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9/21/2007 4:35:15 PM
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District of Columbia: Repeal HPV Vaccine Law

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

District of Columbia: Repeal HPV Vaccine Law

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

On July 12, 2007, The D.C. Council adopted into law the requirement
that the human papillomavirus, or HPV vaccination be administered to
all girls enrolling into the 6th grade. The Washington Post has
reported that some members of the council wish to reconsider or repeal
this law.

The mayor's office, with other organizations, is hosting an event
called "Protecting Our Girls: A Forum on Mandatory HPV Vaccinations in
the Washington Region." The forum is scheduled for 6-8 p.m.,
September 25 at the Reeves Center located at 2000 14th Street NW,
Washington, D.C. 20009. HSLDA encourages you to attend this forum to
make your opinion known to the policy makers in attendance. For more
information go to: .

Reporters are also looking to interview parents of girls of the age to
enter 4th grade who oppose mandatory HPV vaccination. If you are
willing to be interviewed by a reporter on this subject, please
contact Debbie Billet-Roumell at (301) 718-8750.


Attend the forum and call your council member

Please contact the members of Washington, D.C., Council and give them
this message in your own words:

"Please repeal law L17-0010, which mandates that virtually all young
girls be immunized against HPV. Immunizing young girls with a vaccine
that is being questioned by doctors is not wise; it may even be
harmful. Even pharmaceutical companies no longer lobby for these
bills because of the short-term effectiveness of this vaccine."

Vincent C. Gray, Council Chair (202)724-8032
Jack Evans, Chair Pro Tempore/Ward Two (202)724-8058
Carol Schwartz (202) 724-8105
David Catania (202) 724-8170
Phil Mendelson (202) 724-8137
Kwame R. Brown (202)-724-8174
Jim Graham (202) 724-8181
Mary M. Cheh (202)724-8062
Muriel Bowser (202) 724-8052
Harry Thomas Jr. (202) 724-8028
Tommy Wells (202) 724-8072
Yvette Alexander (202) 724.8068
Marion Barry (202) 724-8045


Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is a group of viruses that have about
100 different strains or types. Over 30 of these viruses are sexually
transmitted. While most HPV infections are dealt with by the body's
immune system and no symptoms occur, there are several types that can
cause cervical cancer or genital warts. For more information about HPV
see the Center for Disease Control and Prevention information here: .

Those who are most likely to get HPV are those who have sex at an
early age, have many sex partners, or have a sex partner who has had
many partners.

However, the only FDA approved HPV vaccine, Gardasil,
( ) is not a cure for HPV or cervical cancer.
Instead the vaccine seeks to prevent the four specific types of HPV
(6, 11, 16, and 18) which are responsible for 70% of cervical cancers
and 90% of genital warts. There is currently no cure for these
sexually transmitted viruses. Even the FDA and the CDE admit the only
"cure" is abstinence before marriage and a monogamous relationship
during marriage.

There have been no long-term studies of the HPV vaccine. Children in
the 9-year-old age group have been monitored for only 18 months and
there have been no studies on the carcinogenic risk or the general
toxicity of the vaccine itself. From July 2006 to the end of 2006,
there were 385 unique reports of adverse events filed with the Vaccine
Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following the receipt of the
vaccine. For a full review of these reports please see

Additionally, there is some concern that rushing to mandate the HPV
vaccine for pre-teen girls will not have the intended affect of
preventing cervical cancer. Early immunization may not be effective
because the vaccine could wear off before the person is most
susceptible. Gardasil has only been proven to have five years of
proven effectiveness. While there appears to be a 10-to-15-year
incubation period for certain HPV types potentially becoming cervical
cancer, the average age a woman contracts cervical cancer is in her
mid 40s.

Over the past few months, Merck, the pharmaceutical manufacturer of
Gardasil, has lobbied vigorously to mandate the HPV vaccine for middle
school age girls. At present there are over 41 states where HPV bills
have been introduced.

Due to all of the concerns raised about mandating the Gardasil vaccine
to middle school age girls Merck has abandoned its efforts to lobby
state legislatures to require the vaccine.

Thank you for your support.


Michael P. Donnelly
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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