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5/27/2005 2:48:25 PM
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Minnesota--Call Now to Expand Tax Credits

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...
May 27, 2005

Minnesota--Call Now to Expand Tax Credits

Dear Minnesota HSLDA members and friends:

Both houses of the Legislature have voted to make changes to
Minnesota's educational tax credit, which currently provides
lower-income families with a 75% credit for secular educational
expenses (not to exceed $1000 per child and $2000 per family). Because
the House and Senate don't agree on how to expand the credit, the
Legislature has sent the two different versions to a conference
committee to come up with a final answer. The House version provides
more tax relief sooner. We need your help to get this message through
to the members of the Tax Working Group.


(1) Please call the members of the Conference Committee and urge them
to vote for the House version of the Educational Tax Credit. Say:

Larger families need educational choice as much as anybody, and they
deserve an equitable educational tax credit as soon as possible.
Please vote for the House version of the Educational Tax Credit
because it is indexed for inflation and is implemented sooner. The
Senate version is less friendly to large families.

The members of the Conference Committee are:

Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson (ex officio) (District 13 -

Senator Larry Pogemiller
District 59 - Minneapolis

Senator William Belanger
District 40 - Bloomington

Senator Don Betzold
District 51 - Fridley

Senator Mee Moua
District 67 - St. Paul

Senator Rod Skoe
District 2 - Clearbrook

Representative Philip Krinkie
District 53A - Shoreview

Representative Ron Abrams
District 43B - Minnetonka

Representative Morrie Lanning
District 9A - Moorhead

Representative Ann Lenczewski
District 40B - Bloomington

Representative Dean Simpson
District 10B - New York Mills

(2) Please forward this message to other homeschoolers, private school
parents, and other supporters of educational choice. We need to make
sure each member of the Tax Working Group gets as many calls as
possible from their own constituents!


Minnesota leads the nation in meaningful educational choice options.
The educational tax credit is important to many families, even though
it is limited in many ways. It is limited in that it only refunds 75%
of what is spent, only applies to secular educational materials, is
only available to families with incomes under $37,500, and is capped
at $1,000 per child and $2,000 per family.

Many homeschoolers are dissatisfied with such a limited credit, but
HSLDA believes in incremental improvements to the laws. The House and
Senate have both passed modest improvements to the tax credit. We
support any positive change to this law, and urge our members to
support the House version, which does more good sooner.

Under existing law, families can claim a credit of up to $2000 if the
household income is $33,500 or less. As family income increases, the
credit is phased out by $1 for every $4 earned, so that no credit is
available by the time a family makes $37,500. Both the House and
Senate have voted to eliminate the family cap so that larger families
with incomes under $37,500 can get a larger credit. The two versions
are very different in how they phase this credit out, however. Here is
a table showing the credit a family with four children would get under
the two different versions. (All figures are for the 2006 tax year,
when the new law would be fully implemented.)

Family income House Senate

$33,500 $4,000 $4,000
$34,500 $3,750 $3,750
$35,500 $3,500 $3,500
$36,500 $3,250 $3,250
$37,500 $3,000 $0
$41,500 $2,000 $0
$45,500 $1,000 $0
$49,500 $0 $0

(Remember that because Minnesota pays almost $10,000 per public school
pupil, taxpayers save at least $9,000 per child every time a family
chooses private education.)

The House version goes into effect a year before the Senate version,
so it helps families sooner. The House version is indexed to federal
poverty guidelines, rather than a specific dollar amount. Nobody wants
to see a family with four children suddenly lose thousands of dollars
of credits just because of inflation, but that is exactly what will
happen under the Senate version.

Please call the Legislature to urge them to vote for the House
version. With your help, Minnesota can show the rest of the nation why
meaningful educational choice is so good for children, families, and


Scott Somerville
HSLDA Staff Attorney
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