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3/17/2006 11:25:33 AM
Home School Legal Defense Association
New York--Calls needed to stop school for 5-year-olds

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

March 17, 2006

New York--Calls needed to stop school for 5-year-olds

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

The New York Assembly just introduced a bill that would lower the age
at which a child is required to attend school from 6 to 5.

Assembly Bill 10297 enables all school districts to require all
children to attend school if they will turn 5 on or before December 1
of that school year. While this bill claims to have an "exemption" for
homeschool and nonpublic school students, the exemption has no effect
because the bill requires that the student be "enrolled" in a
homeschool or nonpublic school to be exempt.

Therefore, all homeschoolers will have to submit a notice of intent
for their 5-year-olds as well as an Individualized Home Instruction
Plan (IHIP) and quarterly reports in order to claim that the child is
"enrolled" in a homeschool program. There is no exemption.

We need your calls now to the Assembly Education Committee members
right away. Since this bill will lower the compulsory attendance age
for all students you do not need to let them know you are a


1. Please call and email the Assembly Education Committee members
listed below to give them this message in your own words:

"Please oppose Assembly Bill 10297. Lowering the compulsory school
attendance age from 6 to 5 takes away the right of parents to decide
whether their children are ready for school and would only waste
taxpayers' money."

Do not identify yourself as a homeschooler; instead you can identify
yourself as a concerned parent and taxpayer.

Assembly Education Committee Members

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, Chairman

Assemblywoman Carmen E. Arroyo

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto

Assemblyman James F. Brennan

Sponsor of bill
Assemblywoman Barbara M. Clark

Assemblyman Ruben Diaz Jr.

Assemblyman Thomas P. DiNapoli

Assemblywoman Patricia A. Eddington

Assemblyman Steve Englebright

Assemblywoman Aurelia Greene

Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper
No Email Address

Assemblywoman Susan V. John

Assemblyman Tom Kirwan

Assemblyman John W. Lavelle

Assemblyman William B. Magnarelli

Assemblyman David G. McDonough

Assemblyman Jimmy Meng

Assemblyman Joel M. Miller

Assemblyman Louis A. Mosiello

Assemblyman William L. Parment

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin

Assemblyman Philip Ramos

Assemblyman Bill Reilich

Assemblyman Bob Reilly

Assemblyman Joseph S. Saladino

Assemblywoman Teresa R. Sayward

Assemblyman Robert K. Sweeney

Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr.

Assemblyman Paul D. Tonko

Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg


This is the bill that we have been expecting since the Board of
Regents refused to hear the concerns of parents this past fall. If you
remember, we sent out an e-lert in October urging you to contact that
Board of Regents and comment on the revisions to their policy
statement entitled "Early Education for Student Achievement in a
Global Community." You can view that e-lert online at .

After hearing from several hundred concerned parents they continued to
press on towards their goal of lowering the compulsory attendance age
to 5, and implementing a state-wide pre-kindergarten program for 3 and
4-year-old children in every school district.

> Lowering the compulsory attendance age from 6 to 5 would subject New
York home educators to the requirements of the homeschool laws one
year earlier. Homeschool parents would be required to submit a notice
of intent, IHIP, and quarterly reports for their 5-year-old. (You do
not need to share this reason with your legislators.)

> Many education experts have concluded that beginning a child's
formal education too early may actually result in burnout and poor
scholastic performance later.

> Lowering the compulsory attendance age erodes the authority of
parents who are in the best position to determine when their child's
formal education should begin.

> It would restrict parents' freedom to decide if their children are
ready for school.

> Another significant impact of expanding the compulsory attendance
age would be an inevitable tax increase to pay for more classroom
space and teachers to accommodate the additional students compelled to
attend public schools.

For more information on compulsory attendance, please see our
memorandum at .

If you are not yet a member of HSLDA and would like to help us fight
for greater homeschool freedom in New York please visit . Join or renew online between now
and March 18 and you can save up to an additional $30 off membership!

If you would like to be put on our e-mail list to receive vital
e-lerts you may sign up at .

Thank you for your part in fighting for freedom in New York!


Thomas Schmidt
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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children's children will thank you. But freedom is never secure;
it must always be guarded. Membership with HSLDA is an investment
in the future that can be passed on to future generations of
families wanting to teach their children at home.

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