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2/17/2006 3:10:27 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
Oklahoma--Calls Needed to Stop Math Requirement for Driver's License

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

Calls are needed immediately to stop Senate Bill 1792 which would
prohibit 16 and 17-year-olds from obtaining a driver's license unless
they first pass a state-approved math test.

The bill is scheduled for a hearing Monday, February 20 at 9 a.m. in
the Senate Education Committee. Your calls were successful last week
in defeating a similar bill in the Public Safety committee, but S.B.
1792 is not before that committee.

A student would be required to pass either the statewide 8th-grade
math test, or another test approved by the State Department of
Education. Homeschooled students would be at a tremendous
disadvantage since they don't use the state's math curriculum and
would have no control over the alternative test the Department of
Education might approve.


1. If your senator is listed below, please call and ask him or her to
oppose this misguided bill. Your message can be as simple as, "Please
oppose Senate Bill 1792. It would create an unnecessary barrier for
well-qualified teens to get driver's licenses. A teen who has proved
he can drive safely should not be denied a license because of a math

Use our legislative toolbox at to find
your state senator.

2. Please call other homeschool families and ask them to make calls.


Oklahoma Senate Education Committee

Susan Paddack--Chair
Capitol--(405) 521-5541

Charlie Laster--Vice Chair
Capitol--(405) 521-5539
District--(405) 273-2910

Cliff A. Aldridge
Capitol--(405) 521-5584

Patrick Anderson
Capitol--(405) 521-5630

Don Barrington
Capitol--(405) 521-5563

Cliff Branan
Capitol--(405) 521-5543
District--(405) 843-5064

Bernest Cain
Capitol--(405) 521-5610

Glenn Coffee
Capitol--(405) 521-5636

Johnnie Crutchfield
Capitol--(405) 521-5607

Mary Easley
Capitol--(405) 521-5590

John Ford
Capitol--(405) 521-5634

Jay Paul Gumm
Capitol--(405) 521-5586
District--(580) 924-4717

J. Berry Harrison
Capitol--(405) 521-5581
District--(918) 642-5030

Cal Hobson
Capitol--(405) 521-5553
District--(405) 527-5929

Constance N. Johnson
Capitol--(405) 521-5531

Clark Jolley
Capitol--(405) 521-5622

Ron Justice
Capitol--(405) 521-5537

Daisy Lawler
Capitol--(405) 521-5569
District--(580) 439-5706

Richard Lerblance
Capitol--(405) 521-5604
District--(918) 297-2501

Mike Mazzei
Capitol--(405) 521-5675

Scott Pruitt
Capitol--(405) 521-5602
District--(918) 382-7523

Jeff Rabon
Capitol--(405) 521-5614

Nancy Riley
Capitol--(405) 521-5600

Stratton Taylor
Capitol--(405) 521-5555

Kathleen Wilcoxson
Capitol--(405) 521-5618

James A. Williamson
Capitol--(405) 521-5624


1. Teens who have proved they can drive safely should not be denied a
license just because they cannot pass a math test. Math ability has
nothing to do with driving ability.

2. If homeschoolers were to take the statewide criterion referenced
test, they would be at a major disadvantage because it is based on the
state curriculum, which homeschoolers do not use.

3. Homeschoolers would have no control over what alternative tests
the Department of Education might approve. This would put them at a
significant disadvantage.

4. A driver's license is an important gateway to meet basic
transportation needs for those who have demonstrated they can drive
safely. It must not be trivialized into a reward for good behavior for
students who have jumped though enough hoops.

Thank you for standing with us for freedom.


Scott A. Woodruff
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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