From the HSLDA E-lert Service:


9/6/2007 11:02:20 AM
Home School Legal Defense Association
California--Continued Support for Family Protection Ministries is Critical

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

California--Continued Support for
Family Protection Ministries is Critical

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

Home School Legal Defense Association has been partnering with Family
Protection Ministries (FPM) for more than 20 years to advance and
protect your freedom in California to teach your children at home. Roy
Hanson, Jim Davis and Nathan Pierce of FPM are our eyes, ears, and
action leaders in Sacramento. They monitor more than 6,000 bills each
legislative session to make sure that your freedoms are
protected--this is more than the number of bills that are introduced
by our U.S. Congress. When FPM discovers a bill that would affect your
freedoms, they consult with us in teamwork to determine an effective
strategy before going into action to oppose dangerous legislation.

FPM has also worked with HSLDA in monitoring and having professional
contact with CASCWA (California Association of Child Welfare and
Attendance), an organization primarily made up of California's "truant
officers." Some members of this organization have been the state's
most vocal opponents of private homeschooling. My experiences at
CASCWA's annual conference this year confirmed that some of their
members are still very vocal about taking legal action against
homeschoolers. Additionally some of their members continue to call for
legislation to regulate private homeschooling. One workshop attendee
said this kind of legislation should be introduced, but that attempts
in the past had been rejected because legislators were fearful of the
well-organized homeschool advocacy groups and the homeschoolers who
bombard the legislators with phone calls and letters. This is further
evidence of the effectiveness of FPM and their teamwork with us.

God has used Roy Hanson's and Jim Davis's skillful expertise and
experience, along with their strategic legislative contacts, to equip
them for this unique work of successfully eliminating harmful
legislation. Consequently, due to their long hours of
behind-the-scenes work, you have not had to be involved in every
legislative battle to protect your freedom.

Many homeschoolers are becoming complacent and apathetic in California
and, as a result, the support for Family Protection Ministries is
down. FPM needs to receive additional financial support to maintain
the kind of manpower necessary to adequately protect our freedom.

A.B. 755 is an example of the kind of legislation which Family
Protection Ministries has successfully opposed just this year. A.B.
755 was introduced by Sally Lieber and would prohibit spanking with an
object. This would be a major step toward her ultimate goal to
criminalize all spanking in California. As a result of the hard work
of FPM, in teamwork with HSLDA, and your participation by making phone
calls as requested, this bill has been put on hold for this year.
However, this bill and others like it will continue to come up in

Following are examples of other dangerous legislation, which were
defeated when FPM successfully led the battles against them on your

> They stopped, on more than one occasion, attempts to regulate or
criminalize private homeschooling.

> They led the defeat of a state daytime curfew, which would have
required homeschoolers to be under the same hours for schooling as
public schools.

> They stopped an effort to make truancy a form of educational
neglect, which would have involved investigations by the Department of
Social Services and Juvenile Court intervention with the possibility
of loss of children over truancy.

> They stopped efforts by the Legislature to require screening of
parents and intrusive home visitations of every newborn in California.

> They have stopped attempts to lower the compulsory attendance age
from 6 to 5 and are currently fighting a new attempt.

God has also used FPM in getting some positive legislation passed. For
example, they worked in conjunction with us at HSLDA to get the
Legislature to pass a law requiring social workers to inform parents
of the allegations against them at the initial contact of every
investigation of child abuse or neglect.

None of the above victories would have occurred without the strong
support of FPM from homeschooling families. The challenges to maintain
our freedoms in California are greater every year, and therefore FPM's
needs are greater. Funds for an additional staff member are required
for FPM to continue to provide this outstanding advocacy in your

It's imperative that FPM maintain their presence in Sacramento to
ensure that our freedoms are maintained. Because FPM is supported by
tax-deductible donations, their ability to remain viable is dependent
on our financial support. Without our giving, FPM will not exist, and
home education will be at the peril of the state.

I am asking you to give sacrificially today to ensure our continued
freedom to homeschool in California without intrusive state control.
FPM needs both one-time gifts and new regular monthly support. For
those of you who are already giving to FPM, I thank you and ask you to
please consider giving more at this time. Those who give $40 or more
each calendar year will receive FPM's newsletter on a complimentary
basis. Make your tax-deductible gift payable to FPM, and mail it
today to:

P.O. Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648-0730

Your freedoms as you know it today depends upon having a strong voice
in Sacramento to keep the liberal Legislature from imposing their
radical views on home education and families. I ask you this question,
"What is the price of liberty?" It is priceless! Please prayerfully
consider what God would have you do to support Family Protection
Ministries today.

God Bless,

Mike Smith
HSLDA President

-> Is customer service an art or a science?

For us, good customer service is both an art and a science
-it should appeal to our members and be effective. Consider what
our members say about us:

The freedom HSLDA allows me to have as I homeschool is wonderful!
They handle the law and I get to dedicate the time to my daughter.
- National City, CA

HSLDA members since 1993, our membership is just as important to
us as our children's curriculum. Thank you HSLDA for all you do on
our behalf! - West Valley, NY

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