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7/9/2009 10:28:42 AM
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HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter--July 2009

HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter--July 2009
Spice it Up--Interesting Courses for Your Teen's Program

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Dear Friends,

It's time again to finalize next school year's plan for your teen. How
time flies! If you had the opportunity to attend your state's
homeschool convention and visit the vendor hall, you saw an exciting
array of resources from which to choose. Or, as you researched course
options on the internet, we're sure you found many neat ideas.

This month we are highlighting some electives which may not only spice
up your plan, but also motivate your teens to enjoy learning. As we
mentioned in the October 2008 newsletter, "electives are considered
part of the academic course load that makes up your teen's high school
program. They are evaluated and awarded credit and then included on a
high school transcript. An elective is a course that is not required,
but a course that your teen opts to take." In addition, these courses
may augment one of the core courses (English, math, science, history,
foreign language) in your program or teach a skill beneficial to your
teen's future plans.

In light of the above definition, here are some interesting courses
listed on our website. Maybe one or more of them will intrigue you and
your student.

Social Studies

Some students enjoy history, especially the ancient variety. If that
is the case, then an interactive course in archeology may introduce
them to a possible career or further develop an existing hobby. The
Lukeion Project, , provides
courses (some of which are live from archeological sites and digs)
where the student feels as if he is actually experiencing the
discoveries being made. The Lukeion Project also leads family tours to
ancient sites, so you may want to check out next year's vacation now!

If current events interest your teen, you may want to develop an
elective course that gives your teen time to read World magazine (be sure to take advantage of
the subscription discount offered to HSLDA members ). Add to this reading the
helpful ideas, tips, and free weekly quiz offered by the Student News
Daily website. (Student News
Daily will resume weekly postings in the fall.) Student News Daily
also provides background on news items and tips on analyzing news
articles for bias.

For American history electives check out the Generation Joshua online
courses on topics such as the Federalist Papers or the Founding
Documents. Although these
courses are not to be considered as core academic courses, they are
wonderful options that may be bundled together to create an
educational elective providing your teen with the ability to study a
narrow slice of history in depth.

Maybe stargazing is your family's pastime. If so, offering an
astronomy course will provide credit for doing what your teen enjoys.
We list a classical astronomy course,, on our website in the
individual subject curriculum section which was developed by a
homeschool parent. It is advertised to provide you the opportunity to
"follow the celestial bodies, and to find the bright visible planets
in the night sky--all from your own backyard."

Business and Finance

Today there are a growing number of entrepreneurs among homeschoolers.
For these students, taking a course in business, , or accounting, , while in high school will
help them to better jumpstart their own businesses. Of course, they
will also need knowledge of finance,, so adding an elective in this
area will be beneficial.

Whether or not your son or daughter will begin a business, it's
important in our economy to know how to live within one's means and
how to become an educated investor. The Lord teaches us the necessity
to use His resources wisely. So when considering how to use money
appropriately, there are interesting and interactive courses available
for homeschoolers. The Stock Market Game @ Home, , provides students with a
virtual portfolio to learn the ins and outs of investing. An addendum
to this course could be the Motley Fool, , the website's School of
Investing as well as its other investment tips.

In addition, your teen can benefit from a personal financial
management course such as Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal
Finance. This curriculum
covers savings, investments, dangers of debt, consumer awareness and
many other topics that build valuable life skills. We recommend that
you purchase the bonus chapter which provides the biblical perspective
of personal finances.

If your teen is thinking about majoring in economics,, then taking such a course
during high school may confirm if this is truly the direction he or
she wishes to go.


Computer literacy is necessary whether your teen goes to college, into
the marketplace, the military, or remains in the home. Since many
teens today type text messages using mainly their thumbs, a
keyboarding course , will be
helpful to teach them to use a full-size keyboard more efficiently.
Many computer applications can be learned free through internet sites. However, if your teen wishes
to pursue a career in computers, offering a more in-depth course
during high school will allow him to begin acquiring skills to include
on his resume. There are courses , from learning the basics, to
computer languages, to programming.

Fine Arts

Homeschoolers have a growing opportunity to impact culture for good by
using their God-given artistic talents. One area that is particularly
receiving attention is the filmmaking industry. Does your teen hanker
after learning how to take an idea, write a screenplay, and then film
it? If so, Vision Forum's filmmaking course, , may provide such an outlet.

Industrial Arts

On the other hand, you may have a teen who really enjoys constructing
or repairing items around the house. Learning skills in carpentry,
woodworking, or repairing small engines will be put to use no matter
what your child does as an adult. Having a handy husband (or wife)
will be a blessing for a spouse some day! Courses with step-by-step instructions
that you, the parent, can teach are available for homeschoolers. You
may even surprise yourself in discovering a new area of interest.


Is God calling your child into full-time ministry? You can help your
teen while in high school to prepare for Bible school or seminary by
offering courses in public speaking, , church history, , or even Greek, .

We trust that this sampling of courses will ignite a brainstorming
session with your teen as you choose a course or two to spice up the
new school year. Remember, though, to limit the number of electives in
any one year so as not to interfere with completing the core courses

Since August is the month many families either begin their new school
year or are feverishly preparing to do so, our next newsletter will
provide you with information on a variety of tests that you may want
to investigate for your teen including the PLAN, PSAT, SAT, SAT
Subject Tests, ACT, Compass, and Explore tests.

In the meantime...

We're adding sunshine and cheer to our days,

Becky Cooke & Diane Kummer
HSLDA High School Coordinators

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