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4/12/2010 11:14:54 AM
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New Hampshire: Your Action Needed to Defend Against Intrusive Regulations!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

New Hampshire: Your Action Needed
to Defend Against Intrusive Regulations!

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

The State Board of Education ("BOE") is preparing to decide the fate
of New Hampshire's home education rules this week. The Board will
meet this Wednesday, and the home education rules are on their agenda
for 2:30 p.m. Any changes to the rules passed by the board will go to
Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules for final review,
and the Board will have one more final adoption vote on the rules.

After postponing a final decision last month the Board sent the rules
to a working group. After being unable to agree on all of the
proposed changes, working group leader and BOE member Stephen
L'Heureux asked the Department of Education to propose a minimal set
of regulations. The Department of Education responded by deleting
almost the entire "final proposal" with a notable exception. Although
the Department appropriately changed the compulsory attendance age
made by SB18 and changes made by SB 337 (changed 30-day notice
requirement to 5 days), the Department inappropriately retained a
requirement that homeschoolers list the subjects they will teach in
their annual notice of intent. This language should be deleted since
it was the explicit language and intent of HB 406 to remove this
requirement for homeschoolers. This is one of the issues that
proponents of increased regulation have come back to time and again.
HSLDA believes it is an attempt by some in the Department of Education
to achieve through rule what the legislature has both explicitly
rejected (in HB 406) and implicitly rejected by refusing to reinstate
this requirement (SB337 and HB 367/368).

Even though the state Board appears to be amenable to the changes
proposed by homeschool leaders to delete the reference to the list of
subjects, there has been some confusion on the Board about whether
they ought to require this information or not. Therefore, we are
asking that you contact the Board and politely request that they make
those minimal changes and remove the requirement of a list of subjects
in the notification section.

You can see the proposed final proposal at
and the proposed homeschoolers proposal

Please take action, as requested below, to prevent an unnecessary
increase in government regulation.


Please contact your district's member of the State Board of Education
and at least one of the members representing the public at large
before April 14. Give them the following message in your own words:

"Thank you for serving on the State Board of Education and for your
work on the rule-making process for Home Education Rule 315. I have
reviewed the final proposed "minimalist" approach recommended by the
Department of Education. Please remove the requirement in
315.04(a)(3) of the proposed rules that would require homeschoolers to
include a list of subjects in their notification. This requirement
was explicitly removed from the home education law by HB 406 in 2006.
Furthermore, the legislature has chosen not to reinsert this
requirement on two occasions since then in SB 337 and HB 367/368. I
support the proposed changes made to the board by homeschool leaders
recommending placing the 5-day requirement in the first section of the
rule and removing the requirement for the list of subjects. Thank you
again for your support of home education in the Granite State."

There are five board members who represent each executive council
district and two members who represent the public at large. To find
out which district you live in visit
Contact information is below:

John E. Lyons, Jr., Chairman (At Large)
Office: (603) 431-5144
Home: (603) 430-9570

Fredrick J. Bramante, Jr. (At Large)
Home: (603) 868-5683
Office: (603) 623-7900

Helen G. Honorow (District 5)
Office: (603) 883-0474
Home: (603) 598-8433

Daphne A. Kenyon, Ph.D. (District 3)
Home: (603) 886-7207

Stephen R. L'Heureux (District 4)
Home: (603) 668-2708
Office: (603) 669-2256

Tom Raffio (District 2)
Home: (603) 715-2750
Office: (603) 223-1300

William D. Walker (District 1)

Thank you for your continued efforts to defend freedom in New

Standing with you,

Michael P. Donnelly, Esq.
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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