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12/11/2009 1:59:10 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--November/December 2009

Home School Foundation Report

Friends of the Home School Foundation,

The holidays are upon us and the Home School Foundation is busier then
ever reaching families with the meaning of the season. Thank you for
helping us show God's faithfulness to His children this Christmas.


Because You Helped

We continually receive letters and notes from homeschooling families
who have been blessed by our grants. Every year around Christmas, we
send gifts specifically to the homeschool widows and single parents we
have helped over the past year. Each one who has prayed and/or given
is a part of the blessings. Here are just a few notes from grateful
mothers that testify to the power of your gifts:

I just wanted to write you today and encourage you that what you are
doing does make a difference. It was a low day for me today and
receiving your Christmas card and check was a reminder of just how
much Jesus loves my family and I. --Corissa F.

How do I find the words to say thank you, yet again? The check for
Christmas arrived this week. Before I could voice my concerns in
prayer, our needs have been met. One of the hard things I have found,
in this most difficult journey of widowhood, is that friends and even
family seem to forget or not think about our situation after a year or
two. But your support is proof that God will always holds us in His
hands. May God richly bless your organization and the generous
benefactors who make these gifts possible. They are not just monetary
help, really, they are a gift of hope. --Linda N.

What a lovely Christmas card and message. Thank you for remembering
us. You have no idea what an encouragement and blessing you have been
to our family over the years. God has been faithful as I've raised my
children these last 16 years since their father died. Your gift is a
special provision this year as my daughter has been ill and we've had
many medical bills. May the Lord bless your ministry as you bless so
many. --Karen H.

Our family is in awe of God's goodness to us. Thank you for being an
instrument of God by blessing our family this season! --Susan G.

Thank you for your generous gift! You are an encouragement to us that
God is still watching and caring for us as we seek His continuous
direction! May God bless you and all who gave! --Diane N.

My children and I want to thank the Home School Foundation for all you
are doing for us. We know this is a free gift to us, yet we also know
it is not free. Some prayed, some gave financially, and all those who
work on your staff. So much has been given for us and for so many
other families. This care and effort is all done so that we can
continue to homeschool. We want to thank each of you for your support
in all aspects of HSF. Thank you for your labor and love for our
family. Many of God's blessings to each of you and your families.
--Brenda J.


Give the Homeschool Cookbook!

This Christmas you can get your very own Homeschool Cookbook! Filled
with mouth-watering recipes and heartwarming stories from
homeschooling cooks of all ages, this colorful cookbook will brighten
your kitchen and delight your family for years to come.

You can purchase the cookbook for yourself, and/or donate one to a
homeschooling widow or single parent the Home School Foundation
assists. For a limited time only (through December 18), order two or
more cookbooks and receive $5 off each one! So order your book today
at .

Proceeds from the cookbook will go to the Foundation. So you can
discover new dishes, enjoy the delightful stories, and help needy
homeschoolers at the same time.


Give to HSF while Christmas Shopping: CLICKS for Homeschooling
Here's a great way to help homeschoolers any time you shop online:
purchase materials online from a company that gives to the Home School

All you have to do is go to Clicks for Homeschooling at and click on the link to the
store of your choice. Then you shop just like normal and the store
will track that you came from the Clicks site and give a percentage of
what you spend to the Foundation.

You don't pay any extra--all you have to do is go to the Clicks site
first, and the company you are buying from does the rest.

The Foundation has this Clicks affiliate agreement with dozens of
retailers including, Answers in Genesis, Family Christian
Stores, Rosetta Stone, Barnes and Noble, National Geographic, Staples,
and many, many others.

The Clicks program annually generates over $30,000 in donations to the
Foundation's Compassion Fund .


HSF on Facebook

The Home School Foundation is now on Facebook at . Join the growing number of
supporters online and stay in touch with what HSF is doing and ways
you can be involved.

You can also now link to the Home School Foundation on your blog or
website with our banners at .



Homeschoolopoly is the only homeschool board game in the world.
Designed for and by homeschoolers, it combines all the fun and
educational qualities of the old fashioned family favorite, while
celebrating the best of homeschooling.

Now HSLDA members can purchase the game for 25% off the retail price
and $1.05 of every game purchased is donated to the Home School
Foundation! Your entire family can have fun and give to other
homeschooling families in need at the same time.

Buy Homeschoolopoly now at .


Combined Federal Campaign Donations

You may not know that the Home School Foundation is a qualified
charity for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

If you are looking for a charity to designate donations for CFC, or
perhaps know a military family who would be interested, we hope you
will consider the Home School Foundation for the 2009-2010 campaign
and even pass the word along to others. The number of families
applying to us for help grows every year and it is only through
donations from compassionate homeschooling families that we are able
to help them.

Thank you for considering the Home School Foundation for your
designated CFC giving. Our CFC number is 10535.


Christmas Card Contest Blesses Widows and Single Parents

Every year the Home School Foundation sends Christmas Cards to the
widows and single parents who have received assistance from the
Foundation. This Christmas season, we hosted a special contest to give
homeschoolers an opportunity to design the artwork for the Christmas
greeting cards. We had three categories and many beautiful entries.
Thank you everyone who participated. Go to our website to see the


Art Contest to Help Special Needs Children Approaching

As you may know, the proceeds from the contests HSLDA sponsors
throughout the year go to help the Home School Foundation's Special
Needs Fund.

Consequently, we want to promote these opportunities for homeschool
students to develop their skills and abilities. You can help us by
encouraging your family and friends to participate and get the word
out about the upcoming art contest for homeschool students. We
greatly appreciate your partnership in this project that promotes
excellence and blesses the needy!

Submission dates are January 1 through February 1 2010. To see the
guidelines and entry form, please go to:

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