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12/1/2005 10:17:29 AM
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HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter -- December 2005

HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletter -- December 2005

Dear Friends,

With Christmas fast approaching, we know this is a busy time of year
for you and your family. Along with family get-togethers, decorating
for the holidays, and taking time to reflect on the true meaning of
the season, homeschooling in December is sometimes a bit harried,
isn't it? We do understand. In the midst of it all, we encourage you
to remember that your time and sacrificial love for your children are
the most treasured gifts you can give.

How can we make your life a little easier in the New Year? How about
by sharing the whys and wherefores of recordkeeping? Although being
organized and keeping records may or may not be one of your strengths,
we hope these tips, resources, and ideas will give you the motivation
you need to put in some effort now so you will reap the reward of
saving time, energy, and tears later on. Keep in mind that your child
will often need to provide accurate details of his high school
coursework to prospective employers and colleges or to the military.

Recordkeeping is simply a recording of the curriculum/course work
completed and the grades earned by your child. This evaluation is
acquired from tests, quizzes, projects, etc., and provides a progress
report for your student. By recording the courses that your child has
already taken, you will then be able to note which courses still need
to be taken, as well as to determine which electives and
extracurricular activities you may want to include the next year. It
is important to keep these records even if your children's current
plans don't include college. You never know how their plans might
change as they mature.

If your memory is anything like ours, you won't want to rely on just
your mental recollection of what was accomplished in the high school
years! Instead of racking your brain trying to remember from year to
year what your student accomplished in your homeschool, set up this
simple method of documentation:

> Work Samples
For each high school course your child takes, make up a manila folder.
Include in the folder a one-page course description, a few samples of
daily work, and any major tests or papers completed.

> Credit
The course description page may include the name of the course, the
book titles and publishers, the number of credits you awarded for the
course, the year it was taken, and a brief listing of the concepts
covered in the course. A simple way to list these concepts is to
include a copy of the table of contents from the textbook you use.

> Test Results
You may also want to keep a folder labeled "Test Scores" and include
any achievement test or SAT/ACT/PSAT score reports from tests taken
during the high school years.

> Year By Year
For each year during high school--9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th
grade--keep a master folder that includes a current copy of the high
school transcript and a listing of any extracurricular activities,
jobs, sports, clubs, or community service that your child participated
in. (If you need help creating transcripts, evaluating credits, or
calculating GPAs, refer to our November Homeschooling Thru High School
email newsletter at .)

> State Requirements
Check out any additional recordkeeping requirements that may apply
specifically to your state at .

Don't panic if this sounds overwhelming! There are other options
available for you to explore. Your records can be kept by an online
company or by an umbrella school. Even some large curriculum providers
are offering this service. So you see, recordkeeping does not need to
be a chore--keep it simple and you'll reap investments down the road.

Some online companies that offer recordkeeping services include:

Academic Records by Classical Conversations

Home Life Academy

Homeschool Reporting Online

Hunter Systems

My School Year

CreditPro High School Time Log System by Education Plus is also
available to help you track high school credits

Now that you have a handle on your documentation and direction for the
upcoming year, we want to help you keep up your motivation, which may
be sagging after the holidays. In next month's newsletter, we will
offer encouragement for meeting the constant daily challenges of
homeschooling (Reminds us of a song we know--"It's My Homeschool and
I'll Cry If I Want To" . . . stay tuned!)

Until then, we warmly wish you a joy-filled and blessed Christmas.

Looking forward with great anticipation to 2006 along with all of you,

Becky and Diane
HSLDA High School Coordinators

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