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7/25/2008 3:47:36 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--June/July 2008

Home School Foundation Report

June/July 2008

Friends of the Home School Foundation,

For many, summer represents a break from the routine. That's true for
us as well. However, those warm breezes also carry new opportunities
and challenges for us to face. One of our summertime challenges is
how to provide the right level of encouragement and support that will
effectively help families press on for another school year. For many,
the desire is there; they sense God has called them to it, but they're
often not optimistic about having the resources to do it well. Thank
you for your prayers and support as we seek to minister God's grace to
so many families who come to us for help.

Because You Helped

We continually receive letters and notes from homeschooling families
who have been blessed by our grants. Each one who has prayed and/or
given is a part of the blessings.
Here are just a few that testify to the power of your gifts:

"Thank you so much for helping us out this year! It is a great relief
to know that I can continue educating my daughter without going into
debt to do it. This grant allows me to use a curriculum that lends
itself to my rigorous work schedule and puts me in a position to save
for next year!" -- Erika G.

"Finding that check in the mail was so encouraging! Everyone has a
story. Most people struggle at some point. Being a single parent
brings its own set of struggles, of course, and homeschooling my two
sons has proved to be one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced. I
believe my sons' spiritual well-being, not to mention their
psychological well-being, might very well depend on it, however.... I
am convinced that God wants my sons to be homeschooled. Your help has
reminded me that God will provide." -- Cathy H.

"It has been such a privilege and blessing to be able to homeschool my
children. The time with them is going so fast.... We have seen how God
has given us grace to do what he has called us to do through our years
of homeschooling. We were not expecting so much help this year...
thank you for giving so generously; this has given us so much
encouragement to see how the Lord provides for our homeschooling
needs. I see it as the hand of God caring for the fatherless and the
widows. His faithfulness is new every morning." -- Lisa B.

"Words don't begin to express how grateful we are for your assistance.
I can't thank you enough for your generous grant. Your assistance has
made it possible to continue to address the special needs of my
children. As parents we have the opportunity and responsibility to
help our children reach their full potential. You grant has helped
make this possible." -- Jager N.

HSF Annual Report Online

The 2007-2008 Fiscal Year was significant in that we were able to
provide more help than ever before!

In the face of difficult economic times across the country, the Home
School Foundation has been blessed to still be able to help so many
families, and we are amazed to see how many people still want to give
to those in need. Widows, single parents, and families with special
needs children are especially feeling the economic strain, but our
gracious donors have allowed us to step up and help bear the load.

It is a humbling and exhilarating thing to be used as an instrument of
God's provision. Thank you for being a part of our ministry to support
parents as they strive to honor the Lord in the way they train and
educate their children.

To get a glimpse of what God has done in the homeschool community
through the Foundation this year, view the HSF Annual Report at .

Help Available for Flood Victims

In light of the devastation caused by flooding in the mid-west states,
the Home School Foundation would like to remind you that our Emergency
Fund stands ready to quickly respond to the financial needs of
homeschooling families experiencing this sudden crisis.

Our Emergency Fund can help replace curriculum and other homeschooling
items lost because of the floods. The fund also provides relief for
some of the immediate needs of affected homeschooling families.

If you are in need or are aware of any homeschooling families in need
of relief, please have them contact us at or (540) 338-8688.

Launching New Programs of Service

This summer, HSF is launching two trial programs in the states of
Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Their purpose is to
reach even more families who don't know the help and support available
for them in the homeschool community and give families a chance to
start their children on a journey of quality education at home.

The Right Choice Program is designed to help remove some of the
financial burden from young, struggling families who want to start
homeschooling. The program is designed to work through referrals from
homeschooling support groups to find new families entering
homeschooling and to provide them with the basic educational resources
they need to begin homeschooling.

The Ambassadors Program is another test program aimed at bringing
together volunteers in the three trial states. These ambassadors would
represent HSF in their communities by providing information about the
Foundation to those in need, explaining the mission of the Foundation
to donors, and by providing local homeschool families opportunities to

Please pray for the success of these two unique programs, that God
would use them as He sees fit to bring hope and blessing to the
homeschool community.

Grant Season

Grants we give...
One of the annual early summer events the Foundation takes on each
year is to help fund projects by groups who want to minister to their
local homeschooling communities. Last year, we gave out around
$80,000 to various homeschooling groups, most of which are affiliated
with HSLDA through their Discount Group Program. Please pray that our
grants this year will be used effectively to minister God's grace to
the less fortunate within homeschool communities across the country.

Grants we are seeking...
As a part of our funding efforts, the Foundation seeks grants from
other private foundations whose missions overlap ours. For instance,
we have projects that are primarily educational in nature, and there
are other foundations who share an interest in helping us fund these
projects. Therefore, we design a grant application that requests
funding from them. Please pray that God will give us favor as we
reach out to some of these foundations. And if you know of
foundations that might share our vision, or likeminded foundation
board members, please let us know and we will be delighted to share
with them the opportunities for becoming involved with HSF

Christmas Card Contest Deadline Approaching

Every year the Home School Foundation sends Christmas Cards to those
who have received assistance from us. This Christmas Season the Home
School Foundation is hosting a special contest which gives
homeschoolers an opportunity to design the artwork for the Christmas
greeting card.

This contest is for either home-educated students (ages 15 and up) or
homeschool teachers. (Adults are welcome to submit entries!) We are
looking for elegant, creative, artwork.
For information on how to enter, please visit .
The deadline is August 1, so get your entries in!

Photo Contest to Help Special Needs Children Deadline Approaching

As you may know, the proceeds from the contests HSLDA sponsors
throughout the year go to help the Home School Foundation's Special
Needs Fund.

Consequently, we want to promote these opportunities for homeschool
students to develop their skills and abilities. Would you help us?
You can do so by encouraging your family and friends to participate
and get the word out about the upcoming photography contest for
homeschool students. We greatly appreciate your partnership in this
project that promotes excellence and blesses those less fortunate!

The deadline is August 1. Students must submit a photo with one of the
following Fruits of the Spirit as their theme:

Category 1 (students ages 7-11): Gentleness
Category 2 (students ages 12-15): Faithfulness
Category 3 (students ages16-19): Self-control

For contest rules, entry fees and entry forms:

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