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11/1/2007 4:06:53 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--September/October 2007

Home School Foundation Report
September/October 2007

Dear Friends of the Home School Foundation,

A new school year has begun, and the Foundation is working hard to
help as many homeschoolers as it can start out the year on a strong
footing. Thank you for all your prayers and support!



For you who have invested in the Foundation through your gifts and
prayers, we share the following note from a homeschooling family you
have helped through the Members Helping Members Fund.

"We humbly accept the scholarship that you granted our family for the
second year. We have been discouraged in the past that we were not
able to support HSLDA financially and secondly discouraged that we
could not afford the clear benefits of being a member of this
critically needed organization.

"Last year, however, we enjoyed the hedge of protection afforded by
your organization. We also were grateful for being a part of this
important community effort. . . . We serve a great big God and we are
grateful to serve Him with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ
around the world. Thank you for your service to Him, to the members of
the HSLDA, and to my family. Your prayers, tears, and sweat make a

--John and Jennifer, Tennessee


Essay Contest Deadline Extended!

The 2007 Essay Contest deadline is fast approaching. The date by which
entries must be postmarked has been moved back to Monday, November 5,
to give students an extra weekend to work on their entries. So get
those fingers typing!

Students must write an essay answering one of the following questions:

> Category 1 (students ages 7-11): If there was one person in the
world you could help, who would it be, why would you help them, and
how would you help them?

> Category 2 (students ages 12-15): If you could choose to make a
small difference in the world at large or a big difference in one
person's life, which would you choose and why?

> Category 3 (students ages 16-19): Describe an admirable quality or
admirable position of a person with whom you largely disagree.

Go to the HSLDA website for more details on the rules/guidelines as
well as tips from past judges on how to write an outstanding essay: .

Proceeds from this contest will go to the Home School Foundation's
Special Needs Children Fund.


"Homeschoolopoly" Game Helps Homeschoolers in Need!

Creators of "Homeschoolopoly," Greg and Pamela Berthume, did more than
just create the world's first homeschool board game; they are using
their small business as a tool to bless needy homeschoolers across the

The Berthumes are working with the Home School Foundation to provide
free "Homeschoolopoly" board games to many of the families that HSF

To read the full story, and to get your own game, go to: .


Group Grants Awarded

The Home School Foundation wrapped up the summer by awarding nearly 70
grants to homeschool groups across the nation--most of which
participate in HSLDA's group discount program. The grants help these
groups provide their members with services such as graduation
ceremonies, science lab equipment, music equipment, scholarships for
financially needy families, and many, many other projects.

Here is a note from one of the groups we helped:

"God is indeed good! His provision through you is a blessing, and we
thank you. The grant you sent us was timely and needed. I had a chance
to purchase music last weekend and picked out what I thought would be
appropriate for the bands to play right after Christmas for a concert
coming up. I paid for it out of my own pocket, knowing somehow God
would supply the need. Two days later, I was informed of the grant. It
covers the music I chose, and these pieces will be used not only for
our concert, but we will take them with us to be adjudicated next
spring at our state Homeschool Band Festival.

"Thank you for your generosity and following after God."

--Valley Home Schoolers

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