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HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter -- March 2010

HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter
March 2010 -- Summer Camps: Cool Possibilities

---[ Bright Against the Storm: A tale for our time ]------------------

Rekindle your hope and rejuvenate your vision of how you can stand
Bright Against the Storm. A heroic adventure story of love, treachery,
and coming of age, this is the first of four volumes in the deeply
satisfying - and deeply Christian - Epic of Karolan. Author Ari
Heinze was home-schooled (K-12) and is now a PhD astronomer.


Dear Friends,

It is a joy for us to be welcomed into your email box each month. We
trust that when you receive the newsletter, it is with a sense of
excitement to learn something new or to be encouraged. Please don't
dread opening the email while thinking, "Oh no. What else do I need to
add to my schedule?" or "What 'important' opportunity have we missed
out on during the high school years?"

As we share about summer camp opportunities, we encourage you to guard
against discouragement or comparison to others. These camps are merely
options, not requirements and are offered simply for your
consideration. You may feel inclined not to have your teens
participate in a summer camp; but, rather, choose to take the summers
off to unwind and relax--that's perfectly fine. If that is the case,
please pass this info on to others who may be interested.

Summer camps focus on many different areas--anything from fine arts to
civics to science to fun ... to name just a few. Keep this information
handy, and when the time is right, finances allow, and your teen is
motivated to attend a summer camp, it will give you a place to begin
researching the various choices.


Summer might seem a long way off, but the coming months will speed by.
It's helpful to start thinking about camps now. Dates will need to be
coordinated with your family's summer vacation, jobs, or planned
visits from relatives. Some camps offer a variety of dates, while
others are available only during one particular week each year. If
it's not possible for your teen to attend this summer, you can hold
those dates open for an upcoming year.

Fees for camps vary widely with the cost of some camps appearing, at
first glance, to be too expensive for your budget. See this as another
reason to plan ahead. Saving a few dollars each week and sending your
teen to camp next year is preferable to finding out about a camp the
week before it begins and not being able to afford registration. If
your teen has a part-time job, he could be expected to pay for part or
all of the expenses of the camp. This teaches good stewardship and
delayed gratification.

Maybe your children's friends would be interested in attending the
same camp. Sharing travel expenses or taking advantage of any group
discounts can defray some of the cost. If a group discount is not
currently offered, you could suggest that the camp consider adding
such a benefit--it wouldn't hurt.

We encourage parents to investigate camp opportunities thoroughly
(particularly in light of your personal values and your reasons for
having your teen attend). It is also important to take into account a
teen's maturity level--especially for overnight camps.

The following list is not exhaustive, but a sampling that hopefully
will provoke you to think about the many educational and enjoyable
opportunities that exist.


Patrick Henry College (PHC): Does your teen have an interest in
traditional camp activities while exploring an academic discipline
from a distinctively Christian worldview? PHC summer teen camps are
taught by PHC faculty and other experts and include field trips to
historic and U.S. government sites. Previous camps included the areas
of journalism, strategic intelligence, constitutional law, drama,
debate, music, and Kuck's camp for those with an interest in physics.
Campers receive a taste of college life as they stay in the college
dorms, attend chapel, and interact with current PHC students serving
as camp staff. Teens, ages 14-18, are welcome to participate. At PHC's
website,, you can access full
details about the 2010 camp offerings.

Generation Joshua iGovern: iGovern East (held on the Patrick Henry
Campus in Purcellville, VA) or iGovern West (outside of Colorado
Springs, CO) is a wonderful opportunity for your teen to experience
the steps involved in writing, defending, and passing legislation,
while learning about American politics from a Christian worldview.
Campers will also take part in a mock presidential election and hear
from well-known speakers.

iGovern camps are not all work and no play! iGovern East gives your
teen the special opportunity to visit and explore our nation's
beautiful capital during the camp's day trip into the city. They'll
visit the Capitol building, Smithsonian museums, Washington Monument,
and many other sites through this once-in-a-lifetime camp
experience. Specific to iGovern West, your teens will enjoy all types
of fun outdoor activities--archery, water fights, horseback riding,
and more.

JH Summer Wind: For students in the 9th-12th grades, JH Ranch's goal
is to build the teen's character and godly values through practical
applications during two weeks of various activities. The camp limits
the number of attendees, so you will want to register your teen early
to be assured a spot.

Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions: Wild West, Wilderness, and
Horsemanship camps are some of the options offered by Miracle Mountain
Ranch Missions. MMRM also has opportunities for teens (ages 16 and up)
who not only want to experience camp, but who are also looking for a
summer ministry where they will be challenged to develop leadership
skills. If your teen has a heart for the Lord and for children,
consider MMRM's "teens in training" program. Summer staff attends
training starting June 10 to prepare for seven weeks of summer camp

Positions include counselors, wranglers, horsemanship instructors,
vaulting instructors, and lifeguards.


During the school year, you may find it difficult to teach all of the
courses that you would like. If you have been meaning to include a
worldviews/apologetics course, a summer camp could lessen your course
load during the school year while providing your teen with the
information he needs to be knowledgeable and confident when
communicating his beliefs and values to others.

Summit Ministries offers young adults (ages 16-24) a two week camp
preparing them for college or the workforce where they'll face many
different ideas that are in conflict to a biblical worldview. They
will receive instruction in worldview analysis, apologetics and
leadership. Summit Ministries' camps are held in Colorado, Tennessee,
and Virginia.

Similarly, Worldview Academy Leadership Camp is for teens ages 13 and
up. Students learn about servant leadership, apologetics/evangelism,
and comparative worldviews. The six-day camp includes creative
activities, worship, and thought provoking seminars.


Science Camp: Teens interested in the sciences (especially careers in
the medical field: physical therapy, nursing, sports medicine,
forensics, etc.) may want to check out Homeschool Science Academy's
Anatomy and Physiology Camp. Geared to 9th-12th graders, teens will
enjoy hands-on experiments (including dissecting cow or sheep organs
and labs using human cadavers!) in a unique learning environment. The
camp is held in the Appalachian Mountains near Boone, NC.

Singing Anyone? Summer is a great time to have your teens take part in
the fine arts. Check out local opportunities with community theater or
art and music camps that may be offered for teens on college campuses.

If your teen wishes to combine the performing arts with sharing the
gospel, the Continental Singers touring group offers opportunities to
do just that as young adults take part in music missions, leadership
development, and performing arts' ministries.

Military Service Academies: Teens who are interested in attending one
of the military academies should investigate the summer seminars
offered for rising high school seniors. The purpose of these camps is
to provide teens a realistic view of cadet life. Each academy has its
own application requirements and registration deadlines. Because these
camps are very competitive, it is important to closely follow the
guidelines for admission and apply early.


Short Term Mission Trips: More and more mission organizations are
offering short term summer opportunities to teens and young adults.
Likely, your church offers a trip or two each summer for the youth.
Or, the mission's director may be able to link you up with mission
agencies your church supports. On our website, , we list a number of agencies
who cater specifically to youth who are interested in learning more
about a career in missions. Your teens will be stretched mentally,
physically, emotionally and spiritually through such an experience.
Many full-time missionaries caught the vision through such a summer

Word of Life Camps: For many years Word of Life has encouraged young
people in their relationship with God through relevant Bible teaching
and worship. Summer camps in New York and Florida combine this purpose
with many fun activities.


As we mentioned above, these suggestions are not exhaustive. In fact,
you likely know of or have experienced many wonderful camps in your
own areas. We've offered a wide spectrum of ideas hoping to trigger
your own investigations. Happy hunting! Just remember--it's not too
early to make these plans.

Our next newsletter will focus on foreign language for high school.
We'll look at options and courses of study to take into consideration
as you plan out the high school years.

With thoughts of camping out under the stars (without shivering),

Becky Cooke and Diane Kummer
HSLDA High School Coordinators

HSLDA High School Symposium, April 9, 2010
Registration now open!

Diane & Becky's speaking engagements:

Capital Baptist Church Homeschool Co-Op, Annandale, VA (Becky)
March 18, 2010

Remember the Reason...Renewing the Vision: A Homeschool Symposium
Carson City--March 26, 2010
Las Vegas--March 27, 2010

HSLDA Third Annual High School Symposium (Becky & Diane)
Friday, April 9, 2010
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April 23-24, 2010, Greenville, North Carolina (Becky)

Christian Family Schools of San Diego, CA (Diane)
May 7-8, 2010

Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama, Gallant, AL (Becky)
May 14-15, 2010

Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators, Des Moines, IA (Diane)
June 18-19, 2010

Valley Home Educators--Modesto, CA (Becky)
July 30-31, 2010

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