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Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--Reaching More Homeschool Families

Home School Foundation Report

July/August 2010

Friends of the Home School Foundation,

Every day we are blessed to be able to reach more homeschool families
and bring encouragement and support to their journey. Thank you for
your prayers and support for us in this mission--it makes all the
difference in these precious families' lives we are able to touch.

In this Foundation Report issue we are excited to announce the start
of our new volunteer program that will help us reach more families
than ever before: our Ambassador Program. This endeavor is designed to
connect homeschool families in need with local volunteers who want to
help them in tangible ways. Read below to find out more about how you
can be a part of touching struggling families' lives.


Because You Helped

We serve families who readily express their gratitude. Here are just a
few of the notes that testify to the power of your gifts and prayers:

"I want to thank you for the financial assistance you provided for
homeschooling curriculum for my family. This has been a very difficult
year for me and my family, and I just want you to know how much I
appreciate not just the monetary assistance, but the encouragement of
the core values of our family. Thank you again!" --Tav P., Curriculum

"My daughter and I received our grant last year after our old computer
had died. What a huge blessing! As a single, disabled mom, there was
really not a very good chance we would be able to replace it quickly.
We prayed and knew God would provide as He always has. When we
received your check in the mail, I opened it and cried. I looked up
and thanked God for the Foundation and His glory. We were truly amazed
and encouraged at how God had blessed us through your Foundation. We
were able to replace our computer, and printer. My daughter said,
'Mom, we have to thank them! People need to know how they have
helped.' It was such a miracle to her that people give so others might
be helped. We were so grateful. We are not rich, yet have riches I
would not trade for anything. I am so grateful God allows me to
homeschool and He provides the means to be able to do it, as I cannot
work. To God be the glory! Thank you for your amazing ministry, and
hearts to care." --Isabelle R., Children of Single Parents Fund

"Thank you so much for the scholarship you granted me for curriculum.
What a blessing it was to be able to purchase my daughter's schoolwork
without wondering how to pay for it. When the box arrived we were both
overjoyed. Thank you so much for your generosity in this most
difficult time." --Lisa B., Widows Fund

"I wanted to thank you so much for the generous blessing of your
grant. I cannot tell you how much it has helped us in our getting
Caleb's curriculum and some of the supplies he needs. There are things
that we never would have been able to get due to the cost. Things have
been very difficult since we lost so much of our income and the
scholarship money enabled us to free up some money in our
homeschooling budget to get curricula that we desperately needed for
our other children as well. It is my prayer that those that gave to
HSF to make this possible will be greatly blessed and that they will
know how much of a blessing they are to us!" --Amanda B., Special
Needs Children's Fund

"I just have to say God bless you all at HSF and thank you! I truly
feel blessed that HSF has been there to help me get my son educated as
a homeschooled student. Without your help I could not have
accomplished this." --Crystal C., Widows Fund


News: Volunteer through the HSF Ambassador Program

Volunteer your time and talents to help fellow homeschoolers in need
through HSF's newest endeavor: the Ambassador Program.

The Ambassador Program is a network of dedicated volunteers all over
the country making a difference at the local homeschool level, aiding
families so they can continue to homeschool through hard times.
Ambassadors help organize and implement local service projects, such
as repairing a widow's roof, helping a single mom with yard
maintenance, or putting together backpacks of school supplies for
needy homeschool children.

Ambassador volunteers represent HSF in their communities by providing
information about the Foundation to those in need, explaining the
mission of the Foundation to potential donors, and providing local
homeschool families with opportunities to serve each other in tangible

We already have state ambassadors in Kansas (Marshall and Alisa
Greene), Michigan (Don Zeilenga), North Carolina (Davis Carman), and
South Carolina (Zan Tyler), with a couple other states in process.

If you are interested in volunteering or just want to find out more
about the program, check out the Ambassador webpage and Facebook page .

News: Combined Federal Campaign Donations

You may not know that the Home School Foundation is a qualified
charity for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC No. 10535).

If you are looking for a charity to designate donations for CFC or
perhaps know a military or government family who would be interested,
we hope you will consider the Home School Foundation for the 2009-2010
campaign and even pass the word along to others. The number of
families applying to us for help grows every year, and it is only
through donations from compassionate homeschooling families that we
are able to help them.

Thank you for considering the Home School Foundation for your
designated CFC giving.


News: Annual Report Online

It is exciting to look back and see what the Lord has done through the
Foundation this past year. In the midst of tough economic times, the
needs in the homeschool community are growing; and, as in times past,
the Lord has faithfully provided.

Read our 2010 Annual Report to
see how your donations and prayers have been used to help
homeschooling families in need this past year.

All donations to the Foundation are from private sources. Most come
from individuals, but a portion also comes from private foundations.
We do not receive any public funds.
It is humbling and exhilarating to be used as an instrument of God's
provision. Thank you for being a part of our ministry to support
parents as they strive to honor the Lord in the way they train and
educate their children.


News: Congratulations Grads!

At a time of year when graduation announcements are abundant, the
Foundation was blessed to receive one from Austin G., the son of one
of the widows the Foundation helped in past years.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your part in Austin's
education!" his mother Andrea wrote the Foundation. "The money you
have provided the last several years allowed him to get a great
schooling. Your fruit will be seen in his life, I know!"

Read more about homeschool
grads who have made it through, despite hard circumstances.


News: Give While You Shop for Curriculum

Here's a great way to help homeschoolers any time you shop online:
purchase materials online from a company that gives to the Home School

All you have to do is go to Clicks for Homeschooling (under the "Resources and
Shopping" tab at our homepage: and click on the link to
the store of your choice. Then you shop just like normal, and the
store will track that you came from the HSLDA site and give a
percentage of what you spend to the Foundation.

You don't have to pay any extra--all you have to do is go to the HSLDA
Clicks site first, and the company you are buying from does the rest.

The Foundation has this affiliate agreement with dozens of retailers
including, Answers in Genesis, Family Christian Stores,
Rosetta Stone, Barnes and Noble, National Geographic, Staples, and
many, many others.

Last year our Clicks program generated over $36,000 in donations to
the Foundation's Compassion Fund.


News: Best Cookbook Offer of the Year

It's Christmas in August! Take advantage of the biggest discount of
the year on Family Favorites from the Homeschool Kitchen--from now
through August 31, save $6 on the cookbook with coupon code:

Shop online at or call
540-338-5600. This is a limited-time offer and is not valid with any
other coupon or gift certificate. All profits from the sale of this
cookbook go to help needy homeschoolers through HSF.


Share Your Story

Tell how HSF has impacted your family's life or why you decided to get
involved in the Foundation's work. Send your stories and pictures
(optional, but encouraged) to with
"Share Your Story" in the subject line.* A selection of stories
received will be put on our new website's testimonies page!

*By emailing your story and/or pictures in this manner you are giving
your permission for HSF to post them on our website. Identity will
only be by first name and state.


Stay Updated: Facebook & Twitter

Join the growing number of supporters of HSF on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with what HSF
is doing and ways you can be involved. Invite your friends so they too
can learn about the Foundation's work.

You can also link to the Home School Foundation on your blog or
website with our banners


Featured Fund: Curriculum Relief

We often hear from families just on the edge of not being able to
afford to homeschool for the upcoming year, families struggling with
the fact that they can't afford the materials their children need to
get a quality education.

It is then that we are thrilled to step in and help these families
provide an education for their children through our Curriculum Relief
fund, a branch of the Compassion Fund.

"When things got desperate, we called HSLDA to see if there was any
help available to get our kids' year-end tests as required by state,"
wrote one Curriculum Relief recipient. "Little did we know that years,
and I means years, of praying and asking God to help us educate our
kids would be answered!"

Read more of this family's story here

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