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6/7/2007 4:45:13 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--May/June 2007

Home School Foundation Report
Friends of the Home School Foundation,

The Home School Foundation just had its most blessed year
ever--helping more families and receiving more donations than ever
before! Spring begins a busy new year for us and with summer rapidly
approaching, we are getting ready for all the excitement and activity
that comes with the many projects and tasks God has set before us.


For you who have invested in the Foundation through your gifts and
prayers, we share the following notes from homeschooling families you
have helped.

I/We am/are blessed with your generous giving!! I am also amazed at
such love that can only come from our God. I pray you will be showered
back with overflowing and abundant blessings!!! (In Jesus' name-Amen
and Amen) Thank you for so abundantly fulfilling God's Words to us!
Thank you a ton. 'Your kindness is a living expression of God's love!'
Thank you so much!
--Pamela and Johan (son) H.

I cannot express my joy with adequate words at the kindness and
generosity of your Foundation...mere strangers to me and my family. I
would not be able to afford proper curriculum for my teenagers were it
not for your generous gifts these last few years. Since my husband's
death, there have been so many blessings to our family and your
blessing has been most appreciated. Thank you for the thoughtfulness
that you and nameless others have planted. These seeds from the
Master's Love will be rewarded...a beautiful jewel in a crown of
righteousness for His Name's Sake. Thank you for showing Christ's Love
to me and my family.
--Trace M.

Grant Season

Grants we give...

One of the annual spring events the Foundation takes on each year is
to help fund projects from groups who want to minister to their local
homeschooling communities. Last year, we gave out around $80,000 to
various homeschooling groups, most of which are affiliated with HSLDA
through their Discount Group Program. Please pray that our grants
this year will be used effectively to minister God's grace to the less
fortunate within the homeschooling community.

Grants we are seeking...

As a part of our funding efforts, the Foundation seeks grants from
other private foundations who share at least a part of our mission.
For instance, we have projects that are primarily educational in
nature and there are other foundations who might share an interest in
helping us fund these projects. Therefore, we will design a grant
application that requests funding from them. Please pray that God
will give us favor as we reach out to some of these foundations who
share some of the same passions we have.


Contest Updates

Annual Photography and Poetry Contest Results Are In!

The winners for the photography and poetry contests have been decided!
There were 127 entries in the poetry contest and 426 in photography!

The judges were amazed at both the quality and creativity of the
entries this year. "I was impressed with the variety of concept
interpretations displayed in both categories," said one judge.
"Contestants really pushed the creative envelope!"

You can view the winning photos at

Winning poems can be read at

The proceeds from both contests will go to HSF's Special Needs
Children Fund to help homeschooling families with the expenses of
private special educational services. Thank you to all who
participated--your talent is being used to help many others!

Calling All Aspiring Writers!

HSLDA's annual essay contest will be held this fall so get your
pencils ready! The contest topics will be announced by September 14,
2007 and the deadline will be October 31, 2007. More information will
be posted on HSLDA's weekly emails and on the contest website at: And stay tuned for information
about the next art contest!


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