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9/6/2006 3:54:03 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
California--Continued Support for Family Protection Ministry Is Necessary

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

California--Continued Support for
Family Protection Ministry Is Necessary

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

HSLDA has been partnering with Family Protection Ministries for 20
years to advance and protect your freedom in California to be able to
teach your children at home. FPM is our eyes and ears in Sacramento.
They monitor more than 6,000 bills each legislative session to make
sure that your freedoms are protected. When they discover a bill that
potentially could affect your freedoms, they prepare a position paper
on that bill and we consult together to plot our strategy.

In many states our primary legislative strategy is to send out
electronic alerts asking our members to contact their legislator and
express their desires regarding a particular bill. However, because
of the expertise, experience, contacts and skillful efforts of Roy
Hanson and Jim Davis of FPM, you generally do not even have to be
engaged in every battle to stop provisions that would reduce your
freedom. This is extremely important in light of the fact that
California does not have a specific "homeschool law" that exempts us
from public school attendance and we have more freedom without one.
Our primary legal way to homeschool is through the private school
exemption, which provides us with much freedom. Drawing attention to
ourselves as "homeschoolers" too often could create confusion and
closer scrutiny of homeschooling in the legislature and this is not in
our best interest.

Roy and Jim of FPM have the wisdom to know when the troops are needed
and when they can personally resolve the danger without calling out a
massive alert.

Let me give you an example of a few of the many bills which would have
been extremely dangerous to our freedom and that FPM has quashed over
the years without great fanfare and tooting their own horn.

S.B. 950 would have introduced habitual truancy into the Welfare and
Institutions Code for the first time. The effect would have been to
make the failure to send a child to school an additional category of
child abuse and require Child Protective Services to initiate
investigations for each allegation. If they were not satisfied with
your explanation of attendance in a private school, they could file a
petition in Juvenile Court and you would have to appear with your
children and have a so-called "friend of the court" appointed to
represent your children and inform the judge as to what is in the
child's best interest. This is a very scary thing for any family to
have to endure.

Every year bills are introduced to lower the compulsory attendance age
from 6 to 5. That would mean you would have to start formal school
one year earlier. FPM has been used by God to miraculously stop every
effort to do so.

S.B. 650 would have created a daytime curfew for the entire state of
California. If you live in a city or county that has adopted a
daytime curfew, you know what a nuisance it is. It restricts your
freedom to move about in the daytime as you are subject to stop and
citation if your children are in public during public school hours.
In essence, it confines your children to their home during public
school hours. This takes away some of the major benefits of
homeschooling--flexibility and spontaneity of a homeschool program.
FPM led the charge to successfully defeat S.B. 650 and three similar
statewide daytime curfew bills.

S.B. 276 would have required mental health exams for all Californians
every three years. You're saying "I can't believe that." Well, you
live in California and this is the type of legislation that is
routinely introduced. Without the efforts of FPM, these types of
bills would become law.

Maybe the greatest victory FPM achieved for homeschoolers, which you
probably never heard about, was the defeating of A.B. 424. It would
have created an appointed commission to rewrite the sections of the
Education Code that deal with private schools. This would have opened
up discussion of our private school exemption. This could have been
absolutely tragic. We could have lost our current level of freedoms
and become highly regulated. FPM stopped it behind the scenes without
having to notify you to make a call or visit your legislator.

There are many more victories we could share but for the sake of your
reading time, I will stop. However, I do want to tell you about one
of the positive bills they got passed without your having to be
involved. FPM secured sponsorship and support for A.B. 2749 which
significantly changed the law for the better for all Californians and
especially homeschoolers. As a result of their efforts, social
workers and police officers conducting an investigation of child abuse
or neglect must inform you of the allegations against you at the first
contact. HSLDA and our families were frustrated over and over because
of officials refusing to disclose the nature of the false allegations
against our families. As a result of FPM's efforts, officials now
have to tell us the allegations. This is invaluable in our efforts to
advise you at the door should a CPS investigation occur.

FPM is unlike HSLDA in that they are solely supported by donations.
Without your generous giving in the past, none of the above victories
would have occurred. The challenges to maintain our freedoms in
California are greater every year and therefore FPM's needs are
greater. Additional personnel is required for them to provide the
outstanding advocacy we are used to from FPM.

I am asking each member of HSLDA to make a generous gift to FPM to
ensure our continued freedom to homeschool in California without
intrusive state control. My thanks goes to each of you who are
already giving generously on a monthly or annual basis to FPM. Make
your tax-deductible gift payable to FPM, and mail it today to:
P.O. Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648-0730

Your freedom as you know it today depends upon having a strong voice
in Sacramento to keep the liberal legislature from imposing their
radical views on home education as they have been doing to the public
schools, colleges and universities in California. Because of the
importance of California, HSLDA must continue to be able to partner
with FPM while they are at full strength to be successful in
maintaining our freedom to homeschool in California. Thank you for
prayerfully considering what God would have you do to support Family
Protection Ministries.

God Bless,

Mike Smith

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to protect and advance homeschool freedoms in the United States
and foreign countries.

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