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Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--May/June 2009

Home School Foundation Report
Friends of the Home School Foundation,

Families are already gearing up for a new school year, and with the
current economy that means we are busier than ever helping families
continue homeschooling their children. Part of this job includes
making sure homeschoolers are aware of ways they can help those in
need that fit within their own financial situation: be it buying a
cookbook, using a particular search bar when internet browsing, or
even creating beautiful artwork for our Christmas cards for homeschool
widows and single parents.


Because You Helped

Each one who has prayed and/or given is a part of the blessings. Here
are just a few notes from grateful homeschooling parents that testify
to the power of your gifts:

A homeschooling single mom writes:

Please accept our deepest, heartfelt gratitude for the grant we
recently received from the Home School Foundation. My son and I truly
appreciate the foundation's generosity to us and we hope and pray that
many other single parent families will benefit from the program as we
have today. With the economy so unstable, this grant will keep us
going, and we sincerely appreciate it. --Paulette M.

A homeschooling widow we helped wrote us:

Becoming a widow is a hard thing to even imagine--until it happens, it
is hard to comprehend. It is the hardest thing I have ever been called
to do, and that includes homeschooling a special needs child. Day
after day, month after month, God proves Himself over and over. He has
met every need, sometimes very creatively! After having lived this for
two years now, not even the current economic crisis scares me. Thank
you for everything you do. You bring help and hope in ways I am not
sure you can really comprehend. You help bring peace to minds that may
otherwise struggle between buying groceries and saving for school
books. --Kimberly I.

A mother homeschooling her special needs children:

We are so very grateful to HSF for the emotional and financial support
you have shown to our family in providing the Special Needs Children's
Fund award to assist us in paying for our son's educational
evaluation. Thank you very, very much for your generosity. You
mentioned in your letter that children are a gift from God. The
Foundation is a gift from God as well. We appreciate so much your
partnering with the Lord in demonstrating His care for our family.
--Vicki R.

A homeschool family we helped through our emergency fund said:

Thank you so much! We cannot wait to get started on our basement
repair! And I can now purchase school materials for this year. What a
blessing from God! --M.


HSF Christmas Card Contest

Every year the Home School Foundation sends Christmas cards to widows
and single parents who have received assistance from the Foundation.
This Christmas season the Home School Foundation is hosting its second
Christmas Card Contest, which gives homeschoolers an opportunity to
design the artwork for the Christmas greeting card (drawings or
photography are allowed).

This contest is for homeschool students OR teachers 15 years old and
up. The Home School Foundation will be using the winners of this
contest for its Christmas greeting cards this coming Christmas and is
looking for elegant, creative, artwork.

Please see our website for complete guidelines and a list of the
themes .

Submissions must be emailed to by August 1, 2009.


Grant Season

Grants we give...
One of the early summer events the Foundation takes on annually is to
help fund projects from groups who want to minister to their local
homeschooling communities. Last year, we gave out around $70,000 to
various homeschooling groups, most of which are affiliated with HSLDA
through their Discount Group Program. Please pray that our grants
this year will be used effectively to minister God's grace to the less
fortunate within local homeschool communities all across the country.

Grants we are seeking...
As a part of our funding efforts, the Foundation seeks grants from
other private foundations whose missions overlap ours. For instance,
we have projects that are primarily educational in nature, and there
are other foundations who share an interest in helping us fund these
projects. Therefore, we design a grant application that requests
funding from them. Please pray that God will give us favor as we
reach out to some of these foundations. And if you know of
foundations that might share our vision, or likeminded foundation
board members, please let us know and we will be delighted to share
with them the opportunities for becoming involved with HSF.


Give the Homeschool Cookbook: Family Favorites from the Homeschool

Filled with mouth-watering recipes and heartwarming stories from
homeschooling cooks of all ages, "Family Favorites from the Homeschool
Kitchen" will brighten your kitchen and delight your family for years
to come.

You can purchase the cookbook for yourself, a loved one, and/or make a
donation of one to a homeschooling widow the Home School Foundation
assists. We have received several letters of thanks from some of the
widows who received a cookbook and it is a joy to see how much such a
simple token can encourage someone. One widow said:

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the homeschool cookbook I
received through the generosity of the Homeschool Foundation. What a
wonderful surprise! It brought tears to my eyes reminding me of how
my late husband would often surprise me with gifts and tokens of his
love and appreciation. You couldn't possibly know how much things
like this mean to me. In the world as it is today, it helps keep my
faith in mankind. HSLDA and the Homeschool Foundation are truly a
blessing to our family!

Proceeds from the cookbook will go to the Foundation. Go here to find out how to order your


HSF on Facebook

The Home School Foundation is on Facebook! Join the growing number of
supporters online and stay in touch with what HSF is doing and ways
you can be involved here .

You can also now link to the Home School Foundation on your blog or
website with our banners, found here .


Donate Without Opening Your Checkbook

Now you can give to the Home School Foundation just by searching the
web! Simply add Good Search to your toolbar. Good Search is powered by
Yahoo, so you search the web just the same, only every search earns
$0.01 for HSF. Simply go to Good Search, select the Home School
Foundation, and search as usual.


CLICKS for Homeschooling: Give While You Shop

Here's a great way to help homeschoolers any time you shop online:
purchase materials online from a company that gives to the Home School

All you have to do is go to Clicks for Homeschooling (under the "Resources and
Shopping" tab at our home page: and click on the link
to the store of your choice. Then you shop just like normal and the
store will track that you came from the HSLDA site and give a
percentage of what you spend to the Foundation.

You don't have to pay any extra--all you have to do is go to the HSLDA
Clicks site first and the company you are buying from does the rest.

The Foundation has an affiliate agreement with dozens of retailers
including, Answers in Genesis, Family Christian Stores,
Rosetta Stone, Barnes and Noble, National Geographic, Staples, and
many, many others.

Last year our Clicks program generated over $33,000 in donations to
the Foundation's Compassion Fund.


Upcoming Photo Contest Helps Special Needs Children

As you may know, the proceeds from the contests HSLDA sponsors
throughout the year go to help the Home School Foundation's Special
Needs Fund.

Consequently, we want to promote these opportunities for homeschool
students to develop their skills and abilities. The photography
contest is coming up with submission dates of July 1-August 1. You can
find the themes/rules online at:

You can help us by encouraging your family and friends to participate
and get the word out about upcoming contests for homeschool students.
We greatly appreciate your partnership in this project that promotes
excellence and blesses the needy!
You can find information about upcoming contests on HSLDA's contest
webpage: .

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