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Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--September/October 2010

Home School Foundation Report

Dear Friends of the Home School Foundation,

It has been a busy summer for the Foundation! Getting grants for
curriculum to families before the school year starts is always a huge
task and even greater blessing.

In this issue, we are excited to follow up on our earlier announcement
about our Ambassador Program with news of its very first
project--renovating the home of a single mom near Williamsburg, VA. At
the same time, we are awed by how God is growing homeschooling
internationally and the ways we are able to be a part of that. And we
are daily blessed by hearing from grateful families HSF helped and
daily looking for ways to help even more.


Because You Helped

We serve families who readily express their gratitude. Here are just a
few of the notes that testify to the power of your gifts and prayers:

"How do I thank you for being the love of Christ to my children and
me? This is what you have exhibited and done by granting us the
ability to purchase school curricula. After two years of
homeschooling, I was at my end. I had stood believing, but not seeing,
how it would be possible to continue homeschooling my now 9th and 10th
graders at the academic levels and with the fullness of opportunity
they deserve, being a single mother and recent college graduate,
struggling to find steady work. The financial pressure, coupled with
bullying from unbelieving family, was almost victorious over me at
this crucial time of curriculum-gathering for the school year. I was
forced to consider returning my 14- and 15-year-olds to public high
school, until your acceptance letter came and shocked me with your
generosity! We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for your
generous grant! I pray that God will enable you to grasp the magnitude
of the blessing of your seed, as it is not only large to us but will
be multiplied and even exponentially compounded before its yield is
complete. Bless you all at the Home School Foundation!" --Heather B.,
Children of Single Parents

"We are so thankful for your generous gift! We will faithfully use it
to rebuild our curriculum for our children as our house is rebuilt
from the fire. How amazing God is to provide for our needs in this
way!" --Chad and Kayla S., Compassion Emergency Response

"This email comes to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your
generous gift for our homeschool needs this coming school year. It's
been amazing watching God's hand move in our difficult situation, and
you are one of the incredible ways in which God has provided." --Wendy
B., Curriculum Relief

"I just want to thank the Foundation so much. My son is beginning to
make inroads to his reading and spelling. This would not have been
possible without your financial help. We thank God for the progress he
is making that we previously thought impossible. Thank You!"
--Catherine G., Special Needs Children

"Words, many times, seem inadequate. However, we would like you to
know that through the years HSF has been a foundational stone in our
homeschooling journey. Aspects of this stone would include security,
confidence, information, resources, goals, accountability, strength of
character and Christian leadership. In the midst of keeping our heads
above water in the turbulent sea of life, HSF has been a bulwark
through provision and availability. Thank you very much." --Katherine
H., Widows Fund


News: First Ambassador Project Renovates Home for Single Mom

The Home School Foundation's very first ambassador project was a huge
success! HSF teamed up with Home Educators Association of Virginia to
renovate the home of a single mom on disability. She and her two young
children were extremely blessed by the 30-plus volunteers who came
throughout the day to help with her home. The volunteers painted, did
yard work, fence repairs, a window replacement, new decor and more!

Watch a video of the project >>

See pictures >>

If you are interested in volunteering or just want to find out more
about the Ambassador Program, check out the Ambassador webpage
and Facebook page .


News: Combined Federal Campaign Donations

You may not know that the Home School Foundation is a qualified
charity for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC No. 10535).

If you are looking for a charity to designate donations for CFC or
perhaps know a military or government family who would be interested,
we hope you will consider the Home School Foundation for the 2009-2010
campaign and even pass the word along to others. The number of
families applying to us for help grows every year, and it is only
through donations from compassionate homeschooling families that we
are able to help them.

Thank you for considering the Home School Foundation for your
designated CFC giving.


News: Supporting Homeschoolers around the World

"One family I met told me about a time their friend's 8th grader was
called in with no warning to find a panel of teachers from every
subject lined up who began asking her questions--regardless of grade
level--until the child could no longer answer them."

With the growing number of families struggling through the difficult
terrain of homeschooling in other countries, the Home School
Foundation has been blessed with increasing opportunities to help
through our International Homeschooling Fund. International families,
such as the one mentioned above, face discrimination and many
hardships if they choose to homeschool.

In April, HSF helped fund a trip for HSLDA Legal Assistant Leah Dobler
and Sandra Lovelace of Lifework Forum to take resources and
encouragement to homeschooling families in several European countries.
They stuffed their suitcases with as many books, brochures, and
resources as they could fit.



News: Christmas Card Contest Winners

Every year the Home School Foundation sends Christmas cards to widows
and single parents who have received assistance from the Foundation.
As in years past, HSF held an art/photo contest for homeschool parents
and older teens to design the artwork for the cards. We received many
great entries.

View the winners>>>

These cards will be for sale soon so check the HSLDA bookstore as the holidays near for more
information. All profits from the cards will go to the Home School


News: Free Mini Unit Study with HSF's Cookbook!

Get the kids cooking with "Family Favorites from the Homeschool
Kitchen"! Start the school year with a fun cooking class! When you
order HSF's cookbook between September 1 and October 31, 2010, you'll
receive a free mini unit study on food and cooking.

With over 300 simple, delicious recipes, "Family Favorites from the
Homeschool Kitchen" makes it easy and fun for kids to learn how to
cook. Recipes for nearly every occasion--from appetizers and beverages
to breads, main dishes, vegetables, sweets, and more--make meals a
cinch for seasoned cooks and for those just starting out.

To order, click here .

This is a limited-time offer. All profits from the sale of this
cookbook go to help needy homeschoolers through the Home School


Share Your Story

Tell how HSF has impacted your family's life or why you decided to get
involved in the Foundation's work. Send your stories and pictures
(optional, but encouraged) to with
"Share Your Story" in the subject line.* A selection of stories
received will be put on our new website's testimonies page !

*By emailing your story and/or pictures in this manner you give your
permission for HSF to post them on our website. Identity will only be
by first name and state.


Stay Updated: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Join the growing number of supporters of HSF on Facebook & Twitter to stay in touch with what HSF
is doing and ways you can be involved. Invite your friends so they too
can learn about the Foundation's work.

Also check out our videos on YouTube and follow our channel to stay
updated when new videos are posted.

You can also link to the Home School Foundation on your blog or
website with our banners


Featured Fund: Special Needs Children Fund

An increasing number of families with special needs children are
seeking the benefits of homeschooling. Approximately 15 percent of
Home School Legal Defense Association member families now indicate
they are homeschooling a child with special learning needs: learning
disabilities, mental retardation, hearing or visual impairments, and
severe disorders or syndromes.

HSF's Special Needs Children's Fund, available to HSLDA member
families, enables financially struggling homeschooling families to
provide a quality education for their children with special learning

"I wanted to thank you so much for the generous blessing of your grant
to our family. I cannot tell you how much it has helped us in getting
Caleb's curriculum and some of the supplies he needs. There are things
that we never would have been able to get due to the cost," wrote a
family we helped through the Special Needs Fund recently.

"Things have been very difficult since we lost so much of our income,
and the scholarship money enabled us to free up some money in our
homeschooling budget to get other curricula that we desperately needed
for our other children as well.... If you could have only seen
[Caleb's] face as we opened the boxes from UPS and Fedex you would
have been blessed. He was so excited that it was very difficult for
him to not just do it all that night."

Read the full note>>>
Find out more about the Special Needs Children Fund>>>

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