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8/24/2004 12:31:01 PM
Home School Legal Defense Association
California--Urgent: Your Help is Needed to Protect Our Freedoms!

From the HSLDA E-lert Service...

August 24, 2004

California--Urgent: Your Help is Needed to Protect Our Freedoms!

Dear HSLDA members and friends:

There is a critical situation which is putting our freedoms at risk.
Your help is needed now!

Let me give some background.

As the President of Home School Legal Defense Association and the
attorney who represents HSLDA members in California, and a veteran
homeschooler from California, I understand how critical the state is
to our whole nation. HSLDA is doing all we can to preserve the
freedoms that now exist to homeschool in California. We can not do it
alone. For this reason, we work very closely with Roy Hanson and Jim
Davis of Family Protection Ministries.

I am thankful that eighteen years ago, myself and the homeschool
leadership in California, spearheaded by CHEA, asked Roy Hanson to
serve as special consultant for legislative affairs. Roy established
Family Protection Ministries to serve in this capacity.

Family Protection Ministries is the only full-time ministry in
Sacramento defending both private homeschooling freedoms and parental
rights in our state Legislature (which passes more bills each year
than Congress). Roy Hanson, with the capable help of Jim Davis, as
legislative liaison, monitors thousands of pieces of legislation in

Against incredible odds and massive opposition, their hard work and
dedication has been used mightily by God to ensure your freedoms have
remained 100% intact.

For example, during this current two year session ('03-'04), God has
blessed Roy and Jim in leading our team efforts to victories in
defeating many dangerous bills such as:

SB 950 (Alarcon) was defeated! It would have added truancy as a
category of child abuse & neglect and could have been used to threaten
homeschoolers with the loss of custody of their children.

AB 424 (Richman) was defeated! It would have repealed the Education
Code and added a commission to rewrite it. AB 424 would have repealed
every law protecting private homeschools and all other private
schools, and rolled back every victory we have won over the past 18

AB 206 (Richman) "Emergency Health Powers Act" was defeated! It would
have given health officials police powers over all citizens, doctors,
and hospitals. AB 206 would have unnecessarily endangered the health
and freedoms of family members, especially helpless innocent children.

AB 2855 (Laird) was amended to protect two provisions of law which
require public school officials to follow due process steps of
notifying and then attempting to meet with the parents of any alleged
truant before pursuing criminal penalties against the parents -- a
provision important to us at HSLDA in keeping homeschoolers out of

Additionally, God has used FPM to intercept and stop all proposals to
draft legislation to criminalize and control homeschooling. These
attempts were escalated dramatically in August of '02 by former Supt.
of Public Instruction - Delaine Eastin. FPM worked hard to coordinate
contacts and visits to the offices of all 120 legislators, and left
them with positive homeschool materials explaining why legislation to
regulate private homeschooling was not needed.

FPM made contacts and worked with HSLDA to help reverse the attitudes
and policies of the Department of Education in regard to previous
misleading statements on the legality of home education and the filing
of private school affidavits. Thanks in large part to our joint
efforts, we now enjoy a much improved professional relationship with
the new Superintendent of Public Instruction and the new head of their
legal division. This has been critical in turning what was a bad
situation into probably the best relationship with the Department we
have had since the modern homeschool movement began in the early

The critical situation which is putting our freedoms and FPM's
continuing survival at risk is that the number and complexity of
attacks on our freedoms in the Legislature has continued to grow each
year. This is due in part to the shift in the makeup of the
Legislature over the past ten years. Because it is now overwhelmingly
controlled by statist liberals, Roy and Jim's work has become more
intense and difficult. They must work long hours, doing the work of
four people. This has been wearing them down physically. To
continue, they need at least one more full-time staff member now.

They have recently seen a glimmer of hope in this situation. There
has been enough support for the last two years to pay a young intern
on a part-time basis. However, they need a full-time person! Their
intern, who was homeschooled, is graduating from college, getting
married in October and is ready to come on full-time with Family
Protection Ministries if there is an increase in contributions. Roy
and Jim's God-given vision is not only the defense of our freedoms
now; but also to give specialized on-the-job training to new younger
workers so that down the road the next generation can take over the
leadership in defending our freedoms.

Roy and Jim need your help now!

If we want Family Protection Ministries to continue working to protect
our freedoms now and many years to come, it is absolutely critical
that we increase the support to this ministry! They already have over
half of what is needed to support the new staff position. Will you
please help now by providing the remainder of what they need?

FPM needs an immediate gift or gifts totaling $7,000 and an increase
in monthly giving of $900 per month.

There is no other state organization like FPM in our nation. No other
persons I have met are as uniquely qualified and have the successful
track record Roy and Jim have for the job they do. They must be able
to pay attention to detail in reviewing legislation, proposed
regulations, and administrative actions. And they must have the
background, training, experience, and wisdom to be able to determine
what legislation and proposals will be damaging to homeschooling and
parental freedoms. There must be a dedication to this mission and
knowledge of how to work quietly and strategically behind the scenes.
And together they must have the skills to strategize and organize
opposition to each threat.

I know Roy and Jim personally and work with them closely on a regular
basis. They have demonstrated these skills consistently and with
excellence. They are committed to God and the ministry He has given
them. They are well respected as competent professionals among those
with whom they work.

We must ensure that Family Protection Ministries has the proper
resources to be able to continue to monitor all of the legislation and
to be able to mount an effective opposition to dangerous legislation.
Roy and Jim are 100% dependent upon contributions from homeschoolers
for salary and expenses.

I urge you to help now. Contributions (tax-deductible) should be made
payable to Family Protection Ministries (PO Box 730; Lincoln, CA
95648-0730). Both monthly and annual contributions are needed. Also,
please pass this along to your homeschooling friends and encourage
them to support Family Protection Ministries.

Thank you for your part in the fight to preserve the level of home
education freedoms we enjoy in California. This is also an important
investment in your children's and your grandchildren's future


J. Michael Smith
President HSLDA

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and foreign countries.

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