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Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--January/February 2010

Home School Foundation Report
A New Year to Bless Others

Friends of the Home School Foundation,

With a new year comes new challenges and new opportunities. We are
excited about how God is growing the Foundation and what we will see
Him do this coming year. Thank you for your continued prayer and
support. Even in this time of economic hardship, God is blessing the
Foundation and using us to bless more and more families.


Because You Helped

We continually receive letters and notes from homeschooling families
who have been blessed by our grants. Here are just a few notes from
grateful families that testify to the power of your gifts:

Thank you! The HSF Scholarship offered me some mental peace concerning
the monetary costs of going to Patrick Henry College. I personally did
not have enough money saved to assist my parents in financing my first
year of college. I knew that HSF was there assisting my family in
financing my freshman year at PHC. I am blessed to have the support of
HSF. --Zachariah B., Patrick Henry College Members Scholarship

A thank you seems so small for the generous gift you gave to our
family. Thank you so much for everything! --R. Family, Emergency

I just received a check from you that makes it possible for my son to
see a Reading Specialist, and I want to thank you for this tremendous
blessing! --Holly A., Special Needs Children Fund

I give thanks to the Lord for using generous people like you to make
homeschooling possible for us since the death of my husband. Every
time that we are studying together, we can see the blessing that
homeschooling is. I can't stop thanking the Lord for the life of each
person that has made possible this blessing in our lives. May the Lord
bless you exceedingly! --Marta A., Widows Fund

We just wanted to thank you for extending our HSLDA membership via the
Home School Foundation while my husband was laid off. It was such a
blessing to know that through the generosity of other homeschoolers,
we were still able to continue to be legally protected as we taught
our 5 children at home! While we were financially unable at the time
to renew our membership, we all agreed that as the funds become
available in the future, we would like to bless another family in
need. The Lord has provided my husband with a job, which he will be
starting in December! Thank you again & may God bless your ministry!
--H. Family, Members Helping Members Fund


Patrick Henry College Scholarship for HSLDA Members Accepting

The Patrick Henry College Scholarship for HSLDA members rewards
academic excellence and exemplary leadership through tuition
scholarships to Patrick Henry College , a Christian liberal arts
school located in Purcellville, Virginia.

We are accepting applications from February 15 through May 14 for the
2010 school year. Eligible students must be full-time freshmen at PHC
who are part of an HSLDA member family (who have been members for at
least four years), have a high school record of outstanding academic
achievement and community service, and need financial assistance. You
can find the application on our website .

If you are interested in donating to our PHC scholarship, please visit
our donation page .


A Sweet Deal for Your Valentine

This Valentine's Day, bless your sweetheart and needy families by
giving Family Favorites from the Homeschool Kitchen. Over 300
low-cost, flavorful recipes make mealtimes sweeter and simpler. And
from now until February 14, 2010, receive $2.00 off when you place
your order!

You can purchase the cookbook for yourself, and/or donate one to a
homeschooling widow or single parent the Home School Foundation
assists. Order yours today!
Note: Orders must be placed by Feb. 10 to receive in time for
Valentine's Day.

Proceeds from the cookbook will go to the Foundation. So you can
discover new dishes, enjoy the delightful stories, and help needy
homeschoolers at the same time.


Encouragement from a Single Mom: God will see you through

Homeschooling widow Stacy Saxton recently shared her story with the
Foundation in hopes of encouraging other homeschooling single parents
that God will see you through:

Looking back, I find it hard to believe that I've been a widowed,
single, homeschooling mom for almost 17 years. Only by the grace of

My husband, Don, was killed in a car accident when our second child
was just seven weeks old. I remember trying to wrap my mind around the
fact that I was 25, the mother of two, and widowed. Not possible, I
thought. But with a busy toddler and a newborn demanding my care, and
a wonderful supportive church, I began doing the only thing I
could--putting one foot in front of another and walking the path God
had placed me on.

It had always been Don's and my desire that we home educate our
children. So I began right away. When the younger, Timothy, was down
for naps, I would play letter games with my toddler Amanda--matching
capitals and lower case, practicing phonics. Amanda began reading at
3, Timothy by age 4. But homeschooling was still hard. Even though God
provided all we needed, (I was able to stay home for the first 10
years and managed on part-time jobs since then) emotionally, it was
still often draining.

I could not even begin to guess at the number of days I cried,
exhausted. The number of days I prayed, "God, you're their Father. DO
SOMETHING!" Many days I thought that I would have to give up, that I
could not do a good enough job, especially teaching my son. I did not
know any other single-parent homeschoolers. I thought I was the only
one crazy enough to attempt it.

But the rewards of His faithfulness! Both my children are walking with
the Lord. Having been sheltered during those formative years and shown
"a more excellent way" by a loving church family, they are not
struggling with the immaturity and poor choices so many other children
from single parent homes struggle with.

This year will be my last year as a homeschooling mother.
Surprisingly, it is proving to be the most difficult one, both
financially and emotionally. Often (daily?) I cry, often I beg women
at the church to pray for me, and often I sense my faithful God
reminding me that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

My fellow single moms, if I could tell you one thing I would say this:
It's OK to cry. It's even OK to cry in front of your children. Psalm
56:3 says, "When I am afraid I will trust in You." Hard times will
happen. But God "is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we
ask or think." In Him is victory!


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