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4/16/2007 2:36:59 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
California: Oppose the Costa Mesa Daytime Curfew!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

California: Oppose the Costa Mesa Daytime Curfew!

Dear HSLDA members and friends,

The City of Costa Mesa is considering a daytime curfew, and we need
your help to defeat it! A preliminary vote is scheduled for tomorrow.

Robyn Nordell, a longtime friend of HSLDA, has been fighting daytime
curfews for years. She has asked us to forward the following
information to homeschoolers in the Costa Mesa area.


Please do NOT contact the City Council to ask any questions about
Tuesday's meeting. If you have questions, please contact the
organizer, Robyn Nordell at

If you live in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Irvine,
Newport Beach, Santa Ana or if you frequent Costa Mesa, we need your
help now to defeat a renewed attempt to impose daytime curfews.


Use the link below for more detailed reasons from Roy Hanson:

Use the link below for HSLDA's "Daytime Curfew: Guilty Until Proven

Daytime Curfews make it illegal for minors of certain ages to be on
any public property (loosely defined) during traditional school hours
without a government-approved exemption. All minors in public become
possible suspects for breaking this new law.

Although called "truancy ordinances," a child does not even need to be
legally "truant" in order to be cited!

Daytime curfews bypass important due-process rights and protections of
both public and private school parents and students which are found
within the comprehensive California truancy laws.


We need you and your teens at the next Costa Mesa City Council meeting

To be as successful as possible, we need a room packed with adults and
teens in support of our already-chosen speakers. We are all busy
people, but we want to stop the daytime curfew idea in Costa Mesa so
that other Orange County cities don't consider implementing them!

> When: Tuesday, April 17
If possible, arrive at 5:30 p.m.; the meeting begins at 6 p.m.

Bring something to read or work on. Our agenda item is one of many, so
please come prepared to stay as long as necessary.

> Who should come: Costa Mesa residents plus any adults and teens who
are often in Costa Mesa--shopping, dining, recreating, attending PE or
any type of events or classes, frequenting businesses or homes.

> Our stance on the issue: We are pro-law enforcement, but against
daytime curfews! Please do not pursue implementing a daytime curfew in
Costa Mesa. (Those who are homeschoolers sometimes ask, "Why don't we
just try get an exemption for homeschoolers?" To understand why this
doesn't work, see point No. 3 on this link: .

> Our behavior: We will be very respectful, and not adversarial. We
believe that several of the City Council members may already be
leaning in support of our position.

> Location/Directions: Costa Mesa Civic Center is located at 77 Fair
Drive, Costa Mesa, 92626. The City Hall is a five-story building,
located across the street from the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds.

Everyone needs a "No Daytime Curfews" sticker. Lesie, one of our
ladies, will be handing out these stickers at the entrance to the City
Council chambers. She will only be giving them to people whom she
knows, or can identify as being with us. Please quietly tell her that
you are an HSLDA member, and she will know that you are with us.

> City Council agenda and basics of how meetings are conducted: (Click on

Note that hand-clapping is on the list of inappropriate behaviors.
The City Council will recognize those of us opposing daytime curfews
will be recognized by our "No Daytime Curfews" stickers.

Negative Lessons Learned by Responsible Young People Living Under
Daytime Curfews:

1) All kids are punished because some kids commit crimes or are

2) Students on non-traditional school schedules, but who are not
truant, not engaging in suspicious activities, and not committing
crimes, need to learn to be prepared at all times to prove to the
police that they are doing nothing wrong.

3) Parents and kids who formerly were big supporters of
law-enforcement officers often learn to resent these same officers.

4) Worst lesson learned: Since their liberties depend on everyone
else's good behavior, their liberties are fragile indeed!

In the fight for liberty,

Darren A. Jones
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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