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2/9/2005 10:32:41 AM
Home School Legal Defense Association
Oregon--Update - Your Calls on Senate Bill 415 are Working!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

February 9, 2005

Oregon--Update - Your Calls on Senate Bill 415 are Working!

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

Thank you for your calls on Senate Bill 415! The members of the Senate
Education and Workforce Committee heard you loud and clear. Two days
ago OCEANetwork was able to testify at the hearing in opposition to
the provisions in the bill that would negatively affect homeschool
families. Due to your calls the committee members proved receptive to
our message.

Senate Bill 415 is the first attempt at reorganizing the current
public school system in an effort to stop wasteful and unnecessary
spending. There is a possibility that this will not be the only bill
dealing with the issue of reorganization. At this time we are
uncertain if the bill will be defeated or whether we will have an
opportunity to correct the problems in the bill. We will continue to
monitor this legislation.

The committee is scheduled to hold another hearing on Senate Bill 415
on Friday, February 11, 2005. If you have not already contacted the
members of the Senate Education and Workforce Committee you still can.

Also, we still need your help to expand freedom for homeschoolers in
Oregon. Please call your Representative and Senator and ask them to
co-sponsor the "Home School Equity Bill", LC 1462.


1) If you have not already done so please call and email all of the
members of the Senate Education and Workforce Committee and give them
this message in your own words:

"Please vote to remove the section in Senate Bill 415 that would
require homeschool parents to report to their local school district
rather than the Education Service District. This would cause a lot of
unnecessary confusion between parents and public school officials.

Please vote to amend Senate Bill 415 to remove the supervision of
private home education. The amendments proposed by OCEANetwork will
save tax dollars and allow homeschool parents to be free to determine
what is best for the education of their children without reporting
requirements that add no benefit to their child's education."

Senate Education and Workforce Committee members:

Senator Vicki L Walker, Chair
Phone: 503-986-1707

Senator Charles Starr, Vice-Chair
Phone: 503-986-1713

Senator Ryan Deckert
Phone: 503-986-1714

Senator Jeff Kruse
Phone: 503-986-1701

Senator Bill Morrisette
Phone: 503-986-1706

2) If you have not already done so, please contact your state senator
and state representative now to request that he or she co-sponsor
Senator Bruce Starr's "Home Education Equity Bill", LC 1462. Please
give them this message:

"Please co-sponsor the "Home School Equity Bill", LC 1462. This bill
will better protect a parent's right to direct their children's
education. Homeschoolers continue to excel academically and have
earned the right to this relief. You can contact Senator Bruce Starr's
office to join as a co-sponsor."

You can find your legislator's phone number and address by using
HSLDA's legislative toolbox at or by
typing in your street address at .

By far the best way to approach your Representative or Senator is by
personal contact. However, if you are unable to meet with your
Representative or Senator, you could talk with them over the phone
about the bill.

Be prepared to give your name and address so that your Representative
or Senator will know that you live in their district. As a constituent
of your elected official you have the potential to be very influential
in convincing them to co-sponsor the Homeschool Equity Bill.

3) If you make a contact or an appointment, let the OCEANnetwork know
by sending a message to (with "Equity Bill"
in the subject).


Oregon currently has twenty Education Services Districts (ESD's) which
oversee all of the local public school districts. Under the home
education laws, a homeschool family must submit their notice of intent
to teach their children at home and submit, upon request, the test
results for grades 3, 5, 8, and 10 to their ESD. This prevents a
family from having to be subject to their local school district and
removes homeschoolers from scrutiny at the local level.

If Senate Bill 415 is enacted, many homeschool families will find
themselves reporting to their local public school district. If a child
does poorly on one of the standardized achievement tests in grades 3,
5, 8, or 10 they would be required to be given another test the next
year. If another poor test result occurs then the local public school
superintendent could order the family to be under the supervision of a
certified teacher. The homeschool parent would be responsible for
paying for their own supervision. If a third test result is negative
then the local public school district superintendent would have the
ability to order the family to send that child to the public school.

To see more information on this and other bills HSLDA is monitoring in
Oregon, visit our website at:

Thank you for fighting for freedom in Oregon.


Thomas Schmidt
HSLDA Staff Attorney

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