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12/8/2005 3:57:55 PM
Home School Foundation
Home School Foundation Report -- Christmas Is in the Mail for Widows

Home School Foundation Report

December 2005

Christmas Is in the Mail for Widows

Christmas came early for 224 widows who opened their mailboxes to find
a surprise check from the Home School Foundation. We wished to bless
the widows who had received a grant from us in the past year and were
blessed in return when we received their responses.

As emails, letters, and phone messages pour into our office, we
remember that indeed, it is more blessed to give than receive. May
their spirit of thankfulness and praise, illustrated in the following
excerpts, encourage you as it has us.

> "We Asked the Lord for Shoes"
On Monday, my 11-year-old son let me know that his feet were
outgrowing his shoes. I knew that I would have the money to buy new
shoes by mid-December, but didn't want him to remain uncomfortable
until then. We asked the Lord for shoes, just as any mother and son
would ask an earthly father for provision when needed. That evening, I
received your generous gift in the mail. Wow! My son gets new shoes
(and more!), God gets glorified, and I am again amazed by His love.
Thanks and Peace.
-- S.H.

> "I Am Truly Blessed"
Thank you so much for the generous Christmas check. I was absolutely
shocked when I opened the beautiful card and a check fell out. My jaw
literally hit my neck. Your foundation has strengthened by decision to
homeschool. I really enjoy having my children with me and watching
them grow through my guidance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I am truly blessed.
-- K.M.

> "Especially Encouraging"
What a beautiful gift you sent to us. Thank you very much. I had made
up my mind that I would not worry about Christmas gifts - God would
provide. He did, so generously through you. Your note was especially
encouraging to me to think about being on God's mind and dear to His
heart. We all need that reminder.
-- K.S.

> "I Wept for Utter Thankfulness"
You can't even imagine how your generous and totally surprising
Christmas gift blessed me and my family. Since my husband went to be
with the Lord, I have been strapped with many bills especially this
Christmas. I told the children that Christmas was going to have to be
different this year. So when I went to the mailbox and opened your
gift and read what your verse said, I sat down and wept for utter
thankfulness and joy. I am still shaking my head and praising the Lord
for such a mighty intervention.
-- F.R.

> "For the Children"
How can I thank you enough for the Christmas gift to our family. Upon
opening the envelope I had such a strong sense of the Lord's loving
hand upon us -- it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you as well for
specifying where the gift should be spent. Not to Kenmore for the new
washing machine, not to Maytag for replacement dishwasher parts, not
even to York Auto for the van repair: "for the children." There is
nothing that could bring me more joy. Thank you so much for your
generosity and for showing us the heart of our Lord. He is good and
does all things well! Merry Christmas!
-- L.W.

> "I Could Only Rejoice"
I was praying one night..."Father, help me with my blind spots and our
weaknesses. We really need to see a breakthrough this season." As I
prepared for bed that night, I decided to sift through the pile of
mail stacked on the table. I came to yours, expecting a generic
Christmas card. Boy, was I surprised to see a check slip out of the
card! I had a praise service right there at the table in my bathrobe!
Tears streaming down my cheeks, I could only rejoice and thank God for
His faithful love and care. As it sunk in, the joy of the Lord filled
me so full I gave a little shout...and woke the kids up! The Lord is
good and His mercy endures forever!! Yeah, God!!!
-- P.B.

> "My Daughter Was Discouraged"
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me a check to buy
Christmas gifts for my children! My daughter was discouraged about
Christmas this year to the point of wondering if it was worth it being
a Christian. And you can guess your check changed her attitude!!!
Thank you again and may God continue to bless all of you!
-- C.V.

Buy a Wreath. Give a Blessing!

Through a special arrangement with the Round Bough Wreath Company of
Maine, the Home School Foundation has made it possible for you to
receive a fragrant, handmade wreath to decorate your home while
providing much-needed financial assistance to less fortunate
homeschool families.

For each wreath purchased through the HSF/Round Bough program, a
generous portion of the retail price will be given to the Foundation's
Compassion Fund to help single-parent families, the unemployed, and
many others struggling to make ends meet and homeschool.

To give an additional blessing, you can also send a wreath to one of
our needy families. We have a list of widows and single moms who we
know would be thrilled to receive a wreath for their homes. Simply
check off the gift wreath option on the order form; we'll take care of
the rest.

These lush Maine wreaths are handmade by a homeschool-operated company
and will be delivered fresh anywhere in the United States. Wreaths may
be ordered at

Thank you for your gifts and prayer for these women and others
throughout the year. May God richly bless you throughout this
Christmas season!

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