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4/5/2005 11:58:44 AM
Home School Legal Defense Association
Oregon--E-Mails Needed to Support Home Education Equity Bill

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

April 5, 2005

Oregon--E-Mails Needed to Support Home Education Equity Bill

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

Just last month House Bill 2733, the Home Education Equity Bill, was
introduced. If passed into law it will bring greater freedom to
homeschool families in Oregon. Since May 1-7, 2005, has been declared
"Home Education Week" by the Governor we would like the House
Education Committee Chairman to hold a hearing on House Bill 2733 on
May 4th. This is also "Apple Pie Day" at the Capitol; the day when all
legislators in Oregon receive a home-baked apple pie and a packet of
information on home education through OCEANetwork.

We need your emails to the Chairman of the Education Committee,
Representative Linda Flores, to request that the Home Education Equity
Bill be scheduled for a hearing on May 4th. While we have had
assurances that it is on the agenda for May 4th, we would like to
provide Representative Flores with a reminder that we are counting on
her to hold the hearing on this day.

Please take the time to write a short email to Representative Linda
Flores to encourage her to hold the hearing on House Bill 2733 on May
4, 2005 and thank her for her support of homeschooling. We also
encourage you to plan on coming to the Capitol to take part in the
hearing and meet with your legislators on Apple Pie Day.


1) Please email Representative Linda Flores, Chairman of the House
Education Committee, give her this message in your own words:

"Thank you for your support of House Bill 2733, the Home Education
Equity Bill. Since May 1-7 is Home Education Week we urge you to hold
a hearing on H.B 2733 on May 4, 2005. This bill will save taxpayer
dollars and allow homeschool parents the freedom to determine what is
in the best interests of their children. Home educators have earned
the right to more freedom after demonstrating their success for the
past 20 years."

Chairman of House Education Committee
Representative Linda Flores

2) Please come to the Capitol on May 4, 2005, for Apple Pie Day. For
more information see .


A similar bill was introduced in the last legislative session to bring
greater freedom to homeschool families in Oregon. While this previous
legislation passed both the House and Senate the Governor vetoed the
bill. Our goal with House Bill 2733 is to obtain a sufficient margin
in the legislature to override a potential veto from the Governor.
Like the widow at the Judge's door in Luke 18 we will continue to
bring our petition before the Governor to persuade him to sign the
Home Education Equity Bill.

Oregon first enacted a homeschool law in 1985. Since that time,
numerous efforts have been made to enact amendments providing more
freedom to parents. The most recent change in the law occurred in 1999
when significant progress was made in reducing state oversight of
homeschooling. House Bill 2733 represents a continuation of
legislative efforts to gain more freedom for parents.

If House Bill 2733 is enacted, Oregon will join a growing majority of
states requiring no standardized testing of homeschooled students.
Furthermore public school officials will have no record of children
being homeschooled, because parents will not be required to even
notify public school officials of their decision to conduct home
instruction. Oregon has the potential through this legislation to go
from a state with an average homeschool law to a state with a great
homeschool law. If everyone works hard towards this goal we can
achieve success this year.

To see more information on this and other bills HSLDA is monitoring in
Oregon, visit our website at:

Thank you for fighting for freedom in Oregon.


Thomas Schmidt
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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