From the HSLDA E-lert Service:


1/20/2010 3:41:47 PM
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HSLDA: Parental Rights Update from Michael Farris

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

HSLDA: Parental Rights Update from Michael Farris

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

In Minnesota, "Jaime" was shocked to learn she needed her 11-year-old
daughter's permission to access the daughter's medical records or
contact a physician about the girl's health. The doctor hides behind a
federal law as the justification for his action. "Lisa" in Colorado
learned that "to protect the privacy" of a 9-year-old's library
records, government librarians refused to tell her what books her
child had checked out (even though Lisa was being asked to pay the
overdue book fine)--an experience shared by "Nicole" in Maryland.

These examples demonstrate the urgent need for the Parental Rights
Amendment (PRA). Governments have an ever-increasing view of their
power to deal directly with children in exclusion of the parent.


In the past year, we've seen the PRA introduced in both houses of
Congress, securing 129 co-sponsors in the House and 6 in the U.S.
Senate. We have built a grassroots network throughout the country that
must continue to grow, fueling our support in Washington until the
Amendment passes. We have communicated loudly to Ambassador Susan Rice
and to the U.S. Senate that we do not want to see the UN's Convention
on the Rights of the Child ratified. And we have built the
behind-the-scenes infrastructure of our organization that has directed
this growth and will see us through to ultimate victory.

All of this has been made possible by the generous support of donors
willing to invest in this vital effort to preserve our children and
their freedoms by enshrining our freedoms in the text of the

Parents of 5-year-olds shouldn't have to fight a doctor or dentist,
because of federal privacy law, for the right to remain present while
their child undergoes an examination or receives care. Yet we have
received letters from "Megan" in California and from several others in
different states who have faced just such a challenge.

Many others find educational freedom to be an even greater challenge.
"Jenni and Dave" were frustrated when their Alabama school refused to
move their son out of a classroom that contained a bully and an
abusive teacher, even as their son's school performance dropped.
Sixteen-year-old "Kelly" in California was able to get a secret
abortion because her public school released her without parental
consent to have the procedure done. Mother "Monica" was shocked to
learn about all of this when she accidentally received the bill.

Even home education is not without problems, as the "Nelson" family in
New York learned. They were threatened with charges of educational
neglect simply because they opted not to use the public school at all,
though they followed the letter of the law to home educate their child
from the very beginning.


If we are to protect these rights and see our success continue in
2010, we know we need to increase our reach. But reaching a wider
audience will require more resources than we have had available so
far. To meet this need, we are looking for members to support this
vital effort.

Donors who give just $25 or
more in 2010 will become official Parental Rights Members and receive
two ParentalRights.Org decals and a pocket Constitution.

A Parental Rights Advocate is one who gives $100 or more in 2010.
Advocates will receive an official PRO mug in recognition of your

Parental Rights Delegates give $500 or more over the course of the
year, and will receive a bound portfolio embossed with the logo to show our appreciation.

Finally, Parental Rights Ambassadors are those who give $1,000 or more
in 2010. Ambassadors will receive, as a token of our appreciation, a
bound portfolio embossed with the ParentalRights.Org logo and engraved
with their name. Ambassadors will also be guaranteed a seat at our
Victory Banquet when the Parental Rights Amendment is finally ratified
in its thirty-eighth State, becoming a legal part of our Constitution.


These donations provide the funding to maintain and update our
informative website; to send out email newsletters and alerts to more
than 100,000 readers each week; to provide resources for local
chapters and individual volunteers; to lobby Congress; to coordinate
national lobby days and call-in days; to build relationships with and
promote our cause among other national organizations; to spearhead
Parental Rights resolutions at the State level; to provide up-to-date
information and parental rights news from around the nation and around
the world; and to provide the facilities and infrastructure necessary
to support the only national parental rights organization in the
country. No one else is doing what we do to halt ratification of the
CRC and to preserve families by securing the Parental Rights

Won't you please visit our website and consider which one-time
gift or monthly pledge is right for you? Our freedoms and those of
future generations depend on your generosity and our mutual commitment
to persevere until parental rights--and our children's futures--are

Thank you for all you have done and are doing to secure the Parental
Rights Amendment. We thank you, too, for your generous consideration
of this need. Together, we are protecting children by empowering
parents to make the best, most loving decisions for their sakes.

Gratefully yours,

Michael P. Farris, J.D.
HSLDA Chairman

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