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3/7/2008 4:54:41 PM
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HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter -- March 2008

HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter:
A Treasure Trove of High School Help
Dear Friends,

If it's true that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,
we hope that this March newsletter doesn't find you in an uproar! But
if it has, we want to encourage you to keep going, and to remember
that the time you are investing with your teen is time well spent.

This month we'd like to take you on a treasure hunt. HSLDA created its
Homeschooling Thru High School website almost three years ago, and
since its inception, the website has grown tremendously. Because you
are busy homeschooling parents, many of you may not have kept up with
all the new additions. Before you spend precious time researching
answers to some of your high school questions, join us as we draw
attention to the trove of items we've discovered for you. With the
time you save, read the book you've been waiting to begin or maybe
surprise your spouse with a rendezvous at the local coffee shop!

The high school section of HSLDA's website is
divided into four sections. Only a few selected features in each
section are highlighted below, but we hope this recap enables you to
quickly find information that interests you. Keep this newsletter
handy as a ready guide and as a reminder to do future exploring on
your own.

You Can Do It!

The You Can Do It section of the website is a great place to begin if
you are in the midst of deciding whether or not high school at home is
the best option for your teen. The Frequently Asked Questions give short, concise answers to
the questions many homeschoolers have as they consider teaching their
teens. You'll find great insights from Elizabeth Smith, wife of HSLDA
President Michael Smith, as she lays out reasons to homeschool your
teen. And, for those of you
who have been homeschooling many years, and are on the verge of giving
up (!), check out the many encouragement articles we've found that
will give you new inspiration.
The You Can Do It section is a great link to pass on to newer
homeschooling families--it will answer many of the questions they
usually ask you.

Before High School

New as well as veteran homeschoolers will find the Before High School section helpful for assisting
with questions on getting started, curriculum, and testing.
Sometimes, having a starting place to investigate resources is the
difference between becoming discouraged and being excited about
curriculum possibilities. We've collected information on curriculum
options in 21 different subject areas , options for online courses and various correspondence
schools . There is also a large
section detailing information on the various tests homeschoolers may
be interested in taking--achievement, college entrance (such as the
PSAT, SAT, and ACT), AP, CLEP, GED, and even career tests .

During High School

Once you've begun to homeschool during the high school years, you'll
find that a new set of questions crop up. But once again, knowing
where to find help makes the job of teaching at home easier. In the
During High School section of
the website, we've gathered together information on transcripts
(including samples); HSLDA
attorneys have answered your questions about homeschool diplomas; we provide help on how to
evaluate credit; and we even go beyond the
academics supplying you with tips on extracurricular activities,
sports, summer camps to attend, and much more.

As another example of ideas to consider when going beyond the
academics, take a peek at the resource and checklist we put together
detailing important life skills to teach your teens as you prepare
them for the next season of their lives.

After High School

Whether your child is planning to go to college, enter the workforce,
take a year off, or enlist in the military, the After High School
section will point you in the
right direction as you assist your teen with post-high school plans.

The college sub-section provides resources to answer questions
regarding admissions,
explaining dual enrollment,
demystifying college financial aid, and beginning the college
search You'll even find
resources to help you prepare your teen spiritually for college. .

For those of you with teens who plan to go off to work following high
school graduation, the vocation section supplies you with links to
apprenticeship information,
resume and interview tips, and
trade school sources if more training is needed to prepare for a

If your child is considering the military, we salute you! This
section provides you with info
regarding the military's homeschool policy, articles describing the
achievement of former homeschool graduates in the military, and
recruitment details to keep in mind .

But what if your child could use another year after high school
graduation to mature or to spend time thinking about his future plans?
If that's the case, a transition or gap year may be a consideration.
We've collected ideas for things to do during a transition year along with a list of resources
that may be helpful.


If you would like a library of high school helps right in the comfort
of your own home, check out the resources section of the website where we
topically list over 30 different categories such as time management,
learning styles, parent/teen/family relationships, and many more. In
addition, opportunities for high schoolers are listed by state.


Our children thought we were pretty cool when they found out that we
had a blog! We post weekly
entries highlighting new resources we've reviewed, scholarships open
to homeschoolers, ways to be frugal, where to find SAT essay writing
assistance, etc. In short, these entries are items we would share with
you over the backyard fence if we were your neighbor! Since all of
our entries are kept in the archives, take a couple of minutes and see
what you may have missed.

Whew! We know we've painted with a large brush in this newsletter,
but we wanted to give you an idea of the broad scope of high school
information available to you.

Join us next month as we share some thoughts and suggestions for
teaching high school science courses at home. Until then, happy
hunting as you search through the valuable gems on the HSLDA
Homeschooling Thru High School website!

Becky and Diane
HSLDA High School Coordinators

HSLDA High School Symposium

Join Becky and Diane as they present seminars designed to help
families homeschool through the high school years. This symposium is a
one-day training session specifically directed to parents who are in
the midst of teaching high school or considering the option.
Registration is now open, and space is limited.


Do you know that HSLDA members receive discounts from Perx providers?

Check out providers offering high school help such as:
Select Choice which offers live online courses for PSAT/SAT/ACT test
preparation and Highlands
Company which provides online career assessment tests

Becky and Diane's speaking engagements

March 28, 2008--HSLDA High School Symposium in Purcellville, VA
(Becky and Diane)

April 5, 2008 - Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers Conference

May 2-3, 2008 Long Island, NY Loving Education at Home (LEAH)

May 9 - 10, 2008--Christian Home Education Association of Pennsylvania
(Becky and Diane)

May 30-31, 2008--ENOCH of New Jersey

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It's hard to look our best all the time. HSLDA works to present
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the public news media.

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