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6/16/2010 1:39:37 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--May/June 2010

Home School Foundation Report

Friends of the Home School Foundation,

As summer gets underway, the Foundation is busier than ever finding
ways to reach more families. We have recently had several
opportunities to help homeschoolers located outside the United States,
such as in Mexico, Hungary, and the Netherlands. You can read how we
helped fund a homeschool conference in Mexico below. Homeschooling is
growing, and the needs are growing with it. Every day we are blessed
to be able to reach more families and bring encouragement and support
to their homeschool journey.

Thank you for your prayers and support for us in this mission. It
makes all the difference in these precious families' lives we are able
to touch.


Because You Helped

We serve families who readily express their gratitude. Here are just a
few of the notes that testify to the power of your gifts and prayers:

"We are so grateful for the scholarship we received from the Special
Needs Children's Fund. This has indeed given us cause to continue to
hope in the Lord. He has done exceedingly abundantly above all that we
ask or think." --Lynn S., Special Needs Children's Fund

"I just received my grant in the mail from the Children of Single
Parents Fund, and I just cried tears of joy and thanksgiving. I just
praise the Lord and thank you for this generous gift. I can now have
peace that my children's homeschool curriculum expenses will be taken
care of for the next school year. Thank you from the bottom of my
heart. We have been going through such difficult times with my Mom's
cancer, the break up of our family, and all the changes that go with
it. This gift helped to relieve some of the stress. All I can say is
God has done exceedingly abundantly beyond what I asked. Thank you!"
--Cindy E., Children of Single Parents Fund

"I know firsthand what a blessing your organization is to widows who
would like to continue homeschooling, as I was in that situation a
number of years ago. I am now blessed to be able to give a little
back." --Margaret M., Widows Fund

"Thank you all so very much! We just received HSF's very generous
educational grant. This is such a huge blessing to our family and
enables us to continue on homeschooling. Truly God is our loving
Father and the body of Christ our caring family." --Eileen T.,
Curriculum Relief Fund

"I want to thank you all so very much for the assistance that you sent
me for my boys' homeschool. It has really helped me with paying for
their books, supplies, etc. I did not realize how expensive it was
until after the fact. Both of my boys have made a lot of improvement
since I made this decision to homeschool. I would not have them back
in public school for anything." --Claudia S., Widows Fund


News: Helping Homeschoolers in Mexico

This past spring HSF helped the homeschool group El Hogar Educador
fund a homeschool conference in central Mexico--the first ever held in
that part of Mexico. Over 640 families attended from five different

"Homeschooling in Mexico now is similar to what it was in the States
30 years ago," one of the leaders said. "People feel very isolated.
They believe this is what God wants them to do for their family, but
they don't have a lot of support. They are very hungry for knowledge
and support."

Read the whole story of how
hundreds of Mexican homeschoolers were encouraged and supported
through the conference.


News: Testimony Video

The Home School Foundation has been helping families homeschool
through hard times for over 15 years. Here's a short glimpse into some of the lives that
have been touched.


News: Cookbook Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of HSF's recent national cookbook
drawing! Celebrating the revamp of our website, the Home School
Foundation drew three names from those who signed up for this
Foundation Report newsletter, each to receive his or her very own
Family Favorites from the Homeschool Kitchen cookbook.

The winners were Mr. & Mrs. Van Campen in Kentucky, Mr. & Mrs. Reis in
South Carolina, and Mr. & Mrs. Styrd in Michigan. The winners have
been contacted and will be receiving their cookbooks in the mail.


Share Your Story

Tell how HSF has impacted your family's life or why you decided to get
involved in the Foundation's work. Send your stories and pictures
(optional, but encouraged) to with
"Share Your Story" in the subject line.* A selection of stories
received will be put on our new website's testimonies page!

*By emailing your story and/or pictures in this manner, you are giving
your permission for HSF to post them on our website. Identity will
only be by first name and state.


Stay Updated: Facebook & Twitter

Join the growing number of supporters of HSF on Facebook & Twitter to stay in touch with what HSF
is doing and ways you can be involved. Invite your friends so they too
can learn about the Foundation's work.

You can also link to the Home School Foundation on your blog or
website with our banners .


Featured Fund: Children of Single Parents

Homeschooling is difficult enough without adding abandonment, abuse,
and other hard family circumstances to the mix. Single parents and
their children trying to homeschool face enormous difficulties. HSF is
dedicated to helping single parents who are committed to their
children, to homeschooling, and to the Lord.

One such mother we helped wrote us recently. "I have always felt that
it was God's will for me to homeschool my children. However, as a
single parent, I have faced many challenges and opposition," she said.

"Now Mamma can buy the homeschool curriculum we need," her girls wrote
in their own note. "Mamma says one day when we are famous authors we
can thank the Home School Foundation for helping us!"

Read the notes from both the mother and daughters To find out more about the
Home School Foundation's Children of Single Parent fund, visit our
website .


Contests: New Video Contest Helps Special Needs Children

HSLDA launched a new video contest this year to help raise revenue for
the Foundation's Special Needs Children Fund.

Students must team up to produce a short video demonstrating
generosity or sacrifice. Submission dates are June 1 through July, and
all profits from the contest go to the Foundation to help special
needs children. Read all rules and guidelines .

Please help us by encouraging your family and friends to participate
and get the word out about upcoming contests for homeschool students.
We greatly appreciate your partnership in this project that promotes
excellence and blesses the needy!
You can find information about upcoming contests on HSLDA's contest

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