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8/4/2006 9:20:12 AM
Home School Legal Defense Association
Wyoming--Help Preserve Homeschool Freedom!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Wyoming--Help Preserve Homeschool Freedom!

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

The Wyoming primaries will be held on Tuesday, August 22. Most of the
incumbent legislators have gotten to know the homeschooling community
over the years, but there are a lot of new candidates who may never
have met a homeschooler. You have the perfect opportunity, over the
next few weeks, to present homeschooling to them in a positive light.
If these candidates get to know your family before they get elected,
they'll be better prepared to protect your liberty after Election Day.

The Wyoming Family Coalition sent a questionnaire to each candidate
for the Wyoming House and Senate and posted the results at HSLDA has sorted through these
results to find the candidates who say they want to impose mandatory
testing on homeschoolers. We encourage you to contact such candidates
in your local area to find out why they want to impose new
requirements on families that are producing solid educational results
without costing the taxpayers anything.

Candidates who support testing homeschoolers include:

HD21 (R) Robert McKim, Afton
(307) 885-3733

HD40 (R) Mike Madden, Buffalo
(307) 684-9356

HD37 (R) Nick Mandis, Casper
(307) 262-3863

HD41 (D) Ken A. Esquibel, Cheyenne
(307) 630-6096

SD05 (R) John C. Bishop, Cheyenne
(307) 778-0579 NONE

SD05 (R) Larry Shippy, Cheyenne
(307) 634-0706

HD07 (R) Dick Atkins, Cheyenne
(307) 638-8017

HD11 (R) Roman Hildt, Cheyenne
(307) 630-9472

HD44 (R) David McCleary, Cheyenne
(307) 214-5918 NONE

SD19 (R) R. Ray Peterson, Cowley
(307) 548-6405

HD47 (R) "Jeb" Steward, Encampment
(307) 327-5116 NONE

HD32 (D) Duffy Jenniges, Gillette
(307) 686-2623

HD32 (R) Timothy P. Hallinan, Gillette
(307) 686-6542

HD20 (R) Kathy Davison, Kemmerer
(307) 877-6483 NONE

SD03 (D) "Sherri" Lovercheck, Lagrange
(307) 834-2492,

HD05 (R) Matt Teeters Lingle
(307) 534-6772

HD26 (R) Elaine D. Harvey, Lovell
(307) 548-7866

HD18 (R) Allen Jaggi, Lyman
(307) 786-2817

HD19 (R) Owen Petersen, Mtn. View
(307) 782-6378

HD15 (R) Bob Taylor, Rawlins
(307) 324-6419

HD18 (R) Jim Geeting, Rock Springs
(307) 321-1333

SD03 (D) Chris Shoults, Torrington
(307) 534-5708

SD03 (R) Lloyd W. Peterson, Torrington
(307) 532-2586

HD05 (R) Jeff Marsh, Torrington
(307) 532-7919

There is some encouraging news, however--a number of candidates
expressed their firm opposition to any such testing. Feel free to
email them (whether you are in their district or not!) to thank them
for their support.

Candidates who oppose homeschool testing include:

HD10 (D) Jana H. Ginter, Carpenter
(307) 649-2422

SD27 (R) John Barrasso, Casper
(307) 577-1542

SD29 (R) Drew A. Perkins, Casper
(307) 234-1274

HD38 (R) Bob Brechtel, Casper
(307) 237-3174

HD12 (R) Amy L. Edmonds, Cheyenne
(307) 632-5139

HD12 (R) Dino Moncecchi, Cheyenne
(307) 634-6957

HD47 (D) Bob Jackson, Encampment
(307) 327-5123

SD17 (R) Peter Moyer, Jackson
(307) 733-7795

SD03 (R) Curt Meier, Lagrange
(307) 834-2447

HD05 (R) Roseanna Davison, Lingle
(307) 837-2955

HD01 (R) Mark A. Semlek, Moorcroft
(307) 756-9294

HD10 (R) "Pete" Anderson, Pine Bluffs
(307) 245-3489

HD29 (R) Jerry Iekel, Sheridan
(307) 672-2057

HD28 (R) Lorraine Quarberg, Thermopolis
(307) 864-2221

HD03 (R) Deborah Alden, Wheatland
(307) 322-9187 NONE

HD52 (R) Calvin Twiford, Wright
(307) 464-0534

Remember--just one or two phone calls before the primary can change a
candidate's attitude completely. Polls show that most people now
support the right to homeschool, but the average American thinks they
ought to take the same tests as children in the public schools. The
problem with that reasoning, however, is that the public schools are
tested to find out whether our tax dollars are being spent wisely.
Homeschoolers don't depend on taxes, so they don't deserve tests!

Homeschooling families that aren't asking for government dollars don't
need government strings. Most candidates for the Legislature can
understand this reasoning if you take the time to explain it to them.


Scott Somerville
HSLDA Staff Attorney

-> Can you look at the clouds and tell the direction of the wind?

An interesting phenomenon of wind is that it can blow in multiple
directions at the same time, at different heights from the ground.
But usually there is a prevailing wind. HSLDA watches the gusts
and monitors the prevailing trends of change in the legal climate
of home education. So no matter which way the wind is blowing,
we're there to protect your family.

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