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6/8/2009 5:09:02 PM
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HSLDA: Support a College that Supports Your Values

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Dear HSLDA members and friends,

As homeschooling parents, you recognize how important the peer group
can be in shaping values. Many colleges claim to have an authentic
Christian worldview. But it is interesting to see what this looks
like in practice.

Consider the implications of the following survey. The Higher
Education Research Institute (which is affiliated with the UCLA
Graduate School of Education), conducts a regular survey of hundreds
of colleges and universities. The research program is called the
Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP).

Patrick Henry College participates in this program along with a number
of other self-identified evangelical colleges, and an even greater
number of self-identified religious schools.

PHC received study results comparing these three groups of entering

> PHC students
> Students from 11 evangelical colleges
> Students from all religious colleges

The other 11 evangelical colleges in the survey were: Bethel
University, Biola University, Geneva College, Gordon College, Houghton
College, Indiana Wesleyan University, King College (Tenn), Master's
College, Northwestern College, Seattle Pacific College, and Union

Here are some of the more interesting comparisons:

Were you homeschooled?

PHC 91%
Evangelical 8%
Religious 2%

Do you believe that you are "above average" in spirituality?

PHC 89%
Evangelical 66%
Religious 45%

Time spent studying in high school (11 hours+ per week)

PHC 62%
Evangelical 25%
Religious 23%

Characterize political views as conservative or far right?

PHC 98%
Evangelical 59%
Religious 29%

Believe that dissent is a critical component of the political process?

PHC 92%
Evangelical 62%
Religious 65%

Military spending should be increased?

PHC 62%
Evangelical 33%
Religious 26%

A national health care plan is needed?

PHC 4%
Evangelical 52%
Religious 65%

Federal government should do more to control gun sales?

PHC 4%
Evangelical 62%
Religious 70%

Global warming should be a federal priority?

PHC 2%
Evangelical 47%
Religious 70%

Same-sex couples should have the right to legal marital status?

PHC 0%
Evangelical 18%
Religious 59%

Is it "essential" or "very important" to:

Influence social values?

PHC 93%
Evangelical 56%
Religious 47%

Keep up-to-date with political affairs?

PHC 86%
Evangelical 32%
Religious 41%

Influence the political structure?

PHC 75%
Evangelical 15%
Religious 21%

Become a community leader?

PHC 59%
Evangelical 36%
Religious 37%

Become well-off financially?

PHC 24%
Evangelical 43%
Religious 62%

Student estimates that chances are "very good" that he will:

Discuss course content outside of class?

PHC 93%
Evangelical 56%
Religious 53%

Communicate regularly with professors?

PHC 86%
Evangelical 56%
Religious 53%

As this detailed look at a number of indicators reveals, there is a
significant difference in values between PHC students compared to
those from other evangelical and religious colleges.

This difference in values comes from PHC's close and long-standing
association with the Christian homeschooling movement.

When Patrick Henry College wins the national Moot Court Championship
(as it has done three times in the last five years), it helps shape
the reputation of homeschooling among other colleges and law schools.
Other institutions are aware that over 90% of our students have been

When PHC students excel in their internships on Capitol Hill (and we
get frequent letters of praise to the effect that our students are
"the best ever"), this helps shape the reputation of homeschooling on
Capitol Hill. Hill staffers are aware that over 90% of our students
have been homeschooled.

When a new college composed primarily of homeschoolers is selected as
one of the top colleges in the world at a Model United Nations
competition, the reputation of homeschoolers is advanced all over the

Because of the economic crisis our country is facing, PHC has
experienced a significant reduction in giving from some of its most
faithful supporters. The stock market crash severely hurt many who
give from such resources. The number of our small and medium donors is
greater than we have seen for several years. But for PHC to survive
these tough times, we need even more people who will invest small-to
medium-sized gifts. Yes, gifts of $25, $50, or $100 really do matter.
And some can give $1,000 or more.

Many organizations need extra help these days.

Why should you consider PHC at this time?

> PHC is connected to homeschooling
> PHC has a distinctive biblical worldview
> PHC students are more motivated to lead the nation

We receive no government aid. If PHC is to avoid incurring
significant debt, we need your help at this time. To donate online
visit .

Please prayerfully consider what your family could do to help ensure
that there is at least one college that is training leaders who fully
share your values.

For Christ and For Liberty,

Michael Farris
HSLDA Chairman

-> How many of your friends would pay your legal fees?

As a member of HSLDA, you have 80,000 families standing with you
to protect and advance homeschool freedoms in the United States
and foreign countries.

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