268

4. Representative Karen Hutchinson
Phone: (603)434-9415

5. Representative Charles Brosseau
Phone: (603)536-1367

6. Representative J.R. Hoell
Phone: (603)315-9002

7. Representative Joseph Pitre
Phone: (603)755-2447

8. Representative Mary Gorman
Phone: (603)886-1652

9. Representative Joseph Fleck
Phone: (603)522-6741

10. Representative Robert Greemore
Phone: (603)279-8792

11. Representative Laura Jones
Phone: (603)948-2264

12. Representative Mary Gile
Phone: (603)224-2278

13. Representative June Frazer
Phone: (603)228-0048

14. Representative Jeffrey St. Cyr
Phone: (603)875-5473

15. Representative Gregory Hill
Phone: (603)286-7329

16. Representative Kathleen Lauer-Rago
Phone: (603)934-8223

17. Representative Barbara Shaw
Phone: (603)626-4681


HSLDA is supporting HB 301, sponsored by Representative Jim Parison, a
homeschooling father of six and longtime New Hampshire homeschooler.
If passed, New Hampshire would join 24 other states in providing for
this kind of minimal state interaction. HB 301 will improve the
homeschooling climate in New Hampshire by eliminating unnecessary
bureaucracy including recordkeeping, annual notification and annual
assessment requirements. HB 301 creates a careful legislative
framework to protect you from unwanted encounters with social workers,
truancy officers and other state officials. Under HB 301
homeschoolers would complete a simple one-time notification with a
participating agency for each child. HB 301 removes the Department of
Education (DOE) from involvement in homeschooling which means no more
complicated or "extra" rules. HB 301 removes the state's authority to
challenge parents with educational neglect, terminate a home education
program or force children to attend a school. Representative Parison
has created a sponsor's amendment to fix drafting errors and
incorporate other changes recommended by homeschooling advocates.
These enhancements will make HB 301 the most carefully crafted
proposal to protect and enhance freedom for New Hampshire

HB 595 is another homeschooling bill that is scheduled to be heard
right after HB 301. HB 595 is sponsored by Representative Laura
Jones, a homeschooling mother. HSLDA appreciates Representative Jones
efforts in drafting HB 595 which would completely eliminate the
current homeschool law. However, HSLDA has serious concerns that the
bill would create potentially serious problems for homeschoolers.

For example, HB595 would not protect homeschoolers from neglect
charges. Today homeschoolers are protected from neglect charges,
because compliance with current homeschool law is essentially proof
that neglect is not happening. HB 301 carefully addresses this issue,
whereas HB 595 explicitly makes homeschooling parents subject to
allegations of neglect. HB 595 also gives the state authority under
certain circumstances to terminate a parent's right to homeschool and
empowers the state to order a child back to school.

Although the bill articulates appropriate due process standards giving
original jurisdiction to the superior court, the language of HB 595
creates a conflict between the Child Protection Act (RSA 169-C) and
the compulsory attendance law (RSA 193-1). RSA 169-C gives the
district level family court jurisdiction over neglect proceedings.
This conflict potentially exposes homeschooling parents to prosecution
in two courts; the superior court for a violation and in family court
for neglect. The bill language directly contradicts lower standards
provided for in the Child Protection Act and creates confusion over
jurisdiction, standards of proof, evidentiary rules and due process.
This confusion invites litigation that would have to go to the New
Hampshire Supreme Court for interpretation. For more information in
this bill please go to 301 is a carefully
crafted law that avoids these conditions creating clarity, security,
and simple one-time notice.

HSLDA has worked with Representative Parison on many homeschooling
issues over the years, and we are confident that he is uniquely
qualified to guide this legislation through the New Hampshire

Representative Parison has served as a board member and president of
Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire (CheNH) for many years. He
has demonstrated integrity, wisdom and unwavering commitment to
homeschooling freedom in words and actions.

Over the past four years many of us have traveled to Concord to defend
homeschooling from incessant attacks. Isn't it a welcome change to
support positive legislation for homeschoolers? What a great
opportunity for your family to participate in the legislative process
and see history in the making as we advance the cause of freedom

I will see you next Tuesday afternoon in Concord!

Standing with you,

Michael P. Donnelly, Esq.
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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