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1/27/2011 12:00:30 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report Jan/Feb 2011

Home School Foundation Report

New Year Opens with Hope Amid Tragedy

Dear Friends of the Home School Foundation,

With a new year comes new challenges and new opportunities. We are
excited about how God has grown the Foundation and what we will see
Him do this coming year. 2011 started out with the tragic story of a
homeschool widow who was killed in a house fire--leaving her children
orphaned. God used HSF Ambassadors in the state to alert HSF and allow
us to help provide for some of the children's needs. You can read more
of the story below.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support over the years. Even
in this time of economic hardship, God is blessing the Foundation and
using us to bless families all over the world.

Because You Helped: Thank You from 2010

We help some of the most amazing families at HSF. For everyone who has
prayed or given to help support our mission, here are thank yous from families helped in 2010.

News: HSF Ambassadors Help Orphaned Children after Mother Dies in Fire

Our HSF Tennessee Ambassadors learned about and ministered to a
homeschooling family which suffered not only a devastating house fire,
but also the ultimate loss of the widowed mother in the home due to
burn injuries. The Lord's people moved in a gracious, compassionate
way so that the children are safe, loved, and being provided for by
another homeschooling family.

Because the ambassadors were on the ground and knew about this
tragedy, they alerted HSF and we were also able to provide some
material help to the children who had lost so much. Please pray both
for these children and the community that has risen to help them.

This is a perfect demonstration of how vital on-the-ground volunteers
are--people who know their homeschool community and can find ways to
help. We are so thankful for our 25 ambassadors spread out over 19
states. They are excited about the new year as they learn more about
how to expand their ambassador networks and reach more homeschooling
families in need.

Ambassador volunteers bless families with service projects and
implement community fundraisers to help even more families. Money
raised may now be earmarked and used for needy homeschooling families
in a particular state or it can be sent to HSF and used to replenish
the most drawn-on HSF funds to help families all over the country.

Please let us know if you would like to serve as an ambassador for
your state. We need many more ambassadors, since the needs are so
great among homeschoolers in these hard economic times. We are
thankful for you and for all the Lord is doing through our

See Where Ambassadors are Volunteering:

Learn More about the Ambassador Program:


News: Christmas Thanks from Widows and Children of Single Parents

The Foundation sent Christmas cards and gifts to some needy widows and
single parents we have helped over the past year. And we have been
flooded with grateful responses! Here are just a few heartfelt thanks
from families:

From Nebraska: "I avoid the mailbox because I usually dread what I
will find in it. I was totally surprised when I opened it after
Thanksgiving and saw your gift. I was not expecting that at all. I
just cried when I saw it. I cry a lot, and it seems like the
financial problem in front of me is a mountain, but every bit helps
and I am thankful for this. Thank you so much. When I got your letter,
I felt like there was somebody out there somewhere who cared...
besides our Father in heaven. Thank you again."

Read more of these notes:

Find out more about these Funds:

News: Patrick Henry College Scholarship Enrollment Period Opening

HSF's Patrick Henry College Scholarship for HSLDA Members rewards
academic excellence and exemplary leadership through tuition
scholarships to Patrick Henry College, a Christian liberal arts
school located in Purcellville, Virginia.

Enrollment opens February 1, and applications must be postmarked on or
before May 1 for the 2011-2012 school year. Eligible students must be
full-time freshmen at PHC who are part of an HSLDA member family
(members for at least 4 years), have a high school record of
outstanding academic achievement and community service, and need
financial assistance.

Apply for a PHC Scholarship:

Donate to the PHC Scholarship Fund:

News: Homeschool Contests Help Special Needs Children

HSLDA sponsors contests for homeschool kids all year round: essay,
art, photo, video, poetry, etc. And the profits from these contests go
to help the Home School Foundation's Special Needs Fund.
Consequently, we want to promote these opportunities for homeschool
students to develop their skills and abilities and give to needy
homeschoolers at the same time. You can help us by encouraging your
family and friends to participate and get the word out about upcoming

Find out what contest is coming next:

We greatly appreciate your partnership in this project that promotes
excellence and blesses the needy!

Give in Honor or Memory of a Loved One

The Foundation welcomes love gifts given in honor or memory of an

The following gifts have recently been given:

Larry & Dorothy Condon in honor of
Kevin & Kelly Condon

Albert Harris in honor of
Sara Harris

Dale & Sally Stapler in memory of
Jackson Stapler

To give in honor or memory of an individual, please go here and click the "donate in
memory/honor of an individual" dropdown.

Featured Fund: Curriculum Relief

Last fall we had to stop funding applications for curriculum relief
due to the overwhelming number of requests we had received through the
year that completely emptied the fund. It was hard to turn some people
away; but instead of angry letters or frantic phone calls, we received
letters and emails of understanding and even encouragement--reminding
us that their hope is in the Lord not in our financial assistance.

Here is one of those letters we received after having to notify
someone that their application could not be completed:

"Thank you so much for all your hard work on behalf of our family.
Though the funds ran dry prior to our application being completed and
our family receiving any, we'd like to let you know how very much we
appreciate an organization such as this. I'm sure your workload is
great this time of year. God's timing is best. He knows our hearts,
our motives, our love and devotion to Him. Perhaps He is saying, 'Wait
on me for a greater blessing.' Yes, we will pray for replenishing of
funds for you to disperse to those in need, to bless and be blessed so
God can bless again. We're blessed so we can bless others."

We strive to reach as many families as possible, and it can be
discouraging when we have to turn someone away. But in God's goodness
He used the families we could not help to remind us of all our
dependency on Him.

If you are able to help replenish the Curriculum Relief fund please go
here. >>> . For as little as
$20.00 a month you can help homeschoolers in need purchase their
curriculum. All gifts to this fund provide curriculum for needy

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*By emailing your story and/or pictures in this manner you are giving
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only be by first name and state.

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