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1/26/2007 2:34:14 PM
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North Dakota--Support $1,000 Tax Credit for Homeschooling Families!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

January 26, 2007

North Dakota--Support $1,000 Tax Credit for Homeschooling Families!

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

Take advantage of a great opportunity to get some tax relief for your
family! On Monday, January 29, the Senate Finance and Taxation
Committee will consider Senate Bill 2414 which would provide an income
tax credit of $1,000 per child for each homeschooling family in North
Dakota. For most North Dakotans conducting home education programs,
this would eliminate paying any state income tax at all.

Show your support for this bill by contacting members of the Senate
Finance and Taxation Committee and attending the hearing at the
Capitol Building in Bismarck on Monday. The hearing will be in the
Lewis and Clark room at 10 a.m. Make this a field trip for your
children to observe the legislative process of state government.

Regardless of whether you attend the hearing, please call members of
the committee TODAY and ask them to vote for Senate Bill 2414.

(1) Please call and/or e-mail as many members of the Senate Finance
and Taxation Committee as possible and urge them to vote in favor of
Senate Bill 2414 with this message:

"Please vote for Senate Bill 2414 which would provide a tax credit for
parents teaching their children at home. Homeschooling families now
have the double expense of paying taxes to support public schools as
well as providing curriculum materials and equipment for their home
education program."

The contact information for the members of the Senate Finance and
Taxation Committee is as follows:

Sen. Herbert Urlacher, (R): 36th District - Chairman
(701) 974-3682

Sen. Ben Tollefson, (R): 38th District - Vice-Chairman
(701) 839-4949

Sen. Arden C. Anderson, (D): 25th District
(701) 642-6140

Sen. Dwight Cook, (R): 34th District
(701) 663-7421

Sen. Robert M. Horne, (D): 3rd District
(701) 852-6318

Sen. Dave Oehlke, (R): 15th District
(701) 662-8587

Sen. Constance Triplett, (D): 18th District
(701) 772-8009

(2) Please attend the Senate Finance and Taxation Committee Hearing on
Monday, January 29, 2007, at the Capitol Building in Bismarck. If you
are willing to testify, please come early at 9 a.m. just outside the
Lewis and Clark room to coordinate testimonies. Even if you are coming
to show your support by your presence, which is equally important,
please plan to arrive early by 9:30 a.m., just in case the hearing
starts earlier than the scheduled 10 a.m. starting time.

To view the text of Senate Bill 2414, please visit

Homeschoolers currently pay for the public education system while they
privately educate their own children. This "double taxation" is
unfair. While almost all homeschoolers would like to be free of the
tax burden of public schools they do not use themselves, a significant
number of homeschool leaders are concerned about any effort to get
benefits from the government. Most homeschool leaders agree that
vouchers (direct payments from the government to private or
homeschools) are unacceptable because of the controls and loss of
freedom that comes with the money.

As an alternative, HSLDA recommends another vehicle: educational tax
credits. Parents and individuals who provide for a child's education
should be allowed to keep some of their tax money that would otherwise
have been used to fund public education. This goal could be
accomplished through a tax credit.

Educational tax credit legislation can typically be divided into two
categories: tax credits for individuals or corporations who contribute
to a non-profit scholarship fund and tax credits reimbursing parents
for educational expenses incurred for their children. Arizona passed
an educational tax credit law which falls into the first category
while Minnesota and Illinois passed a tax credit falling into the
second category.

Education tax credits offer several benefits:

> Educational tax credits will give parents true choice in education -
This tax credit will help reduce the "double tax burden" on parents
who choose private or home education.
> Education tax credits will benefit public schools - By encouraging
students to attend private schools or homeschools, the tuition tax
credit will reduce overcrowded public school class sizes and the
student-to-teacher ratio, making more teachers available to public
school students.
> Education tax credits will benefit low-income families - Most
educational tax credit proposals provide a credit for businesses and
private individuals who contribute to a nonprofit scholarship fund,
which are usually dedicated to helping low-income families. This type
of credit provides an incentive to help give low-income families true
choice in their children's education.

For more information on educational tax credits, see our memorandum at .


Dewitt T. Black, III
Senior Counsel

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