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9/9/2009 11:59:04 AM
Home School Legal Defense Association
California--Family Protection Ministries Urgently Needs Support

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

California--Family Protection Ministries Urgently Needs Support

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Family Protection Ministries (FPM) is in critical need of increased
financial support in order to continue their work in the California
Legislature, now and through the fall. It is going to be tight for
FPM to meet all their limited expenses and payroll this month and
these next few months. The downturn in the economy has taken its toll
on nearly every nonprofit organization in the nation. Several donors
to FPM have either had their incomes reduced or lost their jobs. Our
prayers are with them.

This comes at a time when the victory which we gained in the
monumental California In re Jonathan L case last year is vulnerable to
the possibility of the Legislature regulating homeschooling as a
result of the following comment made by the court: "Given . . . the
absence of any express . . . regulation framework for homeschooling in
California, additional clarity . . . would be helpful." If the
Legislature did this, they could eliminate the level of freedom we
currently enjoy in California.

FPM is the only organization with a full-time presence in Sacramento
dedicated to protecting the freedoms of both private homeschooling and
parental rights in the California Legislature.

HSLDA has been partnering with Family Protection Ministries for more
than 25 years to advance and protect your freedoms in California to
teach your children at home. Roy Hanson, Jim Davis, and Nathan Pierce
of FPM are our eyes and ears and "troops on the ground" in Sacramento.

They work hard against incredible odds and massive opposition in an
increasingly hostile Legislature. Yet, God continues to bless their
hard work and dedication with the amazing result of a continued 100%
preservation of our homeschool freedoms!

Both before, during and after our successful court case last year,
Family Protection Ministries (FPM) has been leading the fight for us
in the California Legislature to successfully prevent and stop several
plans to introduce legislation that would have resulted in
unacceptable and burdensome regulation of homeschooling.

In addition, Family Protection Ministries has led the charge to
successfully defeat horrible bills over the last several years which
would have significantly reduced your freedom.

The following defeated bills would have:

(1) Sent parents to jail for homeschooling;

(2) Sent good parents to prison for non-abusively spanking their child
as a means of discipline;

(3) Added "educational neglect" as a category of child abuse, giving
social workers power to investigate your homeschool and possibly take
your children from you;

(4) Mandated mental health examinations for every Californian every
three years;

(5) Required at-risk screening and intrusive homes visitations of
newborn babies;

(6) Added a state daytime curfew law;

(7) Lowered the compulsory school attendance to age 5 and introduce
mandatory kindergarten;

(8) Added habitual truancy as a new category of child abuse, resulting
in CPS social workers investigating homeschoolers; and

(9) Required regular inspections of bathrooms of all schools,
including homeschools.

Some of these defeated proposals are reintroduced almost every
legislative session. We need Family Protection Ministries' leadership
to stop bills like these every session. FPM is constantly monitoring
thousands of bills and working behind the scenes on bills that could
affect private homeschoolers.

We must ensure that Family Protection Ministries has the proper
resources to be able to continue to monitor all new and amended
legislation and to be able to mount an effective opposition to
dangerous legislation. In order for FPM to survive, they need an
additional $15,000, which is roughly equivalent to an increase in
average monthly giving of about $1,200 per month.

I know Roy, Jim, and Nathan personally and work with them closely on a
regular basis. They are committed to God and the ministry He has
given them. They are well respected as competent professionals among
those with whom they work. God has given Roy Hanson, Jim Davis, and
Nathan Pierce expertise and experience, along with strategic
legislative contacts to equip them for this unique work of
successfully preventing and eliminating dangerous legislation and
getting good legislation passed.

FPM must invest their resources and time in developing and maintaining
important relationships with dozens of organizations, hundreds of
families, and 120 legislative offices. Without FPM's past and current
efforts, we would be living under the oppression of a highly
regulatory homeschool law.

Family Protection Ministries is funded solely by tax-deductible
donations from homeschool families in California. Without our giving,
FPM will not exist, and home education will be at the peril of the
state. We must have FPM's presence in Sacramento to protect our

I am asking you to give sacrificially and generously today to ensure
our continued freedom to homeschool in California. FPM needs both new
regular monthly support and one-time gifts. For those of you who are
already giving regularly to FPM, I thank you and ask you to please
consider giving an extra amount at this time. Please also consider
forwarding this request onto other homeschoolers. Those who give $40
or more each calendar year will receive FPM's newsletter on a
complimentary basis.

Make your tax-deductible gift payable to FPM, and mail it today to:

P.O. Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648-0730

Roy, Jim, and Nathan need your help now!

Thank you for your consideration of FPM's urgent need as they work
diligently to protect our freedoms. Your freedoms as you know them
today depend upon having a strong voice in Sacramento to keep the
liberal Legislature from imposing their radical views on home
education and families.

God Bless,

Mike Smith
President, HSLDA

-> Who are the nation's best lobbyists?

We don't know that this has ever been determined; but we do know
that HSLDA's Federal Relations Department is the only
national organization lobbying on behalf of homeschoolers on
Capitol Hill.

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