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5/18/2005 10:27:32 AM
Home School Legal Defense Association
California--Legislative Action Alert SB 840: Socialized Medicine

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

HSLDA is passing on this e-mail Alert from Roy Hanson and Jim Davis of
Family Protection Ministries (FPM).

Although this is not directly a home school issue, it will affect
every person and family in California. We think it is important
enough for you to consider the recommended action steps contained


Roy Hanson's HELP Tree ALERT May 17, 2005
Private and Home Educators of California


Bill: SB 840 - Socialized Medicine
Author: Senator Sheila Kuehl
Position: Strongly OPPOSE

Status: In California State Senate

Summary of Concerns:
SB 840 is an aggressive plan to bring socialized medicine into
California by replacing private health insurance with a mandatory
state-run program for every California resident. SB 840 will: 1)
force every California resident above poverty level to pay a state
insurance premium (hidden tax); 2) destroy the current system of
choices of health care coverage; 3) drive up the cost of health care
coverage; 4) reduce the quality of health care available; 5) reduce
the availability of health care, forcing some families to go out of
state to obtain health care for their family members; 6) create a new
huge government bureaucracy that will make life and death medical
decisions; and 7) place all final health care decisions in the hands
of a single government board and its commissioner.

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Information Included In This E-mail:

A. Action Items
B. Background Information
C. Reasons to Oppose

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A. Action Items:

1. Call your State Senator in Sacramento now and ask them to "Please
vote No on SB 840."

You can find your state legislators, their phone numbers, addresses,
and other contact information by entering your 9 digit ZIP code or
physical address in HSLDA's Legislative Toolbox at .
If you are unable to locate your legislator using the HSLDA web site,
call your county elections or voter registration or registrar of
voters office.

* Call as a concerned parent and citizen. This bill affects all
* Do not disclose the source of this Alert. All bills are available
on the internet.
* For these calls, you can use the Reasons to Oppose stated below, but
this is not necessary.
* Because e-mails are usually ignored, calls are significantly more
* KEEP this Alert as a reference for future HELP Tree Alerts.
* Reprint or forward this to your friends, church, school, and group.
* Pray for a proper outcome.

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B. Background Information:

* SB 840 would create the "California Health Insurance System" to be
administered by an autonomous agency, the "California Health Insurance
Agency," under the direction of the "Health Insurance Commissioner"
who would be elected for terms of eight years.

* SB 840 would establish the "California Health Insurance Agency" as
the sole primary provider of health insurance coverage for all
California residents.

* SB 840 would prohibit all current health care service plan
contracts or health insurance policies from being sold in California
because they would duplicate services provided through the "California
Health Insurance Agency." Individual health care service plans or
insurance companies would only be able to sell medical or health
services in California that the "California Health Insurance Agency"
does not provide.

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C. Reasons to Oppose that your legislators will understand:
1. Health care is primarily the responsibility of families and
individuals, not of the government.

2. Health insurance and health care plans have operated as private
for-profit or non-profit enterprises in a competitive free market.
These should not be controlled or stopped from operating.

3. SB 840 effectively creates a form of taxation in the form of
insurance premiums that are to be paid to the state. The state would
control how that money is redistributed to pay for medical services
for anyone who resides in the state.

4. SB 840 will destroy the current level of choices for health care
coverage available to Californians as the "California Health Insurance
Agency" dictates what health care the state will provide.

5. SB 840 interferes with the right of individuals to fully manage
their own medical decisions. For instance, under SB 840 individuals
can only obtain services approved by the state, and only by providers
approved by the state. Morally objectionable services, such as
abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, or mandatory regular psychiatric
exams for everyone could be paid for. In addition, some services,
such as those that help the disabled, the aged, or infants with
congenital conditions could be rationed or eliminated.

6. SB 840 could result in individuals needing to purchase additional
coverage for care beyond what the state's plan would provide. This
would require the individual to pay into the state's plan and
additionally into a private plan. Most people would not be able to
afford to pay for additional plans and would be stuck with only the
state's coverage.

7. Under SB 840, premiums for a state plan are very likely to be
significantly higher than premiums for existing private plans, which
are of a higher quality and offer more choices. Everyone above
poverty level will be subsidizing the hundreds of thousands of low- or
non-income individuals who will not be paying for their coverage.

8. SB 840 would allow this new state agency to issue regulations
concerning your medical care without any public input or independent
review by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL). Current law
requires the opportunity for public comment and for OAL review of
government generated regulations.

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Roy Hanson's Home Educators Legislative Phone Tree
Private & Home Educators of California
P.O. Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648-0730
Fax: (916) 415-9470

HELP Tree Director
P.O. Box 100
Somerset, CA 95684-0100
Fax: (530) 622-4717

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The purpose of this communication is to present information and
express our position on the issue(s) addressed. We encourage you to
research this for yourself and come to your own conclusions.
Regardless of your position, we strongly urge you to exercise your
constitutional right to express your position to your elected
representatives. We have included an example of how we have expressed
our position.


DISCLAIMER: This is considered a private and confidential message to
HELP Tree Members only. We are not responsible for the accuracy of
copies printed, forwarded, or sent by any party other than directly
from Private & Home Educators of California.


Family Protection Ministries (FPM) is coordinating work at the capitol
in Sacramento through meetings with legislators and other parties, and
testifying in committee hearings. We ask our members to coordinate
all verbal testimony at any hearing through Roy and Jim by calling
them at 916-786-3523. This is necessary to ensure that adequate time
is available for testimony from key witnesses. FPM will be at any and
all hearings on this bill as they routinely testify on any legislation
that might be of concern to the private homeschool community. We and
FPM jointly continue to monitor this and all other legislation of
significance to private homeschoolers in California.


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