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3/23/2007 2:02:19 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report--March/April 2007

Home School Foundation Report
Friends of the Home School Foundation,

The Home School Foundation is gearing up for another conference season
and a busy spring!


Poetry and Photography Contests to Help Special Needs Children Are
Under Way!

HSLDA has announced its Poetry and Photography contests, the proceeds
of which will go to HSF's Special Needs Children Fund. For several
years, HSLDA has sponsored contests to help raise money for HSF.
Poetry and Photography are the newest of the four. Last year the
Poetry contest had 249 entries and Photography had 429.

The contests' deadlines are April 15 and the themes are "Side by Side"
for the younger category and "Between the Lines" for the older
category. Visit to find
guidelines for the Poetry contest, and for the Photography contest.


Home School Foundation's PHC Scholarship Fund Ready for a New Year

HSF's Patrick Henry College Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members awards
scholarships to member children on the basis of financial need,
academic merit, and participation in community service.

Since awarding the first student scholarship in 2001, the Home School
Foundation has been dedicated to helping highly qualified students
attend PHC in Purcellville, Virginia.

Last May, HSF awarded 15 scholarships to incoming freshmen students
and is looking forward to helping more freshmen this coming year,
thanks to your donations.

"If you're not a minority or impoverished, it can be difficult to win
scholarships," said Allison Braund, one of the scholarship winners.
"HSLDA helps so many homeschoolers while they're being homeschooled,
and it's wonderful that they continue to help homeschoolers when they

Lillie Schmidt, another winner, said she "almost went to another
Christian college in Tennessee, but God changed my heart and led me to
PHC. However, I gave up a lot of scholarship money to come to PHC . .
. so when I found out about the scholarship, I was ecstatic. Any
amount of scholarship money helps when it comes to college!"

To obtain more information on the scholarship, either to donate or to
see if your student is eligible to apply, visit the Foundation's
website at .


For those of you who have invested in the Foundation through your
gifts and prayers, we share this note from a homeschool group you

"Thank you for the grant we received. You have always been there for
black homeschool families. When you heard the vision of our hearts and
about the work that God called us to, you stepped up to the bat and
believed in our vision. We are forever grateful to you.

"You have played a major part in this organization reaching hundreds
of African American families with the good news of homeschooling. They
believe it is possible and that they can do this mighty work.

"The National Black Home Educators is continuing to grow. It is
because of your faithful support that our capacity to reach more
families is and will be achieved.

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God forever bless you
with abundance."

--Eric and Joyce Burges with the National Black Home Educators

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