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5/5/2005 12:15:41 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
New Hampshire--CHENH Convention - A Personal Invitation to Waterville Valley

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May 5, 2005

New Hampshire--CHENH Convention - A Personal Invitation to Waterville

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

My family is excited about driving to Waterville Valley a week from
now to meet homeschoolers at the 2005 Christian Home Educators of New
Hampshire Convention. It will be a longer drive for us than for most
of you, but it's worth it. You see, it will be a homeschool
homecoming for the Somerville family.

We officially started homeschooling in Durham, New Hampshire in 1986.
That was in the "bad old days" when you needed "approval" from the
school superintendent to stay out of jail. I still remember one
Sunday afternoon when we were picnicking with friends from church on
our front lawn-the assistant superintendent came walking across our
grass with some papers in his hands and Marcia and I both looked at
each other in terror and wondered if there was time to grab the kids
and run. There wasn't. However, we managed to start
homeschooling-despite all our fears and the legal hassles-and we are
still going strong.

We were not the only ones who got our start in the 1980's. The
Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire was formed a couple of years
later, when the Department of Education announced its intent to triple
the regulations on homeschoolers. A friend within the Department
encouraged Christian homeschoolers to start a statewide organization
in order to get a seat on the committee that would rewrite the rules.
We had two frantic weeks to meet with homeschoolers across the state
to put a whole new organization together. When the dust settled,
CHENH got the right to put a representative on the "Rules Revision

As the first President of CHENH, I then spent the next seven months
fighting for truth, justice, and the homeschool way with the
Department of Education. There were eleven members on the Rules
Revision Subcommittee. Eight of them were from the public school
system, and five of those were lawyers. The ACLU lawyer that was
supposed to represent the private schools showed no interest in
defending homeschool freedom. That left the good fight to me and an
unschooling housewife.

Through the next seven months of meetings, Christian homeschoolers
across New Hampshire relied on prayer and HSLDA's expert advice. God
was good to us: He kept New Hampshire from enacting the proposed

That experience changed me. It led me to quit my job, put my house on
the market, and move my dear wife and five children to Cambridge,
Massachusetts to attend Harvard Law School. When I graduated (with
six children) I went straight to HSLDA, where I have been fighting for
family freedom ever since.

So much has happened in the years since 1986. The original battle for
the right to homeschool has expanded to include children with special
needs, single parent families, and equal access to college and
employment for homeschool graduates. Although school officials have
grudgingly accepted the legality of home education, many people still
think of homeschooling as child neglect-or even abuse!-so that social
workers are now more likely to shut down a homeschool than a truant
officer. It has been my privilege to defend thousands of families who
should not have needed to be defended; godly parents who got into
trouble for their principles, not their lack of them.

While I have been helping families fight for the legal right to teach
a child at home, my dear wife Marcia has been figuring out how to make
it work in practice. If you are one of the thousands of families
already using Marcia's integrated "K-Mom curriculum" called "Tapestry
of Grace," you won't want to miss this conference. Marcia will be
speaking from her heart in Waterville Valley as she shares the secrets
she has learned over the past 19 years.

We are all so eager to come home to New Hampshire and see old friends
and make new ones. If you haven't already made plans to join us,
please check out the convention at . I hope to see you there.

Very truly yours,

Scott Somerville
HSLDA Staff Attorney

-> There may be a shortage of the flu vaccine, but there's no
shortage of legal protection for homeschoolers.

HSLDA is 80,000 families standing together for the right of each
family to teach their children at home. You don't have to stand
alone against those who think homeschoolers should be regulated
and controlled. Joining a team of home educators who will stick
with you may be just what the doctor ordered for your
homeschool . . . and your peace of mind.

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